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    I've come up with an idea for a fanfic called Transformers Animated: Heroes. It came up when I thought 'How can I involve Rodimus' team and Team Chaar in the cartoon continuity more?"

    But every good verse has to has it's evil opposite. So I created a Shattered Glass version as well.

    I'll post a brief summary of both stories when I can, but for now I'll post the Shattered Glass mottos of (maybe most) of the characters involved in my fanfic:

    Shattered Glass Transformers Animated: Heroes


    Optronix’ Autobots

    Optronix/Optimus Prime – “I don’t need a bunch of malfunctions telling me what to do!”

    Ratchet – “You won’t feel a thing – until I jam this down your throat”

    Bulkhead – “Ja, I broke it. Vhat’s it to vou?”

    Prowl – “Go chew on a microchip. I’m on a mission”

    Goldbug – “They’re heading right for us! Run!”

    Sari Sumdac/Circuit Breaker – “They’ll never see me coming”

    Blaster w/Steeljaw– “Time to swing, time to jive. Listen to me, and you’ll survive”

    Wheeljack – “I got it! I’ll make atomic supermutant alloygators! Add that to my catapult-making machine and none shall remain standing!”

    Jazz – “Earth is disgusting. Massacre!”

    Arcee – “I don’t know who did this to me, so I’ll make everyone pay!”

    Grimlock – “I, Grimlock have you now!”

    Snarl – “Me, Snarl smash!”

    Swoop – “Me, Swoop love to make friends!”

    Wreck-Gar – “Anything I can do to help?”

    Omega Doom – “I am Omega Doom! I am your worst nightmare!”

    Gearsmith – “Let’s make some mayhem”

    Marty – “Creating a mindless slave is simplicity in itself”

    Dai Atlas’ Autobots

    Dai Atlas – “There’s more to being a warrior than simple courage. There’s cleverness, cunning as well”

    Dynobot – “To know your own limits, you must first know your foe's limits”

    Kup – “I reattach these parts all the time. Like the time when… Slag, I can’t remember!”

    Brawn – “The least likely is always the most dangerous”

    Beachcomber – “I’d never lie to you; I’m perfect in every way.”

    Flareup – “The more things change, the more they stay the same”

    Wasp – “Wasp called Wasp for a reason. Let Wasp show you why.”

    Seaspray – “To me, my aquatic minions!”

    Hot Shot – “What’s your hurry? I want to watch something burn”

    Autotroopers – “We hear and obey”

    Misc Autobots

    Ultra Magnus – “When I deal with you you’ll wish you’d never been protoformed”

    Sentinel Prime – “Without law, all is chaos”

    Jetfire & Jetstorm – Safeguard – “They can’t beat the best, not when we break the rules”

    Hot Shot – “What’s your hurry? I want to watch something burn”

    Ironhide – “You’re not even worthy to breath my exhaust fumes”

    Star Upper – “Show me a good fighter, and I’ll show you a bot with bad breath”

    Cliffjumper – “Strike first, strike fast, strike hard”

    Blurr – “The smarter I am, the faster you die”

    Aelita’s father – “Fear is my ally”

    Perceptor – “My logic is undeniable”

    Alpha Trion – “Knowledge is power”

    Botanica – “The more time we spend with Decepticons, the more we devolve into Decepticons”

    Roadbuster – “War is a dirty business... and I'm as dirty as they come”

    Wheelie – “Only the fierce shall live”

    Omega Sentinel – “We hear and obey”

    Skids & Mudflap – “Nobody messes with the twins!”

    Silverbolt – “What kind of knight am I? One of a kind, and not the good kind”

    Mailbox robot

    Springer – “Oh, slag. I think I’m going to blow a gasket!”

    Red Alert – “Patients, customers, idiotic slarg-spawn, they’re all the same to me”

    Skyfire – “War isn’t rocket science. There’s nothing complicated about blowing stuff up”

    Powerglide – “Space travel is the only flight to freedom”

    Cosmos – “The sky’s not the limit, and neither is being a comm.-bot”

    Sunstreaker & Sideswipe – “This combination of ours… can you beat it?”

    Chromia – “It is a double pleasure to deceive the deceiver”

    Moonracer – “When you look good, I look good”


    Megatron’s Decepticons

    Megatron – “The AllSpark will save us from destruction and Cybertron will finally be free”

    Starscream – “The Decepticons are a swell bunch. And, boy, do we have fun”

    Lugnut – “All hail mighty Megatron!”

    Blackarachnia – “Bots might see my form as repulsive, but I consider it an upgrade”

    Blitzwing - “Whoo! I’m freaking out!”

    Isaac Sumdac – “Total ownage, noob”

    Soundwave w/Laserbeak & Ratbat – “I have no mouth, yet I must rock”

    Shockwave/”Longarm Prime” – “Secrets are the foundation of power”

    Scrapper – “My work’s monumental. So pay up with that sweet axel grease”

    Mixmaster – “There’s nothin’ I can’t mix up”

    Dirt Boss – “Tell them there’s a new boss in town- Dirt Boss!”

    Skywarp – “Better to FIGHT AND DIE-- than live with the knowledge that I ran”

    Thundercracker – “’Tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt”

    Sunstorm – “I’m so hot it hurts!”

    Ramjet – “Sometimes I wish I could lie, if only to save my comrades”

    Slipstream – “To the men I’m misfortune, to the femme-bots I’m surprise”

    Galvatron’s Decepticons

    Galvatron – “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”

    Hot Rod – “My actions speak louder than words”

    Aelita – “To the victors go the spoils”

    Cyclonus – “Compassion is our trump-card over the Autobots”

    Scourge – “Everyone deserves a second chance”

    Goryu – “From today's rubble-strewn fields shall emerge a new Decepticon world!”

    Terrorsaur – “Revolutions, my friend, are not won with rosewater”

    Scalpel – “Never do what your enemy expects you to do”

    Lock-Lens – “Unyielding resolve has no conqueror”

    Grindor – “Total victory requires total destruction”

    Hydra – “Don’t expect to win, don’t expect to lose”

    Cancer – “If I die it will be in the interests of peace and science”

    Galvatron’s Auxiliary Army

    Predaking – “Losing a family is a terrible misfortune that no one should have to suffer through again”

    Treads – “A good shot is worth more than a good intention”

    Reflector – “See and you can know, know and you can protect”

    Gnaw – “I live for the taste of an Autobots fuel line!”

    Apeface – “Obnoxiousness is not an art, it is a problem. And I am the solution”

    Snapdragon – “A little dirt never killed any bot”

    Slapper – “Your days are numbered now, Auto-bozos”

    Sky Shadow – “You can fall alone or you can fall together”

    Kickback – “Friend is another word for fool”

    Injector – “It takes more than looking to really see”

    Bug Bite – “Tally-ho! Onward to victory, gents!”

    Triggerhappy – “That blast may have hurt, but now I’m ‘holey’. Get it?”

    Slugslinger – “…”

    Misfire – “’Accuracy’ is my middle name”

    Tidal Wave – “In war we cannot forsake out emotions, not even love.”

    Misc Decepticons

    Lockdown – “You want to play with the big bots? You have to be big.”

    Swindle – “Hey, buddy. Wanna buy a plasma cannon, cheap?”

    Buzzsaw – “It’s not how you were forged, but who you know”

    Strika – “Consistency is the ultimate form of victory”

    Oil Slick – “My arsenal is as diverse as the elements”

    Spittor – “Yes, I smell bad. But things could always be worse”

    Blackout – “Sorry, my bad”

    Sideways - “To stop me, you have to catch me first.”

    Sycophant Starscream – “Let us not fight, how about we make a deal?”

    Coward Starscream – “No, please! Leave me alone!”

    Thunderwing – “Don’t try to deceive a Decepticon. We’re masters of deception”

    Barricade - "In my business, there are no friends, only suspects."

    Astrotrain – “I’m scared, but I have to be brave, for Cybertron”

    Brisko – “Time for a little manual control”

    Chillout – “Ding-a-ling. Come out and get your ice-cream”

    Bonecrusher – “All life is sacred.”

    Dirge – “Be grateful for what you have. You can lose it at any time”

    Ejector – “Are you hungry?”

    If you have any initial thoughts, please share them. I welcome constructive criticism.
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    love it but you should add shattered glass sari