Transformers: Beyond Season 1 Episode 8

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    Transformers: Beyond The Series

    Season 1 Episode 8

    Oh Brother, Oh Sister

    It was a dark and cloudy night in Jasper. A dark figure walked around a forest plotting his next attack. "That damnIceanna always gets the upper hand." The figure said with a meanaceing look. A helicopter flew over head. He watched it fly. "All I need is an advantage," He added. Just then a ship landed and two bots got out. "You are a horrible pilot Ironhide," Said the femal as she stretched. "You are too Remixa!" Ironhide said annoyed at his sister. They walked a bit. "You think the rumors are true about this planet, on how it is our new home?" Remixa asked. "I have no idea, but I am not taking any chances." Ironhide said as he got out his cannons and walked a bit more. Remixa did the same, she walked with caution towards a cliff, she looked down. "That sure is high," She said in slight fear. Ironhide walked a bit, he got to a clearing. "Nothing here but grass, trees, and water." He said to himself. Just then a bang was heard. Ironhide looked down, his chest had a hole in it. He collapsed, he looked up. "Hello, Ironhide." Clockworth sang as he looked upon Ironhide who was in pain. Ironhide looked at the bot in the optics. His spark skiped a beat. "Clockworth.." He said in fear. "You got that right, now do you know where your baby sister is?" Clockworth asked him with an evil tone. Ironhide's optics widened. "You wouldn't.." he asked with terror for his sister's life. "Oh but I might," Clockworth said with determination.

    Meanwhile, Remixa was walking around till she heard a shot. "IRONHIDE!" She shouted in fear. She ran through the trees and came upon a treeline. She peaked from behind a tree and seen Ironhide down and hurt. She then saw Clockworth talking to him. She ran away from the clearing and into her ship and got on the comm. link on board. "This is Autobots Remixa and Ironhide, we are in need of assistance. Sending our corridnates now." Remixa said into the message and sent the corridnates. She turned around and jumped. "Oh how illogical it was to run my dear Remixa," Clockworth said as he steped closer to her. Remixa tried to move away but she was blocked by the monitors. "You realise that you just put your little sister at risk same with Ironhide. Oh how you used to be so smart back then. You were also a pretty one too. But sence time has passed you don't seem all that bright anymore." Clockworth added. Remixa watched as he took a bomb and messed with it. Just then there was a clicking. The Decepticon looked around. "What was that?" Clockworth asked.

    "Your worst nightmare!" A voice sounded. Iceanna crashed in through the ceiling, she bashed Clockworth in the face. "Don't just stand there, run!" Iceanna ordered Remixa. Remixa and Iceanna ran to the clearing. "Come on, help me," Iceanna said as she picked the unconsious Ironhide up and put his arm around her shoulder. Remixa did as she was told. A groundbridge opened, the 3 bots go through in a hurry. "Hurry close it!" Iceanna told Arcee. Arcee closed the groundbridge. Ratchet helped place Ironhide on a medical berth. "Is he?" Remixa asked with a saddened tone. "To early to tell," Ratchet told her with a solomn face. Iceanna walked over to Remixa. "He'll be fine, I'm sure of it." Iceanna said to Remixa with a hoping smile. Remixa huged her sister. "I am so glad your're okay. I was so worried for you." Remixa said with tears in her optics. "I missed you too." Iceanna said as she hugged back. Ratchet attached some cords and wires to Ironhide and turned the machines on. "Ironhide will be in a fixed stasis. If he uis taken out he WILL die." Ratchet stated. Remixa looked down with tears flowing. Iceanna fought the tears and walked off. Megatron looked at Ironhide with a sad look, he looked at Knock-Out who nodded. "Let Knock-Out fix him," Megatron said. "Wha-" Ratchet asked in shock. "Knock-Out fixed me when I was badly injured, let him help." Megatron pleaded with Ratchet. "Very well then," Ratchet said. Knock-Out went to work.

    A few hours later, Knock-Out comes out. "Well?" Remixa and Iceanna ask nervous for the results. "He is awake," Knock-Out said as Ironhide came out. "Ironhide!" Both sisters said as they ran to hug him. He hugged back. "My sisters, my only sisters. I was so worried for you both, Clockworth has been wanting your heads for quite sometime." Ironhide said in anger and releif. "Yeah, he wants my spark because I mothered his daughter, Luna." Remixa said upset with herself. "It wasn't your fault sister. he did that dishonorable thing to you. Forced himself on you and forced a child apon you." Iceanna said now angred. "Yeah, but I fear her life if he finds her." Remixa said in a worreid tone. "Not worry Remixa, if he does we'll save her." Megatron said reassuringly. Remixa smiled at this. Ironhide looked at Megatron. "Um Ironhide can I speak to you alone in another room?" Megatron asked Ironhide nervously. Ironhide nooded as they went into another room. Iceanna and Remixa exchanged wondering glances. "Well, this has been an odd day." Miko said to break the silence. "Indeed it has, Miko. Just wait till Jazz and the Dinobots get here with Blaster. They will make the base intresting." Iceanna said in amusement. "Cool, when will they get here?" Miko asked excitedly. "Um, in a few months from now. I read a letter from Jazz about it today." Iceanna replied with happiness.

    Just then, Ironhide and Megatron come out. Iceanna looked at Megatron confused. Megatron looked at Ironhide and he nodded. Megatron smiled. "Um Iceanna, let's uh go for a drive." Megatron asked. Iceanna nodded and transformed. The two bots left. "Ironhide, what's going on?" Remixa asked her brother. "You will see when you do sis." Ironhide said while smiling. Miko looked at Ironhide. "So, how was your trip?" Miko asked him. "It was fun, espetially with Remixa's piloting." Ironhide said amused. Remixa glared at him angerly. A few hours later, Iceanna and Megatron haven't came back yet. Jack was reading a book titled "The Hunger Games". Raf was playing a video game with Bumblebee. Bumblebee crashed his chareacter. "Aww man!" Bumblebee said as Raf cheered. Miko laughed. Jack and Miko echanged glances. Jack looked away smiling. Optimus looked at the two and smiled. Just then, Iceanna and Megatron drove in and transformed. Miko looked at the two bots. "Well?" Miko asked. Megatron looked at Iceanna and she nodded. "Me and Iceanna are engadged!" Megatron said happliy. Team prime cheered. Remixa huged her sister. Iceanna looked at Ironhide and smiled. He winked at her.

    The End

    Disclaimer: All meantioned TF's belong to Hasbro. The book "Hunger Games" belong to Suzanne Collins
    Iceanna, Remixa, Luna, & Clockworth belong to me.

    Have a nice day! :) 
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    Things now got personal.

    Poor Ironhide.