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    Well I saw there was no discussion thread for the sixth episode so I decided to put this up. So here's a topic where you can discuss Combiner Wars latest episode.

    Alright as you know, I review episodes three at a time in order to have enough material to talk about so onto the review. Okay so the animation quality seems to have improved slightly, it doesn't seem as jittery as it once was, but there are still areas that still have this problem but none the less I'm happy to see it being improved on. Now as for the fight scenes, once again they're still awkward, slow paced, and boring. They just move too slow that things like Windblade some how managing to grab and punch Megatron seems unrealistic because of how slow the action is animating. I just now noticed how awkward the mouth animation is and it frustrates me because as a person who's working to become an animator, it's annoying to see the shape of the character's mouth not match what they are saying.

    Now onto the story part of the section and once again the writing is still horrible. Why do they keep constantly having characters spouting exposition or declaring things? Even when Optimus was fighting with Megatron, I groaned when all they did was spout exposition. There's a thing called "Show don't Tell," yet this show keeps constantly making that mistake! You know how they should have handled that scene, they should have handled it like the Age of Extinction Optimus vs Grimlock scene. It has a similar premise, Optimus must fight someone that refuses to listen to reason while constantly trying convince them to help him. But AOE handled it better by not having Optimus constantly shout exposition to Grimlock but rather cutting straight to the point by stating why it was important Grimlock joined forces. Also the story pacing is all over the place. They would introduce an element to the storyline then almost immediately toss it away. Another thing is that they keep introducing elements to the story but because they exposit so much, we're suppose to take their word for it. We're told Starscream was nothing but trustworthy enough to earn the respect of Rodimus, but we don't see any of that to convince us otherwise! We're told that Starscream had been planning everything all along, yet we don't see that! We're told that the Combiners would cause destruction from fighting, YET WE DON'T SEE THAT!

    Finally onto the characters. Optimus is bland as ever, Rodimus is now not only bland but also a stupid wimp that decided to retreat after Starscream got hit with the slowest and most obvious blast ever. That council woman is still uninteresting and seems to panic at the smallest thing, I know Optimus and Megatron are powerful but there have been other characters that were easily able to take them on. Windblade seems to be getting better... slightly, she still has her annoying moments. Victorion I had no thoughts on, she wasn't there long enough. Devaster, oh god what was wrong with his voice, it sounded like he was gargling marbles and water while he talked. Starscream continues to prove to be a disappointment, he sounded so bored when he supposedly received a great power that was greater than he could ever imagine when he should have more of a power-mad tone with maniacal laughter tossed in. I don't know who to blame, the voice actor or the voice director. Strangely enough the only character I liked how they handled was Megatron, he had moments that made me grin, his voice actor has emotion, and his personality was written correctly. Which makes me wonder if they could write Megatron right, why couldn't they do that with any other character?

    So overall I'm happy with the improvement that show has shown but it's still continuing to show the problems that drag down the quality of the episodes greatly. The next three episodes will be the show's final chance to impress me, if I'm disappointed still I will stop watching Combiner Wars since I would only be wasting my breath constantly complaining about the show.

    So with that said, I give Episodes 4 - 6 a 3.0

    Scores broken up
    Episode 1 - 1.0
    Episode 2 - 0.5
    Episode 3 - 2.5
    Episode 4 - 1.0
    Episode 5 - 1.5
    Episode 6 - 0.5

    Series Average Score So Far - 1.2
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    I'm kind of amazed by how abysmal the sound design on this series is. It just sounds bad and straight up amateur. The fight scenes are particularly bad for it. It's like instead of putting any thought into really conveying the weight of these giant robots beating the shit out of each other, they just make the already ill-fitting sound effects SUPER LOUD instead because fuck it, that'll do.
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    Amazing how the interest in this has completely died off. The only thing good about this is that Starscream isn't good after all...but like you said, you wouldn't know it because the voice is so terrible.