Transformers Animated - Invasion

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    Transformers Animated - Invasion - Chapter 1

    Megatron was active again.

    The last thing he could remember was Omega Supreme exploding, and himself falling megamiles down.

    And now, he could see a walking pile of junk leaning over him.

    "What's your name?" asked the walking pile of junk.

    "I am Megatron."

    "Name's Scrounge. How can I help?"

    Megatron looked at the Junkion. He had never met a 'bot that was willing to help a Decepticon of his own accord.

    "I need a positronic transmitter beacon. As soon as possible."

    "You need it ASAP. Well, it's going to take 8.3 megacycles."

    "The sooner you get it done, the less likely you are to be sent to oblivion."

    8.3 megacycles later.....

    "The beacon is finished." Scrounge said, while screwing off his right arm, rewiring something inside it, and screwing it back on.

    Megatron's eyes lit up with a mixture of satisfaction and rage.


    Megatron lifted up his fusion cannon, and fired.

    The result was spectacular, as long as you ignored the fact that Scrounge was completely blown apart in the process, and his pieces scattered across nine square cybermeters.

    "I can't have a Junkion knowing of my existence." Megatron said, walked away, and pressed several buttons on the positronic transmitter beacon.

    At that very moment, a subspace signal was sent across space, and reached the Decepticon Dirge.

    The Decepticon immediately headed for Junkion.

    Several mega-cycles later.....

    "But.....Lord Megatron! You know that my cover has nearly been blown already! If I do that, and he fails, they'll trace him back to me, and to you, O great Megatron!" said Shockwave.

    "That doesn't matter. Cybertron will soon fall to our might. And when that happens, I will no longer require you to maintain your cover. Megatron out."

    Skyquake then approached Megatron.

    "You wanted to see me, Lord Megatron?"

    "Yes, I did, Skyquake. I need you to deploy an army to invade Earth."

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    Transformers Animated - Invasion - Chapter 2

    "But.....the Decepticons have left that sector unprotected!" said Sentinel Magnus.

    "Unprotected? There must be about a dozen battalions holed up in there!" said Jazz.

    "The chances of our forces surviving a battle in that sector are 67,000 to 1." said Perceptor.

    "In other words, we're not going to send any soldiers there." said Alpha Trion.

    Meanwhile, on Dinobot Island, Earth.....

    "It's your fault we're stuck down here!" Mixmaster shouted at Dirt Boss.

    "If you two hadn't failed we wouldn't be here, senseless piece of scrap!" Dirt Boss shouted back.

    "Says the one who had control of us at the time!" shouted Scrapper.

    Suddenly, two Decepticons landed in front of the Constructicons: Blackout and Lugnut.

    "What are those two doing here?" said Scrapper.

    "Why don't we take control of them?!" shouted Dirt Boss, and fired a cerebro-shell at Blackout.

    Blackout grabbed the cerebro-shell and crushed it.

    "Nobody tampers with MY neuro-processor!" said Blackout, and crushed Dirt Boss under his foot.

    Megatron then appeared above the four other 'bots, and transformed into robot mode.

    "If it isn't the Constructicons. I need you to build something for me....." said Megatron.

    Meanwhile, on Cybertron.....

    Inside the maintenance tunnels below Level 9 of Cybertron Elite Guard HQ.....

    "I'm just below Level 9. What do I do now?"

    "Open the hatch and get out, Bombshock." said Shockwave.

    Bombshock did just that.

    "Now what?"

    "Use the frequency scrambler to open the cells."

    Bombshock took out a small, box-like device, and activated it, opening the cells, but also sending out a signal that kills Bombshock.

    Sunstorm, the Liar Starscream (aka "Ramjet"), Blitzwing, Obsidian, Beastbox, Crankcase, Tankor and Vortex emerged from the cells.

    Inside the conference room on Level 1.....

    Streetwise's face appeared on the screen.

    "We've got trouble on Level 9. Send in reinforcements immediately!"

    Jazz took out his communicator.

    "Security to Level 9."

    Drench, Outback and Springer immediately rushed to Level 9.

    "Autobots!" Dropkick shouted, and immediately began firing at the Autobots, followed by the other Decepticons.

    Sentinel Magnus, Jazz, Perceptor and Alpha Trion watched the battle on the screen.

    "They can't hold out." said Alpha Trion.

    "In that case, we need to contact Optimus Prime's team on Earth." said Sentinel Magnus.

    "Subspace communication system has been deactivated." said Perceptor.

    "Send a messenger through the space bridge."

    In Autobot Headquarters, Earth.....

    Suddenly, the Space Bridge activated, an a heavily damaged robot crawled out.

    "My name is Groove. I bring a message from Sentinel Magnus. He said you'll understand." said the heavily damaged robot.

    "What kind of message?" said Optimus Prime.

    "Two words: Broken Lance."

    The robot's eyes went dark.

    "What does that mean, Optimus?" said Ratchet.

    "Yeah, Prime, what does it mean?" said Bumblebee.

    "It means that Sentinel needs help. We used to use that as a signal back in the academy, when Sentinel was about to be caught doing something he shouldn't be." said Optimus.

    "So, what do we do?" said Prowl.

    "'s easy. We go to Cybertron and BREAK DECEPTI-CREEPS!!!!!" said Bulkhead.

    The Autobots activated the space bridge and went through, only to emerge in front of a group consisting of nine Decepticons standing in front of three smoking Autobot bodies.

    "Autobots, attack!" said Optimus.

    Bulkhead charged at the Decepticons.

    "Oh please." said Tankor, and punched Bulkhead, knocking him aside.

    Prowl jumped into the air, and kicked Dropkick in the face, knocking him unconscious, only to be blasted by Obsidian, and also knocked unconscious.

    Beastbox fired his compression cannons at Ratchet, but missed.

    "Why don't you STICK to something made out of the same STUFF as you?" said Ratchet, and fired a magnetic blast at Beastbox, fusing him to the nearest door.

    Suddenly, Sunstorm and "Ramjet" fired a barrage of null-ray blasts at Ratchet, knocking him out.

    Bumblebee fired his stingers at Crankcase, only for Crankcase to fire a sonic blast at Bumblebee, and Vortex to punch him in the face.

    "Nobody does that to MY fellow Autobots!" Optimus shouted in anger, and ran at the Decepticons, only for Blitzwing to kick him over a railing.

    "Hmm. Ze leader of this pathetic group....." Icy Blitzwing tried to say, only for Random Blitzwing to appear. ".....needs anger management! Heeheeheehee!"

    When Prowl, Bulkhead, Ratchet and Bumblebee woke up, they were tied to chairs with energon bonds.

    "You four have are certainly not pathetic scrap piles." said "Ramjet".

    "You know, Bumblebee?" said Prowl. "I could never understand anything that guy said."


    Optimus awoke. He had just been kicked over a railing by Blitzwing, and knocked unconscious. There was another Autobot standing beside him.

    "Who are you?" said Optimus.

    "Name's Springer. Who are you?" said Optimus.

    "I'm Optimus Prime. What happened?"

    "The 'Cons killed my team. When I tried to get away, that suck-up Sunstorm blasted me in the back." said Springer.

    "Well, that's new. Usually he talks so much he doesn't have time to shoot people." said Optimus.

    "How do we get back up there?" said Springer.

    "I have grapplers."

    "That helps."

    Suddenly, Tankor moved to the side, very close to the railing. A little too close, in fact.

    Springer took out a rifle.

    "Blast the railing."

    Springer fired three shots, one hitting the railing and blasting it to bits, and the other two hit Tankor straight in the chest, killing him and sending his body plummetting all the way to the bottom.

    The other Decepticons looked down, and saw Optimus and Springer.

    "Hey! I kicked you off!" said Random Blitzwing.

    "That's right." said Optimus, and threw his axe at Blitzwing, knocking him down.

    Springer then fired his rifle, blowing off Crankcase's head.

    The Decepticons began running towards the exit. One of the escaping Decepticons deactivated Bumblebee, grabbed him, and ran, along with the rest of the Decepticons, into Astrotrain's shuttle mode.