Transformers and Beastformers fan fiction: The Journey Begins part 2

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    Part 2:

    The year was 2047. The great war of Autobots and Decepticons has ravaged the planet Earth beyond recognition. The Decepticons have issued a full scale retreat because the humans have allied themselves with the Autobots and started using banned weapons to stop the Decepticons in their march. The war is almost won. Megatron, realizing his loses issued a cease fire to the Autobots and secretly launched fifteen shuttles to an unknown destination while his enemies scrambled to intercept them.

    Part 2:

    "I want interceptors launched at once. All fliers man their battle stations. I want all guns armed and on stand by. I want a flier to lead every squad. Have Ironhide prepare to launch two warheads on my mark."

    "We have a message coming in from Grimlock Prime. Patching it through."

    "Thanks Red Alert."

    "Me Grimlock ready for assault. Let Grimlock take command."

    "Stand down Grimlock. Perceptor will be issuing commands for this formation."

    "Grrrrr..." Grimlock's image disappears from the screen.

    Perceptor's image suddenly appears across all channels. "The fliers will be launched in teams of six. I want Silverbolt, Powerglide, Cosmos, Jetfire, Swoop and Blades to all lead squads. All fighter pilots scramble and launch. All ships need to steady their course. Hold fire."

    The team leaders are all launched from their ships. Various Autobots run to their jets and are launched. They form up to the right of Grimlock's ship. They make a "V" formation with the six squads with Silverbolt in the lead.

    "Listen here squads Beta- Gamma. We will punch a hole through the middle of their formation and then break off. Left wing goes right and right wing goes left. We then double time it away from the group. We are a distraction. I repeat. We are not to engage except to punch through. Is that understood?"

    "Roger that from Powerglide. Ace of the skies." All of the other leaders acknowledge.

    With a mighty roar the Autobots start to boost their engines. The formation of Decepticons is straight a head of them.

    "On my que Ironhide. You launch the warhead."

    "Roger that Prime. Prepare Sally for her Prom boys-" Ironhide suddenly cuts off.

    Prime hits a button and Silverbolt pops up. "In and out. Commence attack."

    "Roger Prime."

    The fighters start to barrage the Decepticon forces with missiles, bullets and lasers. The entire squad focuses their fire in the center. Various ships start to explode from the constant battery and the Decepticon ships start to open their hatches. Various robots start to jump and transform in mid air. Dirge and Blitzwing can be seen clearly leading the assault.

    "DIE AUTOBOTS!" Can be heard everywhere as his voice echos across all channels.

    "Should we be worried that we can hear that ugly voice in space guys?" Cosmos mutters.

    "Ignore it team. Its just Soundwave up to his old tricks."

    "Roger that Jetfire."

    The team breaks through the Decepticon middle and suddenly changes their directions. The enemy ranks converge on each other trying to intercept the fliers. Then suddenly Ironhide's ship launches two giant missiles towards them. The Autobots hit their boosters and try and get out of the impact radius. Blitzwing, seeing the launch, changes directions quick and flies back. Dirge looks at him puzzled and hits his com.

    "Blitzwing! You coward!! Where are you going?"

    "I'm not going to die you fool!"

    "WHAT?!" The nuclear explosion hits the Decepticon ranks. Various robots die instantly from the blast.

    The Decepticon ranks are in full retreat from the sudden blast. Optimus opens a com channel to all units.

    "Status report."

    "This is Silverbolt. We have minimum D.I.A. but we have Cosmos, and Swoops squad are M.I.A. the count includes Jazz and Inferno in the strike jets."

    Pause on the com channels. Suddenly static breaks out and words can be heard.

    "Me Swoop not lost square head. Squad is dead. Yes. Yes. But Swoop survive. Bringing back body of... most of body for Dirge. Missing good chuck."

    "Good job team. I want Grimlock and Warpath's ships to hold position. Ironhide's ship needs to reload. I want Ratchet and Whirl's ships to do a clean sweep of the debris. Collect any parts if they are salvageable. Any prisoners should be brought to Top Spin's and Twin Twist's ships. No prisoners shall be executed if they surrender. I need Swoop to bring the body of Dirge to the flag ship."

    "Yes Prime. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes."

    The com closes and Prime sits down with a sigh. He rests his head in his palm and looks around his ship. Everyone pretends to not notice him. Prowl gets up and moves over to Prime.

    "I assume I am going to revive Dirge?"

    "If it is possible. Do we need Ratchet?"

    Prowl smiles and picks up his data pad. "We have First Aid on board but he is very unwilling to do nasty things unless they involve saving lives. He hates interrogations."

    "I can understand. The only problem is that Dirge is a high ranking Decepticon. I need to know what is in his head."

    "And after?"

    There is a silence on board and Optimus suddenly notices that everyone is waiting on his decision on the matter. No one is meeting his glance.

    "We get the information out of him. What is his criminal record during the war?"

    "I am looking at three assassinations on Autobot officials, petty theft and five counts of terrorism involving the destruction of two breeding facilities on Cybertron."

    "So... he is one of the ones who tried to destroy our kinfolks back in the day."

    Optimus thinks for a moment. He then glances at Prowl.

    "No going back on this one?"


    "Understood. Get the information. Kill him after. My judgement is final on this one."

    Optimus then rises from his seat and starts to walk towards the door. Everyone on deck rises.

    "Officer leaving the deck." Shouts Prowl.

    Elita One follows Prime with Hoist following behind them. She calls his name several times and he doesn't turn around. She tried to grab his arm but Hoist stops her. He points his finger to his mouth plate as Optimus walks away.

    "But..." She starts to say.

    "No. He always grieves when he condems a bot to death. It is his greatest strength and his greatest weakness."

    Moments pass. Ratchet and Whirl's ships doing a sweep of the debris and get only a handful of survivors. Cosmos is discovered in the debris but most of his body is gone. Ratchet puts in a call to Prime.

    "Prime on the bridge?"

    Prowl looks into the screen and hits a com button. "He is not medical officer Ratchet but I will patch you through."

    "Dammit Prowl. Stop calling me that-"

    "Prowl to Blaster. Prowl to Blaster."

    "This is Blaster blasting at ya. What can I do for you today?"

    "Patch me through to Prime's location."

    "Lets see... He is not in his barracks but the fembot is. Oh my. What is she doing in there? Oh that is Prime's favorite face plate? He is going to hate that. Hey! Stop that! Oh that's right. I can see you in there."

    "Oh for Primus' sake Blaster. Leave her alone and just get me Prime."

    "Just jiving Prowl. Just jiving. Pretty sure I scared the oil out of her though."

    "Location Blaster? I am getting pretty pissed."

    "He is in engineering. Patching through."

    The com suddenly clicks and the clanks and clunks of the engines running can be heard. A slight static but Prime's voice comes through.

    "Yes Prowl? I am inspecting the engines with Grapple and Huffer. This important? Shut up Huffer."

    "Yes sir. We just found Cosmos. He seems to be alive but he is missing most of his parts and is barely functional. Orders?"

    "Repair him a.s.a.p. Tell Ratchet to get him back and put him on sick leave. All his duties are going to be transferred to an Aerialbot until further notice. I don't care which one. Pick the best one. They all look alike to me-" Prime's com cuts out.

    Prowl coms Ratchet and relays the orders to him. Ratchet acknowledges and cuts out.

    Prime comes over the com through all Autobot channels. "We will be leaving this sector in ten cycles. All wounded shall be loaded and placed in stable condition. Prowl report to deck three."

    "Deck three? We don't have a deck three? I helped design this ship..."

    "Shut up Gears. He means the interrogation room. Looks like Dirge is alive. "

    Prowl leaves the room with a smirk on his face.

    (Done chapter 2)

    Part 1: