Transformers: Battle-ship wars (during G1)

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    Here is a story I've made that happens a little before G1 and sometime in between the War Within era. It's my first fan-fiction on this web sigt (I've done other fan-fiction on other forums as well) and I hope it's quite good for everyone here. :) 

    Prologue “Energon”

    “The energon cube is an ionized process of stored energy.” Optimus Prime said, while he looked over his whole class of Autobot students. “A rare -- yet important essential to the daily lives of the transformers. And we’ll do with it as we may have to. Bring up a whole new age of regeneration; a massive injection will be deadly -- but small will be enough for us to go by.”

    The whole room rang out with electrical impulses, while each student was recording everything Optimus Prime had said to them. Optimus Prime, stood in front of the class on a 10 foot podium. The podium was made of iron and metal too strong for what was made on planet earth. And, it was just right for the size of Optimus Prime.

    Optimus Prime weighed about twenty tons and he needed all the iron for holding him up. On his right, stood Prowl, and on his left stood Bluestreak. Both whom were taking their own over-view notes on the Autobot students.

    Prowl stood middle height and weighed about middle to what Optimus Prime did; Bluestreak also was the same height and weight as Prowl was. They both were using a system of writing differently then what the student Autobots were using. They used their own higher methods of matter duplication to do their own writing; a very advanced sort of writing (and only the highest ranks of transformers could have used this form) while the whole room of Autobot students had to learn on their own with a simple computerized system of word processing.

    Years of training meant you would be able to use different forms of written forms. The first through one hundred years of service to the Autobot kind meant that you had to use the simple forms of computer processing; one hundred through one thousand years meant that you could use a simple matter duplicator form, but still have to wait for the processing style to do so. And finally, a thousand through one million meant you were high rank and you’d be able to use the most simple part of writing known to the whole transformer world.

    Optimus Prime’s speech had soon finished, while the whole group of Autobots walked out of the big room. Bluestreak and Prowl moved close to Optimus Prime, as they gave him a short smirk across their face.

    “Scoring was quite excellent!” Prowl said, through his huge smirking metallic mouth. “They’ve passed undoubtedly well. It’ll be such a pleasure if such a new type of Autobots to come will gain such honor -- and yet, I highly doubt so.”

    “As so you must.” Optimus said, speaking in a tone like he would want to choose his words wisely. This group is quite smart by far. They understand the explanations of the energon cube conversion; they do understand that you’ll need a lot of energy inside the cube to make it powerful -- but not too much or it’ll explode with impact. And yet -- they don’t seem to have that natural flair; one to help them during the battles.

    “That’s quite the most important thing that they’ll most certainly need. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t ready either while I joined up; and I’m certain they’ll do better; but we need a strong team for the next fight. A team who will not be afraid of what may come during their own allies death.”

    “Battle experience is good for a soldier, Optimus Prime.” Bluestreak said, in a very serious tone. “You must know that for how long you’ve fought. We must allow each of our new Autobots a chance to fight in our upcoming battles.”

    “And also, they’ll need the knowledge of science as well.” Prowl said. “That’s important as well, because they need to know how to handle the energy that they’re given in battle. It’s certainly a more difficult world then when I’ve started -- but we learn time and again how to do things while the time changes. And -- we’ll need some sort of new oil to the mix of Autobots. I’ve seen three different Autobots who’ve come to mind, Bumblebee, Cliffjumper and Hubcap who’d be an excellent adding power for our new mission. What do you think, Optimus Prime?”

    “We’ll need our forces from before. Wheeljack, Ratchet, Jazz, Iron Hide, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker. Before that, I’ll need to test these three Autobots to find out how well they can fight. I’ve heard of them, but we’ve all got to be fair in these times of Cybertron -- for all of the Autobots sake.”

    “And -- don’t forget the sake of our future Autobots.” Bluestreak said, while he gave Optimus Prime a short grin. “They’ll be the most important out of the whole bunch we can serve along side with us.”

    “I was getting to them, naturally, Bluestreak.”

    “Of course, Optimus Prime.”

    “Well -- gather up Wheeljack, Ratchet, Jazz and the rest so we can have a meeting over what our new mission will be. We don’t want them to have to wait for us much longer.”

    “Right, sir!” Bluestreak said, while he saluted Optimus Prime.

    “We’ll get on it right away, sir.” Prowl added.

    They both ran out of the room, while they stepped in front of the huge council building. Prowl transformed into his hover police vehicle, while Bluestreak in his hover police vehicle (only a little more blue mode then Prowls) as they headed towards the north-east.

    Optimus Prime stood by the window watching them leave. He held out his two arms behind himself, while he heard two footsteps coming up from behind him. Optimus Prime turned around, while he came face-to-face with the committee members and the head chancellor for the whole Autobots. Four feet shorter then Optimus Prime stood the council, as well as the chancellor. They waited by the door, while Optimus Prime walked over.

    “About the mission tomorrow,” the chancellor said, “we hope that you’ll tell your crew about what this mission is all about.”

    “That’s correct, chancellor, I’ve gone over it with you many times before. The plan is to involve the whole team.”

    “And so it may. I do hope you do an excellent job in the matter, Optimus Prime, as we all bow our allegiance fully to your optimistic goals, as well as your peach reached between ourselves, as well as the Decepticons. And that’s the utmost importance that we’ll need to achieve -- and nothing more will do just nicely.”

    “You have nothing to fear, chancellor.” Optimus Prime said, while he laughed metallically towards him and the council. “My men are fully armed and ready to strike-out if Megatron tries anything to go against our standing agreements.”

    The chancellor and the committee smiled back at Optimus Prime, while they shook their heads. Optimus Prime liked the looks of things with the councils final decision in the matter -- and the whole council walked out of the room, but the chancellor still stayed inside the room, looking up at the huge Optimus Prime.

    “The energon cubes,” the chancellor said, while he looked more seriously at Optimus Prime. “How much will you and your team be needing during the battle?”

    “About fifty cubes each -- due to the battle being long for us.”

    “That’ll be good -- the battle will last at least a couple of days and you’ll need specific re-arranging for your ship. As long as you fight Megatron -- we’ll supply you and your team with enough rations for the lot of you.”

    “Thank you, sir!”

    Optimus Prime bowed, while the chancellor walked out of the room. Optimus Prime moved back to the window. He watched as different Autobots transformed from their vehicle modes, into their robot modes; and their robot modes into their vehicle modes. He thought over what the chancellor had said to him and he liked it even more as he had said it.

    Starscream and Skyfire:

    From a central work area, Starscream and Skyfire emerged from the building, while they loaded supplies of research items inside their storage units.

    “You’ll need that for the place you’re going.” Boch, a transformer scientist said to Starscream and Skyfire. “The two sides of scientists will be interested in the findings. Earth is a cold planet, but you’ll be warm enough with these heating packs we’ve given you.”

    “Thank you, sir.” Sky Fire said, while he put the pack over his head. “We’ll be certain to get all the information needed. We’ll gather up any energy signs we’ve gotten from the planet as well. You won’t have to worry about us, Boch.”

    “I’m hoping I won’t have to.”

    “And thanks again for the tools!” Starscream said, while he smirked at the smaller scientist. “I don’t think I’ve got these sorts of tools hiding around my lab table.”

    “Are you ready to head off, Starscream?” Skyfire said, while he gave him a short smile for encouragement. “I don’t think the scientist guild would be too happy with us if we just stand around here all day.”

    “I am, partner. To the flight -- and to earth to give our energy the tooling it will need for the scientists of Cybertron. We’ll give the full energon cubes a full tune-up before we head back here, sir. Don’t worry too much about us.”

    “We’ll manage well while you go.” Boch said in a more friendly voice. “And be sure to research the animal life as well, Starscream -- Skyfire.”

    “Will do, sir!” Starscream said, while he gave one last grin.

    “I’ll be sure to help him, sir.” Skyfire added, while he handed Starscream an extra empty energon cube. “My storage unit is more then his.”

    “Yes -- but I’m faster then you, Skyfire.”

    “Just be careful and have fun.” Boch said, while he waved his hand at the two scientists.

    Starscream transformed into his Cybertronic jet mode, while Skyfire in his Cybertronic carrier jet mode. Both of them rode fast along the run-way, while the took off. Both Starscream and Skyfire reached outer-space in no time, while they headed towards the direction of a nearby space-bridge.

    Autobots final meeting:

    Optimus Prime, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, Iron Hide, Prowl, Bluestreak, Wheeljack and Ratchet stood around, while they listened to what Optimus Prime said about their mission.

    “It’ll be a hard mission -- but one well enough to fight off the Decepticon attacks against ours. We’ll be leading an Autobot armada ships around the moon bases. When we meet up with them, our first mission is to bring down their ships as quickly as possible.

    “We’ll be having some added Autobots as well. We’ll just be training them first off, and see how well they’ll be able to fight during any battle in space or on a planet. Their names are Bumblebee, Cliffjumper and Hubcap.”

    Optimus Prime pointed to the door, while three mini-bots stepped through it. They grinned at the Autobot team, while they shook their heads back to them.

    “The trials will come first before we launch off.”

    “I’ve heard most highly of them, Optimus Prime.” Iron Hide said, while he gave a half smile to the mini-bots. “They fight well when it comes to a sneak attack. I think they’d probably do well against Soundwave’s tape deck fighters.”

    “Yes -- I think that’ll do nicely -- but they’ll first need to learn how to fight and they’ll need some overview knowledge of energon cubes.”

    “We’ll do the testing, sir.” Prowl said, while he stood up.

    “Me as well.” Bluestreak said.

    “You two want to do this then?” Optimus rubbed his chin, while he stood up and shook his head. “Very well -- the mini-bots will be trained under you two for the energon part. And for the fighting section of the test?”

    “Me and Wheeljack will handle that, sir.” Iron Hide said, while he too stood up.

    “Well…that’s been decided. Would any of the three of you like to speak?”

    “I would!” Bumblebee said, in an excited voice.

    “Go ahead…”

    “Thank you Optimus Prime! All of us would like to say we’re just real happy you chose us for the new mission. We’ll work hard in our tests and we’ll be glad to join up with your group -- even if we’re a second handed fighters as we do so.”

    Sideswipe and Sunstreaker both shook their heads, while they gave one another a huge grin to add with what they thought was quite funny. Optimus Prime ended the meeting…while Bumblebee, Cliffjumper and Hubcap began their training.

    The end of the Prologue...chapter one coming later on.
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    Chapter One “The Battle-Ships Set In Space”

    Northern Cyber Central:

    Along the low point of the Cyber Central road, Bumblebee, Cliffjumper and Hubcap rode up slightly low from the deep slope of the roads roundabout. Bumblebee came from the left, while Hubcap from the right of the road.

    “Keep up the distance!” Bumblebee said, while he came up to the highest point of the loop. “The drop will be quite steep -- and watch out for the seekers!”

    “You mean us, Autobots?” Sandstorm said, while he, Thundercracker and Sky Warp chased quickly behind the three mini-bots.

    “The scum have arrived.” Hubcap said in a warning voice. “We’ve got to maneuver our selves a lot better if we plan on keeping our sparks on-line.”

    “We can get them this way!” Bumblebee replied, while full determination in his voice.

    “This’ll be a bad choice, Bumblebee!” Cliffjumper warned Bumblebee. “The Decepticons aren’t stupid enough to follow through with our jests, Bumblebee.”

    “Hey,” Bumblebee said, while one missile hit in front of them, while the three of them quickly jumped before being hit and having a huge explosion inside their systems, “don’t worry about that. We can jump off the ramp if any such trouble passes us by.”

    Bumblebee and the rest of the mini-bots skidded towards the sides of the roads. Sunstreaker, Sky Warp and Thundercracker quickly flew down towards the three Autobots, while they fired their lasers in each direction of the Autobots.

    Bumblebee, Cliffjumper and Hubcap were driven down from the edge of the road, while the road collapsed onto them.

    “That’s enough!” Prowls voice came above the group of mini-bots. “Stop the program, Bluestreak.”

    “Yes, sir.” Bluestreak replied.

    A loud mechanical whirling sound came over-head, while the seekers disappeared from view. Prowl and Bluestreak stood over the three mini-bots, while they both shook their heads. The mini-bots transformed into their robot modes.

    “We messed up again.” Bumblebee said.

    “That’s for certain.” Prowl said, while he rolled his eyes. “I think you three need a different leader then Bumblebee.”

    “I suggest myself.” Cliffjumper said. “I think I’ll be able to make quicker decisions then what Bumblebee can make.”

    “Are you calling me dumb, Cliffjumper?!”

    “Not at all, Bumblebee. But you do make too many mistakes. And if we were in battle together, I’m sure we’d be all killed from your choices.”

    “Well…what do you think, Prowl?” Hubcap said, while he shook his head in disgust.

    “I think the three of you deserve one chance.” Prowl said, while he walked in between the three different mini-bots. “I’ve seen you in battle, and you’ve done well. I’m just interested now to see if any of you can actually lead. And I’m quite afraid Bumblebee is the complete wrong line for the job. And I’m sure Optimus Prime would see that as well.

    “You don’t seem to have a natural flair to the whole added battle sequence. And you don’t have a quick ideal to how the battle should be fought; you do, however, fight well when you’re being instructed to do so. And that’s a very important thing for fighting during the battles.

    “Well -- now we’ll have to test any two of you left to choose from. From whatever time you’ll take, we’ll just have to test and retest you in this. Lets get started then.”

    Above Earth:

    “Here we are, on the planet Earth.” Starscream said, while he and Skyfire flew towards the south-pole of the planet. While they came down, a cold storm waved around in the area they both flew. One flew towards the right, while the other on the left side.

    Sky Fire flew down towards the lower section of the frozen mountain-side. Starscream transformed into his robot mode, while Skyfire did the same. Skyfire did this, but he soon was hard thrown towards the ground, while snow covered Sky fire -- while Starscream was left alone, holding onto an energon detector.

    “Skyfire!” Starscream yelled, while he walked along the side of the mountain. He heard no voice and he gave the mountain a fleeting glare. “Well -- I guess I have no choice but to get the energon out myself. What a horrible thought.”

    Cybertron, northern Cyber Central:

    “Got the group ready!” Sky Warp said, while he bowed his head towards the shadow, as a Decepticon figure came out. “To your own liking, they’ll come along with us and kill off Optimus Prime and his group of Autobots.”

    “Isn’t that just wonderful, sir?!” Thundercracker said, while he stood beside Sky Warp. “Just think what our new battle-ship will be able to do.”

    “I don’t really have to think that much.” Megatron’s voice came from the shadow, while it was even deeper then before. “I know that you’ve two been doing a poor job when it comes to fighting off any Prime’s. If you don’t shape up soon, I’ll have to kill you with my ion cannon. And I’m sure none of you want that.”

    “Nnn…no sir!” The two seekers replied.

    “Excellent! Then we both agree on one thing…our team will be most excellent in battle.”

    They shook their heads nervously, while Megatron walked towards the nearby Decepticon council building -- putting both of his weapons behind his back.

    “Who’ll be going in first?” The guard asked, without smiling.

    “I’ll be going in, and then my two seekers will be coming along with me.” Megatron said, in a serious tone of voice. “Will that be all right with the council?”

    “It’ll do fine!” The Decepticon chancellor said behind the guard. “Let them all in, guard.”

    “Yes, sir!” The guard replied once more, while he saluted to the chancellor. “You three may go in -- but watch out for yourselves -- or I’ll have to kill you.”

    “You don’t have to worry,” Megatron passed through the guard, while he shook his head, “we won’t do anything to the council.”

    Autobot ship-hold:

    Prowl, Bluestreak, Wheeljack and Ratchet stood by, while they held out performance forms for Cliffjumper, Bumblebee and Hubcap’s test results. They all handed it over to Optimus Prime, while Optimus Prime closely read it over.

    The four Autobots were given seats, as they each sat in different chairs. They watched as Optimus Prime read it over, shaking his head. Optimus Prime folded and refolded each report, as it took an hour or so until he had finished each report.

    Optimus Prime shook his head, and the four Autobots smirked back at Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime stood up, as he handed back the reports to Wheeljack and Prowl. Optimus Prime moved to face himself towards the window. He looked down on the planet Cybertron, as he saw ten different energy conductors below him.

    “The reports, that I’ve read, are quite good. Cliffjumper was made the leader of the group and they were all tested as excellent fighters.” Optimus Prime said, as he held both of his arms behind his back. “And that’ll be a plus for our war against the Decepticons. In one small ship, Cliffjumper will lead the group of mini-bots. We’ll have a great fighting force to surround the area of Cybertron, while two sided factions fight off one another.

    “Secondly, we’ll have the energon guarding on our hands. A most important thing, because we won’t want Megatron to wage wars he did during the past two thousand years; bringing a whole age of droid Decepticons against us; bringing his own guardians to fight off our own guardians. It’s just madness to see what’ll possibly happen. And a quite dreadful thought it most certainly would be.

    “Our main defensive, first of all, will be the protection of moon base one and moon base two. I’m sure Megatron’s has his own plans to taking it. Soundwave and Shockwave -- we’ll have to watch out for their groups as well.

    “Soundwave has his group of spy-robots, while Shockwave his droids. Does anyone have a good plan to follow through against them?”

    Prowl rose his hand, while Optimus Prime shook his head for Prowl to speak. “I’d say that we move our three battle-ships in front of moon base one. Our group will be the main aggressor, while three others guard off moon base two. If we surround more smaller ships nearer -- and further away from us, we can use them as a counter-attack point through the whole battle movement. Would that be suffice, sir?”

    “Yes -- it most certainly will, Prowl.” Optimus shook his head, while his blue optics flashed bright to dark. “That’ll give us the first movement -- and then we’ll move out the first wave for an attack between the two moon bases. After this, we’ll try to drive them back towards the planet Cybertron.”

    The door opened, while Cliffjumper, Bumblebee and Hubcap moved in through the double doors. Their iron shined out over the floor, from the building lights outside the headquarters. The three of them looked around the room nervously.

    “Good to see you again, mini-bots!” Optimus Prime said, in a hardy voice. “Would you like to be joined in the conversation? All of you have been approved by my testers.”

    As Optimus Prime said this, the three mini-bots grinned back at Optimus Prime. They shook their heads, while they sat with the rest of the Autobots. The whole room continued their conversation, while outside the headquarters…

    Cyber Central:

    Iron Hide, Sunstreaker and Sideswipe were surrounded by Thrust, Dirge and Ramjet, as they continued to fire their weapons everywhere, while the three jets continued to swoop in and out from the road of northern Cyber Central. Their lasers missed, while the three seekers barrel-rolled in unison, and fell towards one foot off of the road.

    “The big one’s mine!” Thrust said. “I’d like to have pay-back against that lousy Iron Hide!”

    “Easy there, Thrust,” Dirge said, “we need to follow Megatron’s plan.”

    “All right then.” Thrust replied, while he had a more gruff tone this time.

    The seekers shot off their ion laser rifles towards the Autobots, in their jet modes, while Sideswipe, Sunstreaker and Iron Hide were pushed hard across the road, as they drew up pieces of the road. The seekers turned towards the Autobot headquarters.

    “It’s all in the attack, Thrust.” Dirge said.

    “I’ve been doing this longer then you have!”

    “And your arrogance seems to climb ever more.”

    Dirge, Thrust and Ramjet fired their missiles towards the Autobots headquarters, while the building exploded.

    “No!” Iron Hide said, as he quickly got to his feet. “How could you three be so heartless?!”

    “It’s quite easy,” Dirge said, “I assure you, Autobot. Lets go, seekers!”

    The three seekers flew towards the air, as they headed back to their base. Iron Hide stood there, as he shook his fist.

    “I’ll get you, Dirge.” Iron Hide whispered to himself. “Even if it means I’ll have to rip out all your systems.”

    “Iron Hide!” Sideswipe yelled out, as he and Sunstreaker moved the rubble around. “Come here and help us.”

    “I’m coming, guys!” Iron Hide replied, as he ran over to the group of Autobot brothers.

    “I sure wish Trailbreaker was back here.” Sunstreaker said. “He was the laziest of the three Autobot brothers, but he did well when it came to guarding Optimus Prime.”

    “How’s your arm doing, Iron Hide?” Sideswipe asked, while he threw another big piece of rubble behind his head.

    “Not too well -- but, it’s coming along.” Iron Hide said, while he grunted out loud, while he threw a big rubble piece behind his head. “And this incident with the seekers did not help matters in the least bit.”

    “We’ll get Optimus Prime and the rest out,” Sunstreaker tried to reassure Iron Hide, “and then we can go after the group and give them a piece of our minds.”

    “I sure hope so.”

    Four hours later -- the battle-ships in outer-space:

    “Here we are,” Optimus Prime said, “ready to attack Megatron and get revenge on those three seekers. Get ready men!”

    “Weapons systems ready, sir!” Prowl said, while he turned his back from the weapons control computer. “All missiles set in the program and getting heated up for the strike against them.”

    “And our groups have joined us as well.” Bluestreak said. “The mini-bots, Iron Hide, Sunstreaker and Sideswipe all ready, sir.”

    “Then we have very little to fear.” Optimus Prime whispered to himself.

    Decepticon ships:

    On the Soundwave ship, Soundwave took the main helm, Rumble the weapons counter, Frenzy the shields, Ravage the secondary weapons and Laserbeak the viewer screen. Soundwave ordered a short halt as Megatron and Shockwave arrived as well.

    “We’re all set up with our weapons, sir.” Soundwave said. “The shields are up to full capacity -- with a great chance of attacking against the group of Autobots’.”

    “And the team of droids are ready as well, sir.” Shockwave replied, while he still had great seriousness deep down in his speech. “My group has sent a full barrage digital test towards the three Autobot battle-ships. If the shields were weak, we’d be able to finish this quickly. I, however, predict it’ll take much longer to defeat them from this point-of-view, sir.”

    “Thank you for the calculation results, Shockwave.” Megatron said, as he had a dark grin across his face. “Calculations might work from where you come from, Shockwave, but it hardly works during a real battle set in my book. The most important thing that we’ll have to worry about here is how well we strategize our movements.”

    “I highly agree with you on that point, sir. I don’t mean to offend you at the very least -- as I do fully respect you.”

    “Well -- I do know that as well -- we’ll just have to see where the battle goes from here, Shockwave.”