Transformers: Axalon

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    It's the year 2230, ninety years has went by since the end of the Great War between the Autobots and Decepticons. Cybertron is amidst a sever energy crisis dating back to 2190. To add to the issues, reports of a figure killing Autobots have been reported on several worlds. Roadbuster and his Axalon team have been assigned by the Cybertron Elite Guard to investigate the matter.

    Roadbuster exits the command center of the Cybertron Elite Guard and walks by the golden statues of Autobot warriors that died during the war. He stops as he sees Grimlock looking up at the statues of Wheeljack and Ratchet. Not wanting to disturb Grimlock, he walks towards the north and meets up with his war comrade, Whirl. As the two walk, Roadbuster sees Obsidian and Strika walking the other way on the other side of the street. "I don't trust those two." Roadbuster said as he turns his head towards Whirl. "You don't trust two of Cybertron's greatest generals?" Whirl asks in confusion. "They are great leaders, but it's the allegiance that I question. They talk about defending Cybertron, but is this with us or against us if Cybertron ever falls again?" Roadbuster responds as the two are now at the star port. "Good luck with the latest mission." Whirl says as he departs from Roadbuster.

    The other members of the Axalon team are already at the Cybertron Elite Guard shuttle the Witwicky. He sees the smaller orange and white Autobot, Gearbox. The purple and gold thin, tall, Cyberlock. Along with the tall, massive, navy blue and white Groundshock. Who was next to the sleek, midsize, dark red with yellow highlights, Skystrike. The slender, tall, black and teal Autobot, Turbine awaits orders by the shuttle's ramp. "It's not often that I'm beaten to my own shuttle. Good job. Now everybody to their stations, we need to find out who or what is attacking Autobot civilians and soldiers." Roadbuster says as he starts to walk up the shuttle's ramp. Soon the shuttle lifts up and Turbine flies the shuttle beyond Iacon and escapes the gravity of Cybertron. Now in space the members of the Axalon team began talking about the current mission. "What do you think is going on?" Skystrike asks to Groundshock. "Not sure, but hopefully it gives me an excuse to blast it." Groundshock responded. "Knowing how you are Groundshock, you probably would do it without an excuse." Skystrike said. "Got me on that." Groundshock said as he looks down at his triple barrel ion cannon.

    Elsewhere on the shuttle, Gearbox has transform into his rover mode and going through some small corridors. He enters a larger area and transforms back into robot mode. His pre Cybertron Elite Guard friend Cyberlock, lifts him up with a towing cable. "Being a smaller bot has its advantages and annoyances." Gearbox says as he's back on the on the third level of the shuttle. Cyberlock communicates to him through static as his voice box was damaged back during the war. "It's nothing against you Cyberlock, I do appreciate the help and friendship we have had since the war." Gearbox says as he looks up at Cyberlock's remaining blue optic glowing on the left side of his face. Turbine's voice is heard over the ship's speakers. "Strap in everybody, will be landing soon on Omicron."

    The Witwicky appears out of warp over the planet Omicron, a desert like world that has been recently discovered to have natural energon underground. Turbine begins the planetary descent and the shuttle is soon glowing red as it reaches the planet's atmosphere. Soon the heat subdues and Roadbuster sees the construction of a mining colony to his east. "Let's land over there." Roadbuster says as he looks to his left at Turbine. The landing pads come out of the shuttle as sand starts to blow around as the shuttle is about to land. The Witwicky lands on the surface, surrounded by piles of centuries old junk. The shuttle's ramp opens up as Roadbuster says "Be on high alert." He is joined by Groundshock, Skystrike, Gearbox, and Cyberlock as he walks down the shuttle's ramp onto the surface. They transform and rush off to the location of where Wreck-Garr was attacked.

    Once on the surface, Roadbuster, Groundwave, Gearbox, and Cyberlock exits the shuttle are approaches the construction site. "I'm Commander Roadbuster of the Cybertron Elite Guard. We have been informed about attacks. You know anything that can help us?" Roadbuster says as two colony guard approaches. "Greetings commander, I'm Armorhide the chief of security of this colony. To my left is the rookie Depth Charge. Just the other day three of our guards were executed when a dust storm hit. A fourth barely survived." Armorhide says as the group enters through a plasma shield around the colony. "Can I talk to this survivor?" Roadbuster asks. "She's over the medical compound. It's the triangle shaped building towards our left side. She's on the third floor room 301." Armorhide says as he and Depth Charge departs the group.

    The survivor comes online as Roadbuster enters her room. "Easy there, my name is Roadbuster and I'm with the Cybertron Elite Guard. What do you remember?" He asks upon seeing damaged tan and silver Autobot. "I'm Airburst, it happened so fast. The dust storm came without warning and then I thought I saw something. Two red glowing triangle shaped optics. Then I was hit in my left shoulder and just remember rolling down a dune. When I came back online and crawled back up it, the other three were offline. I was soon rescued by a search patrol." Airburst says as she looks at her damaged shoulder. "Thank you for the information, we'll take care of who or whatever did this." Roadbuster said as he leaves the room. Just then Turbine contacted him from the ship. "Roadbuster, we have a situation taking place on Junkion. Wreck-Garr has been hit by something and is badly damaged." "WHAT?!" Roadbuster shouts in the hallway. He contacts the other members of the group "Everybody get back on the shuttle, we're heading to Junkion." Roadbuster ordered. The four Autobots transforms into their vehicle modes and races back to the shuttle.

    The Witwicky roars to life as the last Autobot went up its ramp. Roadbuster enters the control room. "Let's get this shuttle to warp as soon as possible Turbine." He says as he sits in his chair. He immediately pulls up one of the Cybertron Elite Guard's data files as the shuttle races upwards towards space. "The Phantom." Roadbuster says as he sees the file. "Who's this Phantom?" Turbine asks him. "We don't know much about the individual, but that's what some of the few survivors have called this being. They all mention seeing two glowing red triangle shaped optics." Roadbuster responded. Just then Skystrike came into the control room. "I hate to tell you think, but Wreck-Garr has went offline commander." Roadbuster slumps back in his chair and lowers his head. He forms a fist with his left hand and slams it on the arm rest.

    The shuttle exits warp above Junkion. "Without Wreck-Garr the Junkions are going to be out of control." Turbine says as he begins the descent. "There will be a power struggle, but many of them fought alongside us in the war." Roadbuster says as he gets out of his chair and leaves the control room. "Gear up, Wreck-Garr has went offline and we are going after the one that did this." Roadbuster says to his other teammates. The Witwicky lands on a somewhat clearing surrounded by piles of centuries old junk. The shuttle door opens and the ramps makes contact with the surface. "Be on high alert." Roadbuster says as he heads down the shuttle's ramp. Groundshock, Skystrike, Gearbox, and Cyberlock follows him. Once on the surface they transform and rush off to the location where Wreck-Garr was attacked.

    Turbine enters the control room after giving the Cybertron Elite Guard the latest update of the mission. He's about to begin a game of holo-cards when he notices some junk sliding from a pile towards the northwest. He didn't think much about it and activates the card game. He then hears a strange whistling noise getting louder. His optics widen and before he can say anything the shuttle is blown up by a missile. Further south from where the shuttle had been, Roadbuster and the others hears a loud explosion. He transforms into robot mode and turns around to see a massive trail of black smoke coming near the shuttle's location. Roadbuster frantically tries to get in contact with Turbine but hears nothing but static.

    The group heads back towards the shuttle's location and upon arriving witness a sight of horror. The shuttle has been blown into several charred and burning large parts. Gearbox turns around quickly upon seeing what's left of Turbine. "We are taking this spawn of Unicron down." Roadbuster says as his body shakes in anger. The group begins moving towards the north, weapons aim to fire upon anything that could ambush them as they walk by several large piles of junk. They hear faint music behind them and quickly turn around, but saw no source for it. On edge, the group turns around and continues walking. Just then Groundshock sees something above falling towards them. He shouts "INCOMING!!!" as the group rushes forward. Behind them the device hits the surface and a surge of energy is discharge. The energy catches up to the team and fades not too far ahead of them. "What was that?" Gearbox says in confusion. "An EMP pulse wave." Roadbuster says as he tries to fire his riffle. "Great, isolated without a way of escape with something that wants to kills us." Skystrike says kicking a piece of junk with his right leg. "I guess we are just going have to use our hands." Groundshock says as he cracks his knuckle joints.

    Suddenly Gearbox is blown off his feet and flies into the side of a junk pile as a loud noise catches up the group. As the others take cover, Cyberlock rushes to his friend. He's horrified to see him with a massive whole in his body. Roadbuster hears another noise as he's looking towards Cyberlock. He watches as Cyberlock's head is blown off and his body falls next to Gearbox. The three survivors listens as the sound of junk falling from the piles surrounding them. Not knowing where it’s coming from, the three races towards another secure hiding area. As they near the location, they hear a small pop sound and notices a pile of trash crashing down in front of them. Weaponless and nowhere to go for cover, the three Autobots turns around for one final fight.

    Then they see their attacker, an individual that's mostly black and purple. He has treads on his upper arms and two large cannons on his right arm. Along with being quite taller than some of the survivors. Roadbuster looks on in shock as he sees something that hasn't seen in decades, the Decepticon logo. Their attacker's face resembles the logo of the now defunct faction. His triangle shape optics glowing red looking towards the survivors. "Who are you?!?!" Roadbuster shouts towards his team's attacker. "You Autobot filth can call me executioner." The individual says as he walks closer to the defenseless survivors. "Why are you doing this? The war has been over for decades!! The Pax Cybertronia en---" Skystrike says as he's cut off from being shot. He falls forward after being shot in the chest and the colors fades from this body. Roadbuster and Groundshock runs towards the attacker. Groundshock swung his right arm back about to attack him. He swings forward, despite being more massive than his target, the attacker catches the fist with his left hand. He pulls the Autobot towards him. Roadbuster pauses as he watches in horror as two ion blasts burst through Groundshock's back. The massive Autobot is sent flying over Roadbuster's head upon being blown off his killer's cannons.

    Now as the last survivor of his team, Roadbuster wasn't going down without a fight. He charges at his team's killer, dodging ion blasts as he comes closer. He uses his riffle in an attempt to use it as a club, but his attacker crushes it and tosses it behind him with his left hand. Roadbuster then begins to fight the tall attacker with every ounce of energy he has left with his fist. Blow by blow, the attacker blocks each hit until he grabs Roadbuster's neck with his left hand. He begins to squeeze, causing sparks to pop from the area as Roadbuster struggles to break the grip with his hands. The attacker then hurls the Autobot to his left into the side of a junk pile. Roadbuster crashes to the ground and tries to get up as his attacker fires above him, causing the large pile to collapse upon him.

    Roadbuster comes online in a room and sees Whirl by his side. "Where am I?" Roadbuster says in confusion. "You are on Iacon, you've been in stasis lock for ten months. The Junkions found you having seen you're right leg sticking out of the pile. They dug you out and contacted Cybertron and Perceptor spent many months helping to repair you. Wasn't easy for him to do with also working on a possible solution to the energy crisis." Whirls says as he sees Roadbuster's optics widen. "So it wasn't a bad dream. I lost my entire team on that mission." Roadbuster says in a dishearten tone. "Where's Perceptor?" He asks Whirl as he rises up for the first time in months. "He's showing off his proposal to the High Council and the Elite Guard. I'll take you to him." Whirl says as the two walks out of the room.

    They enter a hover tube and go down to the first floor of the Cybertron Elite Guard's medial complex. The two Autobots enters a room of white light and Roadbuster notices Perceptor standing by Grimlock, who's in his dino mode. "What's going on?" He asks Whirl. "Perceptor believes downsizing will be the key to solving our energy crisis. He calls it Project Maximal." Whirl says looking down at the platform Grimlock is on. "Shrinking?" Roadbuster says in utter confusion.

    Through a speaker, the two Autobots hear Perceptor talking to Grimlock. “This shouldn’t hurt Grimlock. Perceptor calmly tells the Dinobot commander. “Me Grimlock prepare for test thingy.” Grimlock says as he rest his head on the table. The pair watches as Perceptor zaps Grimlock with a beam of energy. The Dinobot commander began to glow white, his body reducing in mass and his structure changing before all in the room. The beam stops as Perceptor comes toward the smaller Dinobot commander. "Grimlock, how are you feeling?" Perceptor asks the Dinobot commander upon seeing the red optics of his newly reformatted tyrannosaurs dino mode flickering back online. "Me...e...I... I, I haven't had this much energy in several decades. Something is different with me, I feel calmer now." Grimlock says as he hops off the platform and transforms into his new robot mode. The room gasps at what they had witnessed and Perceptor is clearly shocked by the unexpected higher intelligence of Grimlock.


    A new era comes to Cybertron as a result of Project Maximal's success. The Autobots slowly are reformatted into Maximals over the following two years. The population downsizing has made Iacon a challenge with the smaller sizes of the city's population. It was decided that a new city will be constructed over Iacon over the next several years, giving rise to Cybertropolis.

    Now as a Maximal, Roadbuster still wants justice for his fallen team. Frustrating for him, the Cybertron Elite Guard has received no new reports of attacks from his team's killer. It's like as a phantom he just vanished. The Cybertron Elite Guard did know who the attacker was following Roadbuster’s description. They had intensely went over the data files Soundwave had turned over prior to the fall of Chaar. The attacker was Tarn, a brutal and unhinged general of the dissolved Decepticon Army.

    Cybertron would remember Roadbuster's fallen Axalon team, dedicating its next generation exploration starships as the Axalon Class. Along with naming the first ship of the series after the team.
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