Transformers Classics: Shattered Ambition

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    This is the chapter I previewed on my BMR thread awhile back. The universe is based on the Classics designs obviously. No legends, minicons, etc. Only the main line. Hope you guys enjoy =D

    Chapter 1#: Time Shifted Part 1#

    Time was a linear concept on Cybertron. For countless millennia, Cybertron has sat as a solid steel planet in the midst of space and endured countless battles that have scarred its surface. Indeed time is a linear concept, Cybertronians are born by the Allspark and when extinguished join with the Matrix. For a lucky and select few that made it through all these wars, time was something they had since conquered for they lived for the next opportunity to end their time in this universe. And for a specific Cybertronian, time was an irrelevant concept to him. In a way of speaking, he had all the time in the universe.

    Waspinator was sent hurling backward into the ground and tried to recover from the daze. He grabbed his blaster and fired at Optimus Primal whom flew dodging his shots. Optimus made a sharp turn to dodge a shot and lost some control. As Optimus regained control he turns around armed to find that both he and Waspinator whom was knocked down had their weapons targeted on each other. Waspinator quickly realized there had to be another way out of this situation, “Optimus, my friend. We’ve been impetuous. Surely we can work something out.”

    Wasting no time, Waspinator further evaluated the situation he glanced to his right with his optics and caught Blackarachnia climbing atop a nearby hill. She bore her weapon in her hand and aimed it at them. Reinforcement would be his ticket. “Blackarachnia! Destroy him, and we can still triumph! Together!”

    Blackarachnia smirked and took dead aim at the ground. “Are all your dreams in technicolour?”

    Waspinator glanced at the burst on the ground and optics widened as he realizes she was going to hit raw energon. Before he could react and stop her, Blackarachnia fires at the exposed energon. Optimus took the opportunity to evacuate as he activated his prime jets and flew off at maximum output.

    The explosion caused by the energon engulfed the area and left Waspinator moaning in pain feebly. “Waspinator have headache in whole body… Ohhhh…”

    Darkness swallowed the space around him. He spun violently to his dismal and rocketed upward at immense speeds from the explosion. As he spiraled further into darkness he swore to himself a vengeance he still sought today.

    It had been cycles, no megacycles, and perhaps even stellar cycles. Really who could tell? He continued drifting as he always had since that fateful encounter. He felt energy slowly surround him as he accelerated in speed. Energy built up faster and faster as he continued to accelerate. It was not long before he realized what was happening. “Heh… its happening again isn’t it. Let’s see what fate decides for me this time.”

    The ground rumbled as a large, white titan rushed into heavy laser fire. “Take this puny Autobot!” He transformed to train mode and crashed right into the hapless Autobot sending him flying.

    “Bumblebee! Are you alright?” shouted a voice as a warrior clad in red flames jumped into the fray blasting away as the titan brushed most of the blue lasers away. He gave his friend a hand and helped him up.

    “Thanks Rodimus, why I ought to show that overgrown Decepticon whose boss!” puffed Bumblebee clenching his fists.

    “Make way!” shouted a white semi truck as it ran off the cliff above and raced right into Astrotrain’s train nose denting it. He ricocheted from the recoil and transformed to gain footing on the ground.

    “Magnus… you’re mine!” shouted Ramjet as he flew down in vehicle mode blasting at the footing of Ultra Magnus. The unstable ground began to shake violently and Ultra Magnus began to fall. “Argh! Damned Decepticon!”

    Rodimus rushed towards the next comrade in danger as he tried to extend a hand to Ultra Magnus. But he was too late; the ground already broke up to the point where Ultra Magnus had fallen backward almost off the ledge of the cliff. Before Magnus could realize what happened a blue arm came down and pulled him back onto stable ground. “Magnus, close one there! Are you alright?” queried the racecar Autobot.

    “Thanks Primus you made it Mirage,” sighed Ultra Magnus as he tilted his head upward and eyed Ramjet whom was laughing at the Autobot’s misfortune. Magnus gestured for Mirage to deal with the annoying cone head. He turned his attention to the white titan. “Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you Astrotrain!”

    Astrotrain said not a word and rammed into Ultra Magnus. His gears creaked while the Autobot warrior pushed Astrotrain back with all his might. “You won’t be getting past me today Autobot!”

    Suddenly he felt something he hadn’t felt in a long time. Substance. He felt whole again, he opened his optics and took in awe as his optics had not seen light in eons. “Wah? What’s going on here?”

    Ramjet flew up towards him and smacked him on the arm, “Hey you idiot! Get your skid plate moving! We’re done here! You hear me Starscream?” Ramjet switched to vehicle mode and transferred coordinates to Starscream. “Let’s get going!”

    Starscream looked at his hands and examined the rest of his body. It was a familiar one, one that he had not seen in a long time. “What? Where or when am I?” Starscream caught sight of Ultra Magnus and the Autobots rushing towards him with lasers at full power. He too transformed and blasted off in the direction of Ramjet. Thousands of questions filled his processors as he flew. “Ramjet, where is Galvatron?”

    “Galvatron? Who’s that?” said replied Ramjet as Starscream caught up with him and Astrotrain. “Ah… you’ve finally arrived…” continued Ramjet as he checked his radar for a Decepticon unit that quickly approached their location.

    A violet jet zoomed upwards and met up with them. Starscream checked the signature, “Skywarp? What? What year is this?”

    “What’s wrong with you Starscream? First not participating in the battle today and now spitting utter nonsense? Its 2006! Get your logic arrays realigned!” exclaimed Astrotrain as the Decepticon group lowered altitude and landed in a heavily covered forest. He transformed as he led them behind a waterfall.

    “Sorry, I’ve been out of it lately…” replied Starscream trying to figure out what happened. For some reason the time period he had travelled to was one he was not familiar with, yet he was. “What of Unicron then?”

    “Unicron, who or what in the Pit is that?” cracked Skywarp as he unloaded a large amount of energon cubes into the lift of the hideout. He took a seat and switched on the monitor. “I think you need to cool your afterburners Starscream. All this stuff about overthrowing Megatron? Seriously who cares? The Autobots will be finished soon enough, as soon as Megatron sends us fresh reinforcements from Cybertron we’ll be done here.”

    “Yeah, no more stupid taunt fights with the Autobots. Seriously, this war has been a piece of cake! Talk about bad leading, the Autobots can’t even manage to defend this world,” agreed Astrotrain sending the lift up into storage. He threw his blaster into a corner and took a seat.

    Starscream was confused, “Wait… The Autobots are inadequate? But they have Optimus Prime! They’ve or they’re supposed to ruin our plans repeatedly!”

    “Wow… this you seriously need to clear out your mainframe Starscream. Get a scan, maybe you’ve got a virus. Optimus died before we awoke in 1984! Don’t you remember anything? We’ve had the Autobots on the run since, sure they’ve made a more adequate stand than we expected without Prime, but they’re nothing to us,” said Astrotrain as the monitor flickered online.

    Megatron’s face filled the screen. “Decepticons! I trust your mission was a success. Starscream, report the current status of the Autobots from the main force’s attacks.”

    Starscream was startled, main force. Weren’t they the main force? “Uhh… Megatron they were… uhh…”

    “Get to it Starscream! Don’t be a blundering fool! I need the information so that Soundwave can organize the main forces for the final sweep and finish off the Autobots. Say something useful before I have you demoted to scrap cleaning force!” shouted Megatron as his voice crackled due to bad reception.

    “They’re on the run sir. The Autobots will be no problem for Soundwave to finish off,” finished Starscream trying to think of something based on the information he received from his comrades.

    “Good. Good… It’s good to hear that. Then my plan is on schedule, before this stellar cycle is out, I will be the supreme Decepticon ruler of Cybertron and Earth!” laughed Megatron as the transmission ended.

    “Heh! Nice recovery over there Starscream, if you messed up we’d scrap you since Megatron would demote us to scrap clean up too,” replied Ramjet as Thrust and Dirge came down from the command centre above them.

    “What is going on here? Why aren’t we the main squad?” questioned Starscream in complete disarray. He was completely lost; he was the lieutenant commander of the Decepticon forces the last time he was surrounded by these fools. Not only that what was going on the timeline, chronologically in his memory; Starscream was supposed to have been killed by Galvatron in 2005. Megatron along with Skywarp were supposed to have been reformatted by Unicron and Optimus Prime was supposed to have lived up to the battle of Autobot City. It seemed to him right now, none of that ever happened. Not only had that he had a horrible rank!

    “Good question Starscream. Don’t you remember? We’re the incompetent fools Megatron wants out of his way. We’re the expendable ones, the ones that get in the way of his so called master plans,” complained Dirge, he pointed to the rest of the group, “You think any of us like the position we’re in? Get real Starscream, we’re the scrap Megatron wants to get out of the way.”

    “Yeah, only the bots deemed high and mighty by Megatron is in the main force. Bots like Soundwave, Devastator and Shockwave. If we were in the main force I’d show those Autobots whose boss!” said Astrotrain clenching his right fist.

    Starscream picked up one of the energon cubes not loaded onto the lift and held it up to his face. His optics reflected his desire of leadership while the energon cube sparked with energy. Starscream smirked as he pieced together what he had discovered in his last trip and began to plot.
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    Chapter 2#: Time Shifted Part 2#

    “Starscream! Incoming transmission from the main force, its Soundwave,” responded Thrust from a command console. He prepared to open the comlink and open up a video transmission.

    Starscream awoke from his pondering and walked over to Thrust’s station, “What is it now?”

    Soundwave appeared on the screen, “Starscream, your forces will meet the Constructicons at the east coast. Your group will reinforce his capture of that side of America. We will then move in from the established west coast and complete the conquest of America. Then the human resistance will be completely nullified.”

    “Uhh…” responded Starscream trying to think of an appropriate answer. He was not totally sure what to make of his low ranking command of this group and what his function was in Megatron’s scheme of things.

    Thrust gave him a look and whispered, “Say no you dolt…”

    “No,” responded Starscream.

    “Affirmative, meet the Constructicons at these following coordinates. Suspect human resistance and possibly rag tag Autobot squadron. Eliminate them with extreme prejudice,” instructed Soundwave as he closed off the transmission.

    “Hate it when he tells us what to do. If it ain’t Megatron, it’s Soundwave,” complained Ramjet standing up.

    “No matter how much we hate it, it’s an order. We can’t ignore his command,” said Thundercracker appearing with the rest of the Decepticons. He tossed Starscream and Ramjet a blaster each. “C’mon let’s get going.”

    “Slag those Decepticreeps!” shouted Rodimus reattaching his gun to his side. He folded his arms and turned to Ultra Magnus and shook his head. “We should’ve gone and finished them off. We can’t keep living like this.”

    “Negative, Rodimus you do realize they’re just taunting us. It’s a miracle that we’ve made it this far. We need to find a permanent solution to their threat,” replied Ultra Magnus heading back to base. He motioned for Rodimus and the other forces to follow.

    “Me agree! Decepticons gone too far! Lost Cybertron, can’t lose Earth! Me Grimlock want smash Decepticons!” roared Grimlock in frustration as he transformed to his tyrannosaurs Rex Mode.

    Bumblebee stepped on a rock pedestal as a door slid open and the Autobots entered the cave. He tossed turned to face his commander, “Magnus, I agree with Rodimus. We can’t keep running forever. I know you’re bummed since the Ark was destroyed. All our forces are scattered over Earth without communication. The Decepticons are pushing us further back everyday.”

    “Well what are we going to do? We were doomed from the start. If only we still had Optimus with us,” responded Jetfire as he emerged from the shadows with Cliffjumper. “We’ve gotta keep searching for the others. Nobody ever said our mission was going to be an easy one.”

    “We could’ve used your help today you know,” interrupted Rodimus pointing at Jetfire and Cliffjumper. The young Autobot didn’t like to lose and the Decepticons were making sure of that. “We could’ve won. I swear it, we could’ve…”

    “Let it go Rodimus,” suggested Cliffjumper patting Rodimus on the back. He proceeded to picking up a small laptop from the makeshift shelf. He opened it and checked the sensors. “Things aren’t pretty out there.”

    “You know, every nano click we spend here is just making things worse. No way is the human resistance going to manage against those Decepticons. We’re in a bad situation, a really bad situation,” said Bumblebee.

    “Grimlock say we take all out strike to Decepticons. Waiting no more! Me thinks Decepticon threat be pushed back now!” replied Grimlock siding with Bumblebee and Rodimus. He transformed and held his sword into the air. “Take fight to them! Me Grimlock king! Not loser…”

    “As much as I’d like to kick some Decepticon scrap, I’m going to have to say no to that. We’ve to stay alive to protect this planet,” replied Ultra Magnus.

    “Protect what? We’ve already almost half the planet to the Decepticons. Scrap this,” snarled Rodimus as he took off.

    A siren came in on the laptop as Cliffjumper located a massive signature on the virtual map. “Hey bots, we’ve got a situation!”

    “What kind of situation?” asked Jetfire.

    “The Decepticon kind no doubt,” responded Ultra Magnus loading his cannon for the confrontation with the Decepticons.

    “Get going, me Grimlock want scrap Decepticons,” roared Grimlock leading the Autobots out of the hideout.

    “Starscream, you’re early for once,” shouted Scrapper emerging from a Decepticon craft along with the four other Constructicons. He nodded in approval of the arrival of Starscream’s forces.

    Starscream was again met with another inconsistency of his memory. He landed and looked around for other Decepticon forces and said with disgust in mind, “Where are your forces Commander Scrapper?”

    “It will just be us here. Do you question our ability to capture the east coast?” replied Scrapper taking a datapad from one of the Constructicons. He filled it out quickly and handed it to Starscream. Scrapper pointed to the list on the pad and activated a holo projection of the selected item. “Have one of your subordinates check if you need any more weapons. If there is a need just speak to Long Haul.”

    “Well we seem rather outnumbered in the case of an allied human and Autobot attack,” said Thrust.

    “Decepticons would never lose to flesh bags and those Autobots are hardly a threat to us,” retorted Bonecrusher hauling out a platform of weapons to distribute to the newly arrived Decepticon forces. “If things get out of hand, we can always form Devastator.”

    Starscream returned the datapad, what Bonecrusher said had confirmed what he had thought. The six Constructicons that existed in his memory banks did not correspond to what is right in front of him. He was unsure of what has happened in this world, but he knew he must play along before he could decide the best course of action to take. Starscream’s ambition for Decepticon leadership would not come to reality if there were so many obstacles in his way. There must be a way to correct this timeline before things got out of hand. Suddenly, Starscream’s communicator started beeping. “Incoming enemy forces, we should take attack positions now.”

    “Agreed, Starscream your forces will defend our base of operations here. Thundercracker, Skywarp and Thrust come with us for air cover,” commanded Scrapper as the Decepticons grabbed weapons and readied for combat.

    “Decepticons sighted at two o’clock, alpha squad move in,” spoke the commander as human piloted jets flew in and opened an attack on the scrambling Decepticons. The first squad of ten jets evaded most return fire but the seekers soon came on their tails.

    “Take this you flesh bags!” cackled Dirge as he and Ramjet took out half the first squad with aerial maneuvering and shots. However, heavy firepower bombarded them from below. Dirge made a rotation in the sky to notice the tank and anti-air squad moving into the battlefield. “Why I ought to!”

    The Constructicons combined and pushed right through the backup squadron along with Thundercracker, Skywarp and Thrust. Flaming wreckage from the skies bombarded the grounded human forces.

    “Sir we’re receiving heavy casualties over here! Requesting backup!” roared a commander in a plated tank as Astrotrain rushed through and trampled over tanks like scrap paper. The commander shouted in pain as Astrotrain approached and crushed his tank.

    “Heh this is too easy,” said Starscream as he shot down the humans from the skies with his null lasers. “That’s right fleshlings, stay on the ground like you were meant to!!” Suddenly heavy energy blasts pounded into Starscream’s back and disabled his left arm. He quickly ascended and turned around to see a rather unusual craft. “What in the pit is that?”

    “It must be a new model for the human resistance,” shouted Dirge as he fired two missiles at it. The missiles were rendered useless against the energy shield of the craft. He pulled back to Starscream’s position, “Any bright ideas?”

    “Shoot it down if we can. Those shields can’t hold out forever,” said Starscream as he flew towards it.

    “Hold on, we should scan it for weaknesses and for future data compilation. Waiting for the shields to go down is just a waste of energon,” suggested Ramjet meeting with them. He contemplated the course of action they should take. “Hmm… Starscream if you and Thrust could distract and draw its fire away from the base I could run a scan hopefully.”

    The two nodded as they proceeded to draw the human craft’s fire away. Starscream encircled the ship examining it as it tried to shoot him down. However a familiar feeling returned to Starscream while dodging laser blasts. It felt like it was crushing his stomach and he slowed down significantly. “Almost there, hold on a bit more. Don’t screw up, I’ve almost completed the scan,” reported Ramjet.

    The human craft took advantage of the situation and sent a humongous energy wave towards Starscream hoping to destroy him on the spot. Dirge reacted and tried to rush to him and push him out of the wave. He activated his leg thrusters and approached Starscream at maximum speed. “STARSCREAM! Wake up! Get your lazy tin can moving!”

    It was too late though. He didn’t even have time to open his optics and see the danger that approached him. The energy wave impacted and engulfed Starscream without mercy. Light filled the area as the explosion spread and blinded all the forces in the radius around the explosion and plasma from the energy reaction flew out in all directions creating splash damage and injured many human forces.

    Dirge looked up from the monitor in disbelief and shook his head as he watched his comrade explode into smoldering slag. Dirge’s optics shut in remembrance, “No… Starscream, you idiot, you let those fleshbags get you?”
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    Looking cool!
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    Chapter 3#: Timeshifted Part 3#

    Energy filtered and sent him flying backward. Starscream opened his optics as he heard Dirge yell, “STARSCREAM! Wake up! Get your lazy tin can moving!”

    Starscream immediately moved and flew out of the pathway of the energy wave and looked back up. He looked around from angle to angle in search of what his comrade was warning him about. “Woah! What just happened… was that déjà vu or something else?”

    Ramjet flew out of the Decepticon outpost in an instant and started firing at the human threat from the underside. He faced his comrades and made sure they were undamaged. “Dirge, Starscream you guys ok? We’ve got the weak part of the shield under the belly help me out!” called Ramjet as he piloted himself underneath the ship and began firing madly.

    The two other Decepticons complied, but the humans onboard were aware of the plan and shifted the ship’s primary wave cannon to face them. The weapon was charged and proceeded to discharge at point blank range. Dirge shielded his head with his arms for an inevitable blast. “We’re all gonna get scrapped!”

    Starscream grabbed a hold of Dirge and Ramjet’s arms and shut his optics. He began to channel that feeling he still had and soon the energy enveloped the three Decepticons. “C’mon… c’mon please…” And in an instant, Starscream appeared back in the air with Dirge and Ramjet by his side.

    Dirge and Ramjet were totally confused at what had happened. Dirge looked down to see the Constructicons move out, “Hey what happened? Weren’t we about to be slagged by that oversized fleshling machine?”

    “Huh? Didn’t they leave at least a cycle ago? I thought the Constructicons already moved out into the determined battlefield…” spoke Ramjet slowly trying to figure out exactly what had happened.

    Starscream realized instantly that this new power was now partially under his control. This timeline, although different from the one he knew was completely at his disposal of entering and leaving now. In a way, he had been timeshifted and this was not the first time. From the arrival on prehistoric Earth where he was betrayed by the Predacons to the present timeline he was in. If used correctly, he might be able to put himself in a better position than he was in now. He had to find out how to control and use this power, but to do that he would have to live through this battle and he was going to do just that. “Listen, explanation later, let’s find that craft before it activates and finish it off. We can’t afford to have that thing turn on us like it did, it’s probably better to put it out of commission before it even gets to go online. Now c’mon my sensors detect large heat signatures ahead, let’s move out!”

    “C’mon let’s get moving!” shouted Dirge waving his arm leading the way towards the hidden craft that nearly slagged them. It was behind a large clump of rocks unloading human forces. Dirge smiled and laughed, “What’s the point? Don’t these puny humans have any sense of logic? We’re so much more superior than they are in both technology and strategy. This is so pointless because they’re all going to be squashed now!”

    The seekers opened fire on the helpless humans as they fled from the craft. It exploded from the intense heat buildup from the lasers. Small groups of humans ran for cover when suddenly wreckage came crashing down towards them, but in an instant a red flash approached and shielded them from the threat. “Thank god! Its’ the Autobots! C’mon guys let’s show them what we’re made of!” shouted one of the commandos the Autobot released them from the body shield.

    “I’d rather not…” said Rodimus making sure the humans got off safely as he grabbed his blaster and aimed it at Starscream in the sky. He gave them a cold stare, “You’ve gone too far Decepticons, you won’t take this planet… I swear it!”

    “Just one puny Autobot? What can you possibly hope to accomplish?”
    taunted Starscream as he gestured for his comrades to continue shooting. He flew down and pointed a hand blaster at Rodimus.

    Rodimus ran forward and fired his own blaster and sent Starscream’s blaster out of his hand. He smiled and continued to send shots flying towards the red seeker. “This is for Cybertron and Earth!” yelled the young Autobot tackling his enemy into the ground.

    Starscream reacted and pulled away as Rodimus grabbed his arm pulling him down. “Why you little… die you runt!” screamed Starscream twisting his arm back and got the chance to push Rodimus away from him. He picked up his blaster and sent a few shots at Rodimus before he could recover from the push. “You know, Decepticons have ways to deal with little scrap heaps like you who don’t respect their elders. We terminate them!”

    The laser blasts nailed Rodimus in the shoulder but he rolled to the side to avoid the rest and recovered from his fall. He took another blaster from his side and loaded it with a fresh charge of energon. “Well Starscream, I could care less about your Decepticrap policies but my policy is to dispose of outdated hardware. And that means you!” shot Rodimus firing his blaster while dodging the shots from Starscream.

    “Futile resistance, your words don’t hurt me!” cackled Starscream flying towards Rodimus preparing to take him out for good.

    Rodimus lunged forward knocking Starscream back and forcing his blaster into the side of Starscream’s head. “How bout this Screamer? Let’s see what you’re made of shall we?”

    Starscream couldn’t budge, he was caught in a tight spot and the blaster didn’t help. He smiled and laughed as he channeled the mysterious new energy. “Damn,” he thought, there wasn’t much of it left. He wouldn’t be able to warp much but at least it would get him out of this situation. In a flash Starscream stood behind Rodimus with his laser pointed at Rodimus’ head. “Say… let’s see what you’re made of!”

    With that he fired and sent the young Autobot flying as his head ripped apart from the close range blast. Rodimus smashed into the debris of the human craft and small explosions vented from the Autobot. Starscream chuckled as he returned to the sky and looked down at the slagged Autobot. “Heh… just as I remembered it, there’s no sport in killing Autobots or newbies at that.”

    “STARSCREAM!” roared an infuriated Ultra Magnus as he led his small battalion of Autobots onto the battlefield. The Autobot commander ran and leapt then smashed into the ground as he quickly rotated and fired several shots at the three meddling seekers.

    Dirge cackled with amusement and focused his lasers on Magnus. “Let me take care of this boss.” With that he fired several shots towards Ultra Magnus who quickly moved to avoid the explosion of heated plasma.

    Ultra Magnus looked up at the three seekers, “You like plasma huh? Let’s see how you like this!” Ultra Magnus swapped out a larger rifle and blasted energy bursts into the sky while hot exhaust vacated from the rifle. The seekers barely dodged the blast, but their rear thrusters were hit and began to descend.

    “Why you pesky Autobot! Let’s get him Dirge!” shouted Ramjet as he and Dirge pointed their arm lasers at Ultra Magnus and fired away. The heavy rainfall of lasers posed a great threat to the Autobot and the seekers only increased their rate of firing.

    Ultra Magnus converted his energy rifle into a shield and held it upwards and reflected most of the shots. The enormous amounts of blasts started to push Ultra Magnus’ shield’s limits and energy started to crackle and spread out from the shield’s cover range. “You’ve got to be kidding me… not now! Hey guys, I could use some back up over here you know?” suggested Ultra Magnus speaking into his shoulder communicator.

    Suddenly loud pounding sounds could be heard as a small puddle next to Ultra Magnus began to exhibit ripples. The sound only increased in volume when a voice was announced across the battlefield. “You deal with KING NOW!” roared Grimlock rushing madly onto the battlefield in T-Rex mode.
    He picked up speed as he used his massive legs to thrust him forward into the sky and transformed into robot mode. Grimlock roared and grabbed onto Dirge and Ramjet’s wings and dragged the seeker further towards the ground. Sparks jumped out from the blasts of Dirge and Grimlock grit his gears to hold on.

    “Let me go you overgrown pea brain!” squirmed Dirge as he tried to shake free of Grimlock’s grasp. He pulled out a blaster and shot Grimlock’s hand. It was no use; the Autobot would not give up. Dirge then tried to pull Grimlock’s fingers off, but again no luck. “Why won’t you let go you stupid… piece of slag!”

    Grimlock grew annoyed from the conehead’s struggle and as they fell he pulled them together and forced them into the ground as a cushion for his landing. While falling, Grimlock positioned himself to fall above them and when impact came his feet crushed their bodies into the ground. “Me Grimlock say eat dirt!”

    Starscream grunted, he would never let the Autobots prevail. He propelled himself towards Ultra Magnus when behind him Grimlock tried to grab him. Starscream accelerated and grabbed Ultra Magnus and pulled him towards the rocky ground for a rough impact. Keeping an eye on Grimlock he noted that the dinosaur was preparing for a forward strike. “You won’t get me that easily…”

    Grimlock extended his tail blade and prepared to stab Starscream and end the seeker threat. “Me Grimlock say your turn to go!” The heavy Autobot shoved the blade forward, but Starscream quickly turned allowing himself to smash into the rocky ground, but by doing so he put Ultra Magnus in his position and the Autobot was pierced through the chest by his comrade. “NO! MAGNUS!”

    Starscream pulled himself free from the fallen Autobot and pointed both arm lasers at the surprised Grimlock who couldn’t stop his lunge forward and smashed into Ultra Magnus’ punctured shell. He watched in glee as Grimlock smashed right into his commander sending the tail blade right through Magnus’ chassis. The impact of Grimlock’s velocity and weight brought Ultra Magnus sliding backward in a swift powerful movement. The two Autobots fell and collapsed on the ground in a heap of crackling scrap. Starscream strode forward and put on a sinister smile. He charged up his arm lasers and prepared to fire, “Nighty night, Auto losers!”