Transformers and Beastformers fan fiction: The Journey Begins part 3

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    Part 3:

    The year was 2047. The great war of Autobots and Decepticons has ravaged the planet Earth beyond recognition. The Decepticons have issued a full scale retreat because the humans have allied themselves with the Autobots and started using banned weapons to stop the Decepticons in their march. The war is almost won. Megatron, realizing his loses issued a cease fire to the Autobots and secretly launched fifteen shuttles to an unknown destination while his enemies scrambled to intercept them.

    Part 3:

    "Is this o.k. Prime?"

    Ironhide leans against the faux glass and stares into the interrogation room. He sees Prowl and Hound in there. Various tools are across the table. Voices can be heard in the room on the com channel.

    "I will repeat this again Dirge. I can make you die quick or slow. You have no friends here with us. Tell us what Megatron is up to."

    "F--- you pretty bot. All hail Megatron!"

    Hound suddenly punches him hard and knocks his paralyzed body onto the floor.

    "Hail Megatron one more time! He killed my whole family on Cybertron. I will rip out your throat if I need to."

    "Do your worst Autobot! I will be honored as a maryter..."

    Hound picks him up by the chest plate and slams him down. Prowl moves and pushes Hound to the side.

    "Easy Hound. The trick to making a bot talk is to be slow... and painful."

    Dirge has a look of terror in his optics. "Oh Primus. YOU! You were the one who blinded Acid Rain! I recognize that voice from his scans. You sick bastard!"

    Prowl smiles and looks to Hound. "Actually it was him who ripped the eyes out. I was the one laughing."


    The com shuts out and Prime turns to the side. "This war is taking its toll on all of us Ironhide. I want to end it."

    Ironhide nods and looks away. "I understand Prime. I stood by you then and I stand by you now." He smacks Prime soldier firmly. "Don't let those two get carried away Prime. He doesn't have to die in this way."

    "I know old friend. They are on orders to stop when they get everything out."

    Ironhide smiles. "I hope so." He begins to walk away and stops. "Are you doing the executing?"

    "Who else can do it but the one who demands it? I take his life knowing I have to. I will not put that burden on any of you..." Prime turns back towards the window.

    "Understood Prime." Ironhide begins to walk away.

    The scene is grim and cold. Autobots are lined up outside the ship and Optimus is standing with Wheeljack. Dirge is dragged out by the Dinobots Slag and Snarl. He struggles but knows he can't get away.

    "Disgusting Autobots. Let me go!"

    Wheeljack clears his throat and starts to speak as the dinobots pin Dirge to the ground. "This Decepticon is one of the worst that has ever entered this war. He has killed hundreds. Innocent. Female bots. Children bots. He has ruined lives. He deserves a cruel death. One without honor or mercy."

    "Cram that mercy up your optics!" Dirge screams. Snarl slams his face down on the ground.

    "He was judged and declared dead by the last of the Primes. The great Optimus!" The crowd cheers as Optimus comes forward to speak.

    "I have condemned Dirge upon his crimes against the Cybertronian race. He has ruined to many lives. He shall face justice."

    Optimus lowers his rifle and aims at Dirge. Dirge screams as Optimus lands a fatal shot to his head. The dinobots drag his body away and the Autobots are in awe.

    "I want his head scanned, uploaded to the database and him declared dead. Send the word out that another of these villains is gone from this world."

    Optimus address the crowd. "Dirge is no more. He shall live on only in memory. I want to publically acknowledge our fallen comrades from this last battle. I want to honor them for giving their lives so the rest of us may live!" The crowd cheers as Optimus leaves the podium. People rush over to him and pat him on the shoulder.

    "Jazz would have been proud of that Optimus."

    "I know Cliffjumper. Him and Inferno will be missed. Please send regards to their families for me."

    "Will do Prime."

    Optimus leaves and turns towards the hatch into the ship. The dinobot Sludge is guarding it. He acknowledges Optimus and opens the door for him.

    "Me Sludge forever proud to be Autobot."

    "Thank you Sludge."

    Optimus enters and the door shuts behind him. Ironhide walks over to him and hands him the report that Hound typed up. He eyes it and taps a part.

    "I don't understand. Why would Megatron not give his generals more information? Dirge has been with him since Starscream rebelled. That is a lot longer than most of us have been in this war."

    Ironhide folds his hands behind his back. "I am not sure Prime. It seems odd to me too. Its like Megatron was actually running but to where?"

    "Where ever it is, it is clearly past the final planet in this solar system. Why would he simply not just use the space bridge?"

    Perceptor walks up and joins the conversation. "Maybe he didn't know the exact coordinates? I believe the only real way to confirm anything was for Dirge and Blitzwing to create a diversion while they did the math."

    Optimus looks at the information again and turns towards Ironhide, "Scan Dirge's memory banks one more time before you dismantle his body."

    Ironhide nods and walks away.

    "It is sad Perceptor. Our race is on the brink of extinction and yet they refuse to surrender."

    "They are monsters Prime. We are trying to save our race. I will send the parts from the bodies to the forge on Cybertron like you asked. Who shall I designate for the pick up?"

    "Get Sunstreaker and Sideswipe to make the pick up on Cybertron. They know how important it is for these parts to reach the birthing centers."

    Optimus begins to walk away and suddenly falls to his knees. Perceptor rushes over to him.

    "Prime!" He screams.

    Perceptor hits a button and Sludge comes rushing through the door.

    "Prime!" Sludge screams. Optimus coughs and energon hits the ground. He attempts to stand up and Sludge grabs him. "You no stand says I."

    "Escort him to Ratchet's lab below. I will call him."

    Prime eyes Perceptor, "I know. Stupid Prime."

    "Shut up and get him to that lab."

    (End of part 3)

    Part 2: