Transformers Animated: Let Sleeping Ambulances Lie

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    By Swarlock

    It hadn't been one day and all of a sudden they were heroes. Ratchet hated that.

    Given the situation he'd sooner crawl under an asteroid than be saddled with the title.

    Then he remember Megatron's definition of "hero" and stuffed it back in his processing unit.

    He had seen the war on Cybertron. All his friends had died in that war including Ironhide the first time around. That bot got better but after he was intiated into being part of The Elite Guard he never saw him again.

    Now he was on Earth trying not to get himself killed. They had just tackled a giant insectoid that was bio-engineered in Sumdac Industries. After that he just wanted to rest for a few vorns before the next big crisis.

    So he parked himself on the left side of a busy street somewhere in The City of Detroit. A policeman came by several times and had plastered tickets all over him. Just because he was diguised as a hospital vehicle didn't mean that he was immune to the laws of the road.

    "The next human that comes by to give me a ticket I'll give him what for," he said crankily.

    Not more than a few minutes later another Officer of The Law showed up and planted another ticket and this time he was furious.

    "CAN'T A BOT GET A STASIS NAP AROUND HERE???" he bellowed.

    The cop just stared as Ratchet took off some of the tickets from his chassis and stomped off grumbling.

    "No more Tequilas At Sunrise for me," The Policean said as he threw out his bottle from the back of his police car.