Transformers Cloud Capter3 Ep.4

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    ^So, more Botcon 2006 Dawn of futures past-inspired deco? :D 
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    Awesome! :D 
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    Google translated:

    There illuminated in the month of two floating land spread a vast nature and a wide variety of animals, the sky is the first space-time 9BW. SARA and traveler hot Rodimus from the cloud world that has been blown in the land. Sai speaks the words that suddenly appeared in front of them was a transformer of this world.
    "What is Dana got to introduce myself again, I Rhinox of Cybertron warrior, Dana. Regards"
    The giant calling himself Rhinox has greeted me with a polite manner contrary to a big appearance. But it is the size of the to SARA, it was quite the little robot Compared to hot Rodimus of transformers should be the same even if I say a giant.
    "Cybertron that ... there is no way what you've met. Whether something like the auto bot. SARA I'm Hot Rodimus, this child."
    SARA is a nod introduced to hot Rodimus.
    "Bad but it Dana ... I was asked to eavesdrop talk a little, it's hard to believe that story, but you guys nah do good in the interpretation that came from another world?"
    It is determined that the hot Rodimus frowns and just failed also, the person who obtained the cooperation talking the situation to some extent rather than beg the question badly is looks good here. Because he looked bad unlikely to be the guy to see that Rhinox that is an auto-bot ... based Autobot warrior, a place where it is SARA Drops.
    Hot Rodimus explains that is the purpose to convey only the minimum information, and track down criminals ... shockwave that slipped in this space-time is that of SARA and cloud world.
    "I ... but I think it is hard to believe in suddenly, this. I want to not talk much on the inhabitants of this world, if possible after" Dana. I got to cooperation as much as possible because it was found "Ok, the situation of roughly it would be cumbersome such a dangerous guy if you were hanging out with the Dari Destron to it. well as us "
    And whether guys like Decepticons in this space-time is a Destron say to Rhinox, Hot Rodimus remember the knowledge gained previously.
    "If bad Transformers is looking something in this neighborhood, then Dana.'m A Enerugon mine who I is under investigation now probably"
    Hot Rodimus is surprised there any on this planet Enerugon mine, things like that. If there is a place that allows excavation energy mighty and pure indeed, there is a possibility to put the eyes Shockwave there.
    State of Rhinox freaking suddenly at that time, I had returned to the figure of rhino from the robot mode.
    "Time can remain Dana. Robot mode is shorter impact of Enerugon is strong do dive around here ... Oh., Are, are you the okay?"
    Hot Rodimus also feel the disorder of the body little is said, believe again that this is either due to overload of excess Enerugon full of this planet.
    "Well is likely to be any body, to be sure, but it seems there is no impact of about your house."
    Their presence seems to be different even in the same transformers and Rhinox in front of me apparently. Transformation capacity of organic life and the difference in the size of the body and it is so, but fundamentally more .... I did not notice because I did not run into any Transformers when it came to the first 24BW space-time before, Hot Rodimus to be a little regret that it Once you learn more about Transformers of this space-time if such a thing.
    When I looked around and realized that you can not see the figure of SARA suddenly while thinking such a thing, fortunately SARA can be found immediately also could not believe your eyes at the sight. SARA I had with glee across large rat in the size of the human about what.
    "Okay yes, Mars. There a rat transport of rattle-kun"
    Moreover, a murine talking.
    "Hot Rodimus, Dana'm sorry, fellow my ... Dana. Did I come"
    Before Rhinox to look down to apologetic, different animal species in droves come together four animals. Cheetah in gorilla, to Velociraptor dinosaur even. I lie close to Knox while mouse down the SARA.
    "I thought Hey hey, are you going to single study is good, but I'll put contact properly! That it what so went wild surely.. Not you like could also Ookinaotomodachi Unbeknownst to it."
    Dinosaur and cheetah approach to hot Rodimus puzzled that the advent of talking animals.
    "Dekke, giant Jean? 8m class like Jean!"
    "You,? Dah whether the Transformers Great War era is an ancestor of ours you mean!"
    Large rat that had a plunging with a look sinister to such a dinosaur.
    "The presence of such a long time ago? Are not too strong a little imagination Dada dinosaur! Hey to appear in front of the Oiler us why."
    Dinosaurs hit with a curse to Uttoshi likely a mouse to wander around them. Gorilla atmosphere while calms such members, was pomp and circumstance that seems to be the leader greeting.
    It "was rude. Convoy. Their Cybertron commander's rattle Dainobotto, is that mouse to Chitasu of subordinates. Sorry to, but I do not tell me we also that of you?"
    It is considered that the matter Hot Rodimus and also or not, put the case to some extent, while the blur part by wink lightly Rhinox, that came from a different space-time.
    "You guys. Is it a hunter came from outer space in pursuit of the criminal then ..."
    It was in such a flow if you hide the part that, from a different space-time. Hot Rodimus will be feeling a little sorry That said can not be helped.
    "The World of wild this? Whether the so ze 's gonna be eaten in no time this Chibi a Yowatchi likely, da!"
    The surprise SARA dinosaur was called Dainobotto opens the mouth, SARA you become familiar with wild animals completely gently stroking its nose.
    "Reality, are you doing?"
    Retire with red face Dainobotto to SARA issuing a surprising word innocent eyes, do you embarrassing how ticklish. Prayed SARA is not to grow into a strange if direction while worried Hot Rodimus in the exchange.
    I just toward the investigation to Enerugon mine from now also "we. It's mine found in Geological Survey of Rhinox but, would not be able to each other cooperate if you like. I must go ahead of time and do not know guys when the Decepticons are either put your eyes? "
    Gorilla of leader who called himself convoy suggests, Hot Rodimus decided to make a united front with the Autobots who in a way that ride it. Thus Hot Rodimus and beast warriors of Cybertron was supposed to head to Enerugon mine together.

    I was walking slowly Transformers of one person to confirm the surroundings, a wasteland surrounded by mountain peaks near the same time ... Enerugon mine, a dangerous Enerugon full flow as magma like. Uninvited guest who came to the world than ... Cloud none other than, it's Shockwave. Body is affected by the vast Enerugon drifting around, to increase the spark here and there himself also proceed Inikaisazu.
    "Do not not be of this planet natural. Fair to middling, this change will ... if the amount of energy, ... this performs. Purpose in this place"
    While lookout doubtful the first one, Shockwave began preparation.

    "Machaut. Went to observe the manners so as not to disturb the climbers trail running tour Strandhotel. Everyone rest of the team rattle"
    Hot Rodimus and Cybertron Beast warrior of five had came in from the mountain road leading to the mine Enerugon. The surrounding environment is rough as it approaches to the vein, little by little impact had started visible in the body of the hot Rodimus Enerugon amount in the atmosphere increases.
    "SARA, are you all right?"
    Hot Rodimus in car mode is only solicitous of SARA, which sit in the driver's seat.
    ". The calm. Still be careful, give off bad vibes"
    At that time, Oiwa has been rolled from mountainside overhead suddenly very SARA is cautioned so. Cybertron warriors and managed to avoid even surprised, voice laugh at the situation echoes.
    And "We have to get Enerugon of mine but this! Both Cybertron Na's hard work like mountain climbing!"
    "You guys too? Was aware menu again ... Megatron!"
    Become strained in hot Rodimus heard the unpleasant familiar-sounding name as well, and recognized it as being that of Destron Leader Megatron of this space-time immediately. It's appeared in front while sliding down a mountainside is odd five Pteranodon, scorpion, spider, bee at the center of the Tyrannosaurus purple. But from the size is much larger than the spider and bee normal, that this population is not a creature of the wild was evident.
    "Can you wipe out the annoying bastards in this place over makeover! Yo! Destron us!"
    And "- Henshin! Cybertron! Yamuwoen!"
    Along with the cry of Optimus and Megatron, warriors on both sides of the aisle to change the appearance all at once to the robot mode from Beast mode. Beast warriors square off.
    "Meshi of today's Enerugonmeshi That way Dudes! White to exterminate both the Autobots!"
    "Bun that Uwa! Did it!"
    Cover for gun barrel of the original battle cry of Megatron cut, Cybertron warriors set up a gun to Destron soldiers attacked. But Lai Knox has won the Hot Rodimus to try to fight back together.
    "Imagine Dana do not stick or become what the villain When you use the energy of this vein you Dana! Do a role of us is if! Stop looking for enemies you fight with those guys!"
    The "I'm sorry ..., in was allowed here! See you again someday!"
    Hot Rodimus was transformed into a helicopter from the car mode while carrying the SARA, take off into the sky to say so.
    "Megatron like, Ssu huge guy with no familiar softening to escape!"
    "Mu, I do know who I can but It will not be differences in the fellow Autobots, Terazaura! Wasupita! Oe~i!"
    In response to a command of Megatron, give off a shot Destron soldiers of two bodies that fly in the sky to track Hot Rodimus.
    "Nantes fly in the sky with a bright red body, the guy that stands out from Plaisance Resort and Casino! Me incurring character and Me is Plaisance Resort and Casino to fall!"
    "Boone. Make it got a reward from killing him I-chan"
    If you check the tracker from behind, hot Rodimus to fire directed to Terazaura the gun was equipped with front and rapidly turning.
    "Beautiful wings gapping! Me is over?"
    Hot Rodimus plunged straight Terazaura to continue to fall received a direct hit, and to Wasupita to it was distracted, I involve Wasupita to helicopter rotor rotating at a high speed in passing Zama. Rotor part of Herimodo be understood that the sword is a weapon he has changed, and he has both the toughness and sharpness.
    "An, apart apart ..."
    Body of Wasupita caught in pathetic it chopped to pieces, and was carried out by falling to the ground and become a piece of hash. Hot Rodimus is drifting aim to place high energy reaction most of mine changed direction immediately.
    It was a battle on both sides of the aisle that fierce gun battle followed continued on the ground, but everyone out suffering suddenly. Enerugon is too full too, this mine was a negligible amount of time that a robot mode they are. Back to the beast mode all at once also, warriors clash still.
    The "It's damned ... but'll convoy to get to be slowly It's a great energy! After you kill you bastards!"
    "Chain line, Megatron to love you as long as the I'm having!"
    The battle hand-in-hand combat unfolding in beast mode, clash in struggle instinct bare wild was scene suitable for calling the Beast Wars exactly.

    Hot Dimas helicopter approaches near the summit of the mountain of mine, SARA sit in cockpit raise the voice suddenly.
    "Very dangerous Rodimus! Feel ... that, if you do not stop soon, over there!"
    Hot Rodimus Holding a sense of crisis in SARA is funny how, to express to the location pointed to her. Where you arrive Enerugon zones of high purity flowing up the swell as magma like. Hot Rodimus, which landed on the surface of the earth that emits light pale is to be transformed into robot mode is also wrapped in the sense that screams can be heard from all over the body. The feeling to linger here and bad, to explore the surroundings quickly and carefully.
    The person had ... Shockwave target before it advanced a little.
    "Guy even came to this world again, and what was plotting something with this powerful energy ...!"
    Hot Rodimus it is determined that it does not use the gun for fear that Enerugon full around to Yubaku approach quietly in order to capture as close a shockwave. But Shockwave has already noticed the movement of such him, I've been off a blaster suddenly turning around.
    To avoid it in Tossa also stray bullet explodes Upon Enerugon, ambient is in flames at once Hot Rodimus. At the sight of the shock wave that is illuminated in red, SARA and Hot Rodimus to raise the voice of surprise.
    "You, you I'm trying to ... what ...?"
    Open the canopy of the abdomen, Shockwave was directly connected to high-purity Enerugon surrounding equipment and mystery were charged inside. The machine has made low start-up sound.
    "I .... Trying to open, a dimension gate"
    Hot Rodimus to startle the words of SARA. Machine of mystery that has been charged in the body of the guy seemingly opening the door of the space-time travel?
    Large energy We need to open a dimension gate but! Did robbing also design or data ... so.! At the same time charged with the virus at that time, "Shockwave, you can and have created a space-time transfer system No way. For the you do not have that kind of power of SARA for amplifying the energy. either not thought to take advantage of the Enerugon this vein "
    Hot Rodimus to organize in your head a plot of opponent while aloud.
    It if was trying to space-time moves on top of the system of the Autobot base in nature ... hate ", space-time that I was on the heading at that time or was supposed to be the destination of you. It is said that trying to space-time travel again here now , I thing it is not a place where differents had originally intended this space-time. "
    At the same time I think of earned time their crawling the body at that time that it was not in vain, thanked Hot Rodimus while too late to work par scepter.
    And "What'll let you talk, you have to be to risk, whether was trying to go anywhere to space-time on earth!"
    "There is nothing to speak to Why you ...!"
    Shockwave as soon Ya say take off into the sky and was transformed into combat helicopter. It morphed into a helicopter hot Rodimus also so as to follow it, and soared to put the SARA. In the air of the mine fire Moehirogaru, intense aerial combat helicopter of two aircraft unfolds.
    "It used to be just one step away and also ... with us to is the way, I seem not to be achieved my goal I must eliminate the differents apparently!"
    The "dare to do - whatever Shockwave, you could do it or not it can be talkative than I thought!"
    Shockwave approaching, giving out flashes machine gun, hot Rodimus is two side-by-side pivots while avoiding the shooting. He thinks that it not afford to prolong the battle now that impossible is beginning to occur in the body due to the influence of powerful Enerugon surrounding.
    "I go to ze little rough, SARA Keep your mouth Hold on tight!"
    Then Hot Rodimus to approach at a stretch to Shockwave, I sparks rotor helicopter of the two clash violently. It was like a group of close competitors of each other just like a helicopter. But is one level higher still in clash towards the hot Rodimus with a body that has evolved in the power of SARA is simple, I begin to chop up the body as it is to the tattered rotor of Shockwave. Shockwave begin to fall and not accumulate, but struggling and trying to balance in the air somehow return to the robot mode. Hot Rodimus put a muzzle on the aim of the figure.
    "It was beaten to leave to you until now, but ... I'm going to put a kick in here!"
    Beam Issen, has been fired Uchinuki the body of the shock wave, to go down to the cleft of the big geysers spewing Enerugon is as it is. The geyser is a state dangerous and very unstable under the influence of the previous explosion, it sent the message space when short shockwave you notice it to somewhere while falling.
    ". Migrating to the phase change of plan ... Next"
    If you tweet so in a cold voice that does not feel emotions as ever even in this situation, launch a wrought something to your body, Shockwave go down to the cleft of the reservoir Enerugon dangerous. Mass of Enerugon is burst out in furious momentum immediately after, his body was swallowed by the light.
    "Do not ...! It bad!"
    Enerugon blow momentum enough to reach the hot Rodimus flying over, go swallow around like a volcanic eruption like. It was a scene like the end of the world just like this.
    "Do not, there is What?"
    Convoy that was engaged in a fierce battle with Megatron noticed the accident, the eruption of Enerugon blown up like a pillar of huge light, Megatron also of truly surprised.
    "This, this guy is gonna dangerous, and Shirizoke! Rejected Dudes!"
    Destron to go run away at full speed, we'll lose Cybertron impatience.
    "Jean dangerous convoy! If you do not run away fast!"
    "No, I prevent the spread somehow to make a breakwater in. Rock that will many creatures will be extinct this area is wrapped in flames Enerugon At this rate!"
    The scream rattle the orders of the leader.
    The "I not the time to say Muchagorira! 'S not a level that is somehow in the hands of Oira us anymore!"
    "The Agakuze leave him until the end along with the convoy to me! Na escape by winding tail Well ...!"
    Did you pissed it's said to Dainobotto, you are going Sekitomeyo the flow somehow rattle begin to break the rock along with the convoy as desperate, Cybertron members everyone work together.
    "Those two Dana. Worry what ... wonder if all right"

    Among the helicopter fly "Rodimus,. Drop off me" the sky, hot Rodimus surprised that the offer of sudden SARA.
    "My, that reduce the power. If Ke protected of this world, the lives of a lot ...!"
    Hot Rodimus also determine the resolution to the atmosphere to let you feel strange and striking to the atmosphere of an innocent girl always, even nobility.
    It "was found, but one person you're not let go.'s Always us because I was with."
    Hesitated a little SARA to the words, but nodded strongly smile immediately.
    Heli hot Rodimus will digs into root descent at a stretch, Enerugon is spewing. SARA rises cockpit is opened, to focus consciousness by raising both hands. And intense light is wrapped around.

    Cybertron warriors after a while, had fainted wake up. Then spectacle that have jumped into his eyes, was a figure which Enerugon which has been flowing like magma to just crystallizes all, are clustered as iceberg though. It was intended to make you feel the exact opposite, even beauty is a sight like hell until now.
    "What ... the hell is I happened ...?"
    The convoy to tell you do not swallow the situation, Lai Knox as mutter.
    "They are Dana did wake me up a miracle, .... Surely"

    "Come on, worked SARA.!"
    SARA obtained by absorption and crystallization energy overflowing, was supported by the arm of hot Rodimus at how tired indeed.
    "I was saved many creatures of this space-time, you did well SARA · · · · · ·!"
    SARA is rising even while wobbling a little, returning a smile to hot Rodimus. And looked around, and suddenly notice something.
    "... Rodimus, there ...."
    While you came to the walls of which the crystal like SARA is pointed, Enerugon that was blowing hardens, Shockwave had hardened.
    "This guy also would have been sorry in just feel she was caught up in of that energy ..., be barely noticeable even beating spark, barely breathing. But you. Do not like I can leave alone to stay in this"
    The Kirikuzushi crystals using the sword, Hot Rodimus was taken out of the body of the shock wave from. Its body is limp and without power, it was moribund state that they do not wake up as long as you do not do some kind of treatment.
    "Consider treatment of this fellow from the back to the cloud. That's settled one review for the time being."
    But at that time the hot Rodimus is thought so, the message of space-time communication reach.
    "You, it's from Autobot headquarters of Metropolis, which Na .... ..., What?"
    Hot Rodimus the complexion changes when looking at the message, SARA is looking into the message.
    "Enormous damage, and. Feedback case as soon as possible by the large-scale attack of the Decepticons" case as soon as possible feedback. "
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    The Beasties are back!

    Hopefully we'll see some BW cloud figures.