Transformers: Battle for Control

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    This is the first two chapters of a Fanfic i'm in the process of writing. I apologise for any little typos i've made. But i would love to hear what anyone's got to say on it so far.


    The Autobots are increasingly getting outnumbered and outgunned on Cybertron as the Decepticons enter what has been labelled ‘Operation Eradication’ by Emporer Megatron. Using a set of Satellites with built in laser-point plasma cannons orbiting Cybertron created by Shockwave, the Autobots strongholds are quickly falling. Over 70% of Cybertron has been claimed under the power of Megatron. However, Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus along with Vector Prime have come together to discuss how to win back Cybertron, and the war.

    Chapter One:

    ‘Delta Unit 7 reporting, Alcatrion has been overrun, I repeat, Alcatrion has been overrun’ Came a fuzzy and distorted voice over the computer. ‘Inferno, status report’ came the grim voice of Ultra Magnus, staring at the blank computer screen. ‘I can report, heavy….no…severe damage to the squad. We sustained heavy damage, and…..fatalities’ ‘fatalities?! Who? What of their sparks?’ ‘Hoist, he was struck down mercilessly by Thundercracker’s null ray, Clocker was crushed below a defence turret collapsing, Overhaul foolishly went to face Demolishor head first and Jackshot was shot dead along with Rightwing. Landmine is in critical condition, Bluestreak sustained heavy damage but is functional, as is Sandstorm, Bulkhead and Treadshot.’ Ultra Magnus sat silent, his mind filled with rage. How could this have happed? Loosing Alactrion was a heavy blow to the Autobots, but to loose five of his comrades? That was just as bad, even worse than loosing Alcatrion. ‘And what of yourself, Inferno? Are you injured?’ ‘I sustained nothing more than a few scratches, nothing major. However, I request permission to return to Iacon.’ ‘Of course solider, come home, we’ll have the Medicons ready for your arrival, get your crew straight to the Medical centre.’ ‘Thank you sir, I’ll see you in an astro-second, Inferno out’

    Ultra Magnus stood up, his tall, metal body reflected the artificial light, and reflected his face onto the computer screen. ‘Magnus….what’re you going to do? You can’t win this war….why don’t you just give in? ….The more you resist the more your friends will fall’ said a voice in his head. ‘Because I have faith’ another voice said ‘faith will get you nowhere. You know deep down that the war is already won’.

    In another part of Iacon…..

    ‘Vector Prime! Are you feeling better now?’ came a voice from the medical centre. ‘Well, this body has been through a lot, and a run in with a couple of Decepticons ain’t going to stop me now, Prime’ ‘Good to hear, old friend, are you sure you don’t want to stay in the CR chamber for a short while longer?’ said Optimus, unsure wether to trust Vector Prime and his ‘health’ ‘Now look here Optimus, I may be old, but just because I’m old doesn’t mean I want to lie around and tell old war stories like someone else I could mention’ ‘Very well, come with me then, I requested Magnus and the other Autobt commanders to gather at Iacons Commerce chamber to discuss future plans to win this wretched war, once and for all. ‘Good, it’s about time we all got together and discussed these things out. We need to know what each other is doing.’ And the two leaders headed for the Commerce Chamber, unaware of the small bird-like transformer hiding in the unlight corner of the medical centre reception.

    ‘Commander Magnus, I bring good news!’ came a ecstatic voice from the control room door. ‘What is it Jazz?’ ‘Omega Unit 3 have retaken sector 7-3!’ ‘sector 7-3?!’ Magnus replied, surprised. ‘And what of Zeromancer? Did it take heavy damage?’ ‘Not a scratch in sight, according to Strongarm, he reports the city’s in tip-top shape’ ‘Good work Jazz, keep me informed of the updates. Oh and Jazz, make sure Gate 5 is open, Delta Unit 7 are on their way back.’ ‘Were they successful?’ asked Jazz, his seemingly good mood quickly turning into a look of concern and anger. ‘No solider, they weren’t…’ ‘Man o Man….we’re getting slaughtered out there, what d’you think we oughta do, Ultra M?’ cried Jazz, desperately. ‘Don’t fret solider, Optimus and I will think of something, we’re not going down without a fight.’

    ‘No….we’re not…not by a long shot’ Magnus muttered to himself.

    Chapter Two: The Plans Unfold.

    Two blood-red crystals began to shine in the darkness of the throne room. The crystals seemed to be almost glowing in a room surrounded by darkness, but these crystals were not as they seemed, and had seen many a gruesome battle. For these were not crystals, but optics. ‘Laserbeak brings news, my liege’ ‘Excellent Shockwave, bring him to me’ came a voice from the crystal eyes. The entrance to the throne room opened, and a large dose of artificial light was let in, shining on the crystals in the dark revealed the owner of such crystals. For the crystals were not crystals at all, but the eyes of a maniacal, murderous robot, they belonged to Megatron. ‘Laserbeak, play back the footage of what you witnessed’ ‘squawk!’ came from the bird-like machine as it flew over to the monitor and began to play back what it had witnessed and recorded inside the medical centre.

    Megatron sat in his throne as Shockwave and he watched the video stolen by Laserbeak. ‘Very well Laserbeak….you provided me with nothing! I specifically asked for you to get me some information as to what the Autobots plans are! And you give me a report on the health of Vector Prime? I may as well have rang Iacon Medical Centre and asked about his health myself!’ spat Megatron. ‘Get out of my sight before I make that a permanent arrangement, you pile of scrap metal’. ‘My Liege, if I could just say, the information provided by Laserbeak may not be all worthless…’ interrupted Shockwave. ‘Oh? And how would that be?’ ‘Well….we now know that Vector Prime is not in the best shape, the fact he’s been around longer than both you and Optimus also proves that he’ll be easier to remove. And when the Autobot’s loose him, they loose one of their biggest players, not to mention one of their most powerful. If we could lure Vector Prime out into the open, ambush and terminate him, our pathway to victory would be made much easier.’ ‘Excellent Shockwave….you are indeed right, but you forgot that although Vector Prime is old, he is still not one to walk straight into a trap, he will know.’ ‘But Megatron sire i…’ ‘SILENCE Shockwave! Do not test my patience, for Laserbeak has already done so. Now I want you to send out Ransack and Runabout on a espionage mission to find out wether they can get any new info from Doubledealer. And after that, I want you to continue work on the Energon Satellite Superlink. I want it operational in a matter of days’ ‘Yes my Excellency, I shall do so’ Shockwave said, and he politely exited the room and continued down the corridor to the elevator, he pressed a button and the elevator began to move down to the 13th level.

    ‘Yes my Excellency, I shall do so……ha! What a pile of exhausted energon, that fool doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into. The more he trusts me the stupider he seems to be….it’s just a matter of time until he lowers his guard, one fatal time….and all of Cybertron and the universe shall be mine!’ thought Shockwave. ‘It’s just a matter of time…..’

    In the Commerce Chamber (now the Chamber of Elders)

    ‘I apologise for my late arrival, Elders, and Commanders Optimus and Vector.’ Came a voice from the doorway. ‘No problem Magnus, we had only just begun our discussions, come, join us’. Said Optimus in a friendly tone, but there was no denying a slight sound of irritation in his voice. ‘Now, we had just got to planning our next move in the battle to regain some of our major battleground losses.’ Came the voice of a Elder. ‘But how do you plan to take one of these cities back? They’re all overrun with Deceptions, just getting near one is going to cause heavy casualties on our side, and our warriors just don’t have the moral to go on a suicide mission like that, I say we plan a mass evacuation of the Autobots!’ came a loud voice from the back row. ‘Nonsense!’ came another voice. ‘The Decepticons would have the perfect advantage to totally annihilate us if we were to all evacuate the planet…..if you want to do that, you may as well just walk up to Trypticon and wait for him to stand on you!’ ‘Well then, what do you propose we do then?’ came the voice from the back again. ‘All of you SHUT YOUR CIRCUTRY UP!’ Yelled Vector Prime, angrily, pulling his sword out in defiance. The room went deadly silent. ‘That’s better…now…we’re not going to go and evacuate the planet, we’re the defenders of Cybertron and that’s what we’re going to do. I’ve fought in more wars than there are bots in this chamber, and I’m not going to give that up now, and what of all our fallen comrades over these millennia? Did they die in vein? No, they died so we could have a future, and it is that future that we must embrace. We will NOT evacuate, and we will NOT surrender, we WILL fight, and we WILL win!’ As Vector Prime concluded his outburst, the Chamber quickly filled with cheers and applause at his strong words. ‘Alright everyone, it is in my opinion that we need to focus our attention to this map I’m about to show’ said Optimus once the applause had died down. He inserted a small disk into a computer and pressed a few buttons on a keypad, bringing up a large holographic map of the northern half of Cybertron. ‘As you can see here, we have lost control to a large part of what has been for a long time our border in this war. However, although it seems impossible to turn this battle around, I have a solution. We need to re-capture Plex.’ ‘Plex?!’ ‘Why Plex? It was one of our weakest standing grounds, it’s worthless’ came voices of confusion again from the audience. However, there was a smirk upon Vector Primes face, and a look of concern on Magnus’s. ‘I know, that if we can successfully reclaim Plex, that we will be able gain a great advantage in this war. Perhaps even win it. Because Plex isn’t all what it seems, some of you here know this, others of you may not. Either way, I wish to propose a course of action to send a elite group of Autobots to Plex and re-capture the city.’ Finished Optimus, proudly. ‘Who would want to lead such a mission?’ retorted an Elder, angrily ‘Yes, quite true…who would wish to take a bunch of our best soldiers on a suicide mission?!’ said another. There was a pause, then, Optimus looked up defiantly at the Elders ‘I’ll do it, it is my idea after all, I would happily take charge of this operation.’ There was yet another round of muttering going on between the Chamber of Elders. ‘Optimus, although your idea sounds ok at best in theory, in reality it will cost us too much in the way of fatalities, and we cannot have one of our greatest commanders just go out on a suicide mission, we simply cannot condone such a course of action. We give you until tomorrow to bring us a new plan, and make sure it is not one of us lunacy.’ ‘But…you cannot be serious, this is our only chance of winning and you’re telling me that it’s too ‘risky’ and it’s ‘lunacy’?! Tell me YOUR plans, Elders, what plans do YOU have to SAVE CYBERTRON?!’ Said Optimus, enraged at the Elders decision. ‘Now now Optimus, you know that we don’t respond well to angry outbursts like this, we know you must be disappointed, but you must understand that we have made our decision for the good of Cybertron…..’ ‘The GOOD of Cybertron?! Elders, you’re beginning to sound like you’re under the control of the Decepticons to me!’ Optimus, and he punched opened the chamber doors and stormed out, quickly followed by Vector Prime. ‘I’m sorry about that, Elders, Optimus has been under a lot of pressure of late, I think it’s the stress just getting to him…I’ll talk to him’ said Ultra Magnus, apologising to the Elders. ‘Make sure that this doesn’t happen again Magnus….Optimus is being irrational, and if he continues to do so he will have to face a prison sentence, or banishment from the Autobot cause.

    ‘Optimus! Wait up!’ yelled Vector Prime, chasing after Optimus, who then slowed down and turned around to face Vector. ‘I believe you Optimus, I know what you want to do at Plex, and I want you to know, I’ll I’m with you, 100%’. ‘Thanks, good friend, we leave in 12 astro-hours, gather as many of the most skilled Autobots as possible, this isn’t going to be easy, but we have to do it. ‘Till all are one!’

    *i'd just like to point out that the Chamber of Elders keep changing their minds on things because when it boils down to things, none of them know what they're doing, but it'll pan out later on.... and for anyone whose getting confused here's a basic rundown of Characters:

    Optimus Prime - G1 Prime
    Ultra Magnus - G1 Magnus (but i'm re-working him personality wise)
    Vector Prime - Cybertron
    Inferno - Energon (although he's only a bit part really)
    Jazz - G1
    Demolishor/Jackshot/Clocker/Landmine/Treadshot/Bulkhead - Energon/Cybertron characters, just names really, won't be major players (or are dead)
    Rightwing - Just a name/fan character.
    Bluestreak - G1
    Megatron - G1
    Shockwave - G1
    Thundercracker - G1*
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    Pal, keep up the good work, this is already pulled me in. keep up the good work.
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    Wow thats awesome