Transformers: Beyond Season 1 Episode 7

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    Transformers: Beyond The Series

    Season 1 Episode 7

    Mr. Mom

    It was a dark Halloween night, Iceanna was in the medical bay with Megatron. They were looking at their newest baby girl. "Arashia looks like you." Megatron said with glee. "Yeah, but she has your attitude though, I bet." Iceanna said with amusement. The parents laugh. "You do know that I have to rest right?" Iceanna asked Megatron. "Yes, I will take care of the baby while you rest." Megatron said as he took Arashia from Iceanna. "Okay, remember the lesons?" Iceanna asked more. "Yes, yes don't worry iceanna. I have this covered." Megatron said as he headed for the door. "Love you Megatronus and Arashia." Iceanna said to them. "Love you too Iceanna," Megatron said as he left the room. He walked into the rec room and looked at the humans. "Whoa! Did you see that?! Godzilla totaly took out that building!" Miko said as she watched her fave movie. Megatron looked at the tiny tv screen and watched a bit. "Huh, he seems determined." Megatron said, contemplainting the movie. "Yeah, but at least he is a good guy. So, how is the baby and Iceanna?" Miko asked. "Arashia is healthy and Iceanna is resting." Megatron said happily. Optimus walked in and looked at Arashia with a smile. "She is beutiful brother." Optimus siad to Megatron. "Thank you Optimus," Megatron said as he switched arms. Arashia's green optics opened. She looked around. Arcee looked at her baby sister. "Hello there..." Arcee said to Arashia softly. Arashia looked at Arcee and giggled. Arcee smiled.

    Megatron set Arashia down, she crawled over to Ratchet and started to play with his toes. Ratchet laughed. "Hey little one, that tickles." Ratchet said in amusement. Arashia giggled. Ratchet handed her a wrench. "Here play with this, I have work to get done." Ratchet said to his great grand daughter. Jack looked at Arashia with confusion. "Uh, hey Megatron. If Arashia is a newborn then how can she crawl and laugh easily?" Jack asked. "Our race isn't like yours, Jack. We are defaultly programmed to crawl at birth and we can speak at a minimum." Megatron answerd. "And, sence we aren't born with many languages. We have our birth language that is Cybertronian. So, Megatron mind watching your language around her. We wouldn't want a pottymouth on the base." Ratchet said in conclusion. "I will Ratchet." Megatron said in agreement. Lightning strikes outside, the power goes out in the base. "What in the All-Spark!?" Starscream shouted in anger. Megatron walked a bit and tried to find a light of some sort. Arashia crawled off with her wrench in hand. The back-up generators picked up, the power comes back on. "Phew," Megatron said in relief as he turned around. Arashia was gone. "Arashia? Arashia!" Megatron shouted as he looked around. "What is it father?" Bumblebee asked. "Uh.. Arashia is missing!" Megatron said as he started to freak out.

    "We'll find her, she can't go far." Starscream said as he searched for his sister. Arcee went through the back halls. The humans looked in the small spaces. Ratchet looked in the cabnets of the base's storage. Optimus looked with Megatron all over. They all searched and searched. No sign of her. "My baby is gone, oh no Iceanna is gonna kill me." Megatron said in fear. Optimus put his hand on Megatron's shoulder. Just then they hear a giggle. "Arashia?" Megatron asked as he looked around closely. He sees a shadow move. "Hey, wait for me.." Megatyron said as him and Optimus chased her. They came to the rec room, they looked up only to see her hanging upside down from a beam. "How did she get up there?" Optimus asked while looking up. "I have no clue," Megatron replied. Then Arashia's feet started to slip, she falls. Megatron jumps and goes to catch her. He catches her, she laughs. Megatron stands up and holds her up. "You are in big trouble young lady.." Megatron told her. She statrs to cry. Megatron realised that she was only a baby and didn't know better. He hugs her. "Oh, I'm sorry. You just scared daddy that's all." Megatron told her as she calmed down. She fell asleep. Optimus smiled at his brother. "Welcome to parenthood, Mr. Mom." Optimus thought to himself.

    Megatron sat down later that night in his and Iceanna's quarters and took out a data pad and started to write. "Dear Jazz, Your cousin wanted me to write you this one so that she can rest so her it goes. Today Iceanna gave birth to our new baby, Arashia. She was healthy and energetic. She is a dark blue and a silverish color, she has Iceanna's green optics. Upon her birth she was a very fun kid to watch. Even though she almost gave me a scare. I learned that parenting won't be easy but atleast it will be worth it in the end. Arcee, Starscream, and Bumblebee all love their sister. Optimus loves her. I just hope that in the future she wouldn't have to deal with the Decepticons. They can be brutal, trust me. I've been there. Oh got to go, Arashia is crying. Sighned, Megatronus." Megatron hit 'send' and walked over to Arashia's crib. She was screaming, Megatron picked her up and sat on the edge of his berth and rocked her and sang an old Cybertronian lullaby. She falls asleep again. Megatron smiled and put her back in her crib. He went to recharge.

    The End

    Disclaimer: All meantioned TF's and humans belong to Hasbro. Godzilla belongs to someone who I don't know.
    Iceanna and Arashia belong to me.
    Have a nice day! :) 

    Oh.... Happy Halloween everyone!
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