Transformers and Beastformers fan fiction: The Journey Begins part 1

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    Warning! I may kill your favorite characters in the most dynamic way. Enjoy!

    Part 1:

    The year was 2047. The great war of Autobots and Decepticons has ravaged the planet Earth beyond recognition. The Decepticons have issued a full scale retreat because the humans have allied themselves with the Autobots and started using banned weapons to stop the Decepticons in their march. The war is almost won. Megatron, realizing his loses issued a cease fire to the Autobots and secretly launched fifteen shuttles to an unknown destination while his enemies scrambled to intercept them.

    Day 1:

    "Prime! There was nothing that we could do. We were scouting the perimeter when Starscream and his squad set upon us. This distraction is when they launched the shuttles. It was sunset too for Primes sake!"

    "We have known about these shuttles for months Silverbolt. If you needed the back up, you simply needed to radio it in and I could have scrambled Powerglide's squad. Now we are in a mess with an entire army on the run. Also... don't use Prime's name in vain. Wheeljack! Dismissed Silverbolt."

    Silverbolt walks out of Prime's debriefing room. Wheeljack enters and looks around for a second. Charts have been tossed around Prime's round table like they were dolls. It all seemed disorganized and in an uproar.

    "Wheeljack. Are the shuttles ready for launch?"

    "Not yet Prime. We are callibrating a few more loose ends but it will be done shortly."

    "Have a seat Wheeljack. We need to talk strategy."

    Wheeljack sits at one of the mechanical stools around Prime's table. He glances at the known star charts.

    "You and Perceptor are my chief strategists. Explain to me what is Megatron's motives this time?"

    Wheeljack thinks for a moment. Then his eyes spark and he points to the Earth's moon.

    "I believe he left in a hurry but Shockwave is not a fool. He most likely has his crack troops at the very end of the army. I know Silverbolt let Starscream and his screamers slip through his joints but it is most likely not them. My guess would be with Blitzwing and Astrotrain leading the assault."

    "So doubling after them would be a mistake. We will launch in twenty days and follow their ion trail. I need ten squad leaders for the ships. Who do you suggest?"

    "That would be a tough one Prime...."

    Perceptor walks into the room with a cold calculating stare upon his face. He stands over the chart and points towards the moon.

    "We would need Grimlock leading the vanguard with his dinobots. To the left we will need Ironhide and Brawn. To the right we need Warpath's squad. Wheeljack and I will make up the center. We will be followed by your flag ship, then Ratchet's medical ship with the Aerialbots doing double time around it. I would need Cliffjumper and Bumblebee to the back left flank, Whirl to take the right. The last two ships will be commanded by Top spin and Twin twist. I want to punch through what ever chaos they leave behind us."

    Optimus looks towards the chart. He folds his hands and rests his chin upon them. He thinks for a moment and then eyes Perceptor. "Will we get through?"

    "There is a 98% chance we will if you follow my plan."

    "Issue the orders then. I would also like Omega Supreme, Powerglide and Cosmos to be added to the escort."

    "But Prime! If we toss all our fliers into one escort, we could jepordize the entire operation."

    "...Understood Wheeljack. If that is the case, only allow half of Silverbolts team. Make sure Silverbolt is one of them. He needs to make up for his mistakes."

    Optimus Prime then dismisses the strategists and asks for Hoists and Arcee. Arcee arrives first and Prime orders her to adjust his shoulder joints.

    "Oh Prime. You are always so stiff with these war councils. You need to take a break at times."

    "If only I could Arcee. If only I could. Where is that blasted Hoist?"

    Hoist rushes into the room. His blank expression at the Arcee situation neither surprises nor intrigues him. He walks over to Prime, unscrews his right arm and replaces it with a powered tool.

    "Relax Prime. I will readjust some of these calibrations. It might be bad for morale if the troops see you with this Fembot. Especially since she is... taken and what not. Or you could just close the door?"

    Prime eyes Arcee and she excuses herself. She shuts the door as she leaves.

    "Prime she is Hot Rod's. You know this. He is your second in command for Primus sake."

    "I know old friend. It is just hard being away from Elita for so long."

    "Then summon her. She is only on Cybertron because you wished it during these tough times. Summon her and have her on the flag ship. Just don't listen to her war council. You have Wheeljack and Perceptor for that."

    Prime lays his head back and rests it on the wall. He shuts down his optics while Hoist makes a few more adjustments.

    "Tell Blaster to make the call. I want Warpath to escort her."

    Day 10:

    "KaBLAM! Opts. I got you two more heads!"

    Warpath tosses two severed heads upon Optimus Prime's working desk. The heads leak energon everywhere. Optimus picks one head up and looks at the expression. He seems puzzled.

    "Who am I looking at?"

    "That one is named Venom. He was one of the leaders of the Insecticons but he was running their Cybertron branch while Kickback, Bombshell and Shrapnel ran the Earth one. The other one is Chop shop."

    "How did you come to... acquire these heads Warpath?"

    "KAPLOW! I thought you would never ask. We took the Space bridge like Perceptor suggested. I took a squad of five to meet Ultra Magnus and Elita-one at point Delta. I left the rest of my squad at the Space bridge and told them to hang low until I return. Perceptor explained that an ambush would probably happen right before our departure so I was advised to leave half my forces. When they did show, we sprung the ambush and took them from the front and back. This cowardly one, tried to fly away." Points to Venom's head. "But I got him with a KABOOM in the chest."

    "You are one hell of a hero Warpath. Did you bring the bodies back?"

    "Always BAM!"

    "Strip the bodies for parts and bring the heads later to Grapple. We need to update the Decepticon database and send the files to Iacon and all known Autobot bases."

    "On it boss!"

    "Oh and Warpath..."


    "Free energon for you and your boys at Swerve's bar. Its on me. And consider yourself promoted with a 20,000 chip extra allowance. Come back in five for the heads."

    "Hot damn! This is why I work for you. BAM!"

    Warpath leaves the room and Perceptor enters. He looks at the heads on the table.

    "Friends?" Perceptor coldly suggests.

    "Nope. This one was a military general back in our days." Uses his index finger to move Chop Shop's head. "And this one was a politician." Puts down Venom's head.

    "Good work on the strategem."

    "I needed a good one for the bot without brains."

    "Don't insult my field commanders. Warpath is one of the best. His poetry is terrible but at least he aims straight. How goes the preperations?"

    "For Elita one or the ships?"


    "The ships are fully set for launch. We are double checking all numbers and Pipes and Beach Comber are in charge of loading. We are about 65% fully loaded with all ammunition and supplies. The human alliance wants to know if we require more warheads."

    "Inform them that we require an extra two hundred and fifty of them. Hydro would be best. We will make the usual trade for precious metals. Load them on Ironhide's ship. He is always the most stingy to use them. Makes me feel more comfortable."

    Perceptor pulls out an electronic clip board and starts to tap here and there. "Done. I have Elita One stationed in your quarters. What do I do about Ultra Magnus? He is not willing to leave her side."

    "I will take care of that. Inform Warpath that I want these heads moved. He seems to have forgotten already."


    Perceptor walks out of the room. Optimus starts to clean off the energon from his desk and takes his notes. He walks out the room and into the hall. He sees two bodies being dragged off in the distance by Slag the Dinobot.

    He walks down the hall and takes a right. He almost bumps into Skids. He seems down and confused.

    "What's the matter soldier?"

    Skids bucks up and salutes Optimus. "Optimus sir. I am on cleaning duty for the bodies and..."

    "I know. I read your files. You knew Chop Shop back in the day correct?"

    Skids nods and looks down.

    "Don't worry. You are excused from it. I will assign Bumblebee to it. He needs to be toughened up more anyway."

    Skids thanks him and continues walking.

    "Now to talk care of Ultra Magnus. Always Ultra Magnus."

    Day 17:

    "Prime I think it was a bad idea to give Ultra Magnus command of Autobot city. How are we supposed to trust him?"

    "You are wrong Wheeljack. I know how to read my fellow bots. Ultra Magnus may be hesitant to take power but he is a very capable leader."

    "I have to agree with Optimus on this one Wheeljack. Ultra Magnus is the best choice for the reserve forces."

    "I don't know Perceptor. We barely know him."

    "We have other generals who will be with him. Anything goes wrong and he can be replaced. Until then, he will be in charge."

    "You two are dismissed."

    Wheeljack and Perceptor walk out of Optimus Prime's briefing room. He presses an intercom button and Blaster's voice is on the speaker.

    "What's up Prime?"

    "Shut up Blaster. At least pretend to respect authority."

    "Oh~ You are in a great mood today. Need some entertainment? I saw Bumblebee caught his foot on fire in the lab earlier. Pretty sure he won't mind doing that again for ya!"

    "Sounds hilarious but I need something else."

    "Code Omega?"


    "I will send her right up for ya Prime. B-bot out."

    The intercom clicks off and Prime sighs. "I will choke him one day..." The door then opens and Elita One walks in.

    "You called for a code Omega?"

    "Stop playing Elita. Where is Ratchet?"

    "I'm here Prime." Ratchet enters the room with his medical supplies. "Elita can witness this right?"

    "She is fine Ratchet. She knows me in and out anyways."

    Ratchet eyes her and then turns back to his tools. "I bet she does Prime. She could make a lot of the younger bots crazy." He picks up his drill and adjusts the tip. "Where at today?"

    "It is in the back. The stress is cracking the joints."

    "In your situation, I can understand. Years of stress. Years of war added to that stress."

    "Just do the adjustments."

    "Okay. It will take a few hours to do it properly. You haven't been adjusted in a while Prime."

    "Understood." Prime then hits the intercom button. "Blaster. Forward me to Wheeljack."

    "Will do buddy."

    The com clicks and Ratchet smiles. "Still hate him?"

    "More than you can imagine."

    "Yes Prime?"

    "You are in charge for four hours. Do nothing rash and keep all channels under control."


    The intercom clicks and Prime looks at Ratchet. "Let's get this over with."

    Day 20:

    "All ships ready and accounted for?"

    "Yes sir. Grimlock, and the rest of the captains are ready for launch."

    "Hit the intercom Prowl."

    "Understood. You are on in three, two, one... Go!"

    "Autobots. This is Optimus Prime. We have been fighting this war for generations and we have died in countless numbers. We are at the end of our war. The war criminal Megatron and his horde are on the run. We are so close to finishing what our ancestors started so long ago. This will be our final battle. We will bring Megatron to justice. Or we will die trying. Never forget the day that we, as a team, as a family, finally stamped the Decepticons off this galaxy. Cliffjumper. Do the count down."

    "Five. Four. Three. Two. One. IGNITE!"

    All ten shuttles slowly start to launch. The ten ships slowly start to make orbit and then they all slow down to a hault.

    "Formations. Release the escorts."

    Silverbolt launches with Slingshot and Skydive.

    "I want the units in the rear to have 65% of their guns pointing behind us. The center will point 55% left and 45% right.Vanguard points ahead. Inform Ironhide to arm 45% of his warheads," Hoist mentions and then coldly focuses on the computer screen ahead.

    "Prime is that wise?"

    "Shut it Red Alert. Hoist is a strategist for a reason. Follow his orders."

    Elita one enters the bridge. She looks towards Prime and takes a seat right next to Gears and Windcharger.

    "Hey boys."

    "Not in the mood dame. Gears. Oil levels read out correctly?"

    "I'm interested in you Elita. Just like my optics a tiny bit more. Levels are correct Windcharger."

    "Prowl. Take the deck. Follow Hoist words to the letter."

    "Understood Prime. Everyone check all numbers. I do not want to end up like a charred Sharkticon."

    Prime gets up from the command seat. Hoist doesn't even seem to notice his movements.

    "Make it short Prime. Perceptor will be calling shortly with the fleet updates."

    "O.k. Elita. Can you come with me?"

    "Sure!" She jumps from her seat and walks towards the door. They both leave the command deck.

    "Why are you here?"

    "To be by your side."

    "O.k. but do not touch anything where I station you. We are on a hunt. The Decepticon is always most dangerous when cornered."

    They both enter the deck and he motions for her to sit where she originally was. Gears smiles but Windcharger frowns.

    "We are all going to die."

    "Shut up Windcharger. This is the first time you have been this close to a fembot in years."

    Gears laughs and Windcharger ignores her snappy come back.

    "Status?" Prime asks.

    "All is running smooth." Prowl responds.

    Perceptor suddenly comes on the screen.

    "Good news or bad news?"

    "Both." Perceptor responds. "We have Decepticons."

    (End of part 1)
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    Warning! I may kill your favorite characters in the most dynamic way. Enjoy!

    Part 2:

    The year was 2047. The great war of Autobots and Decepticons has ravaged the planet Earth beyond recognition. The Decepticons have issued a full scale retreat because the humans have allied themselves with the Autobots and started using banned weapons to stop the Decepticons in their march. The war is almost won. Megatron, realizing his loses issued a cease fire to the Autobots and secretly launched fifteen shuttles to an unknown destination while his enemies scrambled to intercept them.

    Part 2:

    "I want interceptors launched at once. All fliers man their battle stations. I want all guns armed and on stand by. I want a flier to lead every squad. Have Ironhide prepare to launch two warheads on my mark."

    "We have a message coming in from Grimlock Prime. Patching it through."

    "Thanks Red Alert."

    "Me Grimlock ready for assault. Let Grimlock take command."

    "Stand down Grimlock. Perceptor will be issuing commands for this formation."

    "Grrrrr..." Grimlock's image disappears from the screen.

    Perceptor's image suddenly appears across all channels. "The fliers will be launched in teams of six. I want Silverbolt, Powerglide, Cosmos, Jetfire, Swoop and Blades to all lead squads. All fighter pilots scramble and launch. All ships need to steady their course. Hold fire."

    The team leaders are all launched from their ships. Various Autobots run to their jets and are launched. They form up to the right of Grimlock's ship. They make a "V" formation with the six squads with Silverbolt in the lead.

    "Listen here squads Beta- Gamma. We will punch a hole through the middle of their formation and then break off. Left wing goes right and right wing goes left. We then double time it away from the group. We are a distraction. I repeat. We are not to engage except to punch through. Is that understood?"

    "Roger that from Powerglide. Ace of the skies." All of the other leaders acknowledge.

    With a mighty roar the Autobots start to boost their engines. The formation of Decepticons is straight a head of them.

    "On my que Ironhide. You launch the warhead."

    "Roger that Prime. Prepare Sally for her Prom boys-" Ironhide suddenly cuts off.

    Prime hits a button and Silverbolt pops up. "In and out. Commence attack."

    "Roger Prime."

    The fighters start to barrage the Decepticon forces with missiles, bullets and lasers. The entire squad focuses their fire in the center. Various ships start to explode from the constant battery and the Decepticon ships start to open their hatches. Various robots start to jump and transform in mid air. Dirge and Blitzwing can be seen clearly leading the assault.

    "DIE AUTOBOTS!" Can be heard everywhere as his voice echos across all channels.

    "Should we be worried that we can hear that ugly voice in space guys?" Cosmos mutters.

    "Ignore it team. Its just Soundwave up to his old tricks."

    "Roger that Jetfire."

    The team breaks through the Decepticon middle and suddenly changes their directions. The enemy ranks converge on each other trying to intercept the fliers. Then suddenly Ironhide's ship launches two giant missiles towards them. The Autobots hit their boosters and try and get out of the impact radius. Blitzwing, seeing the launch, changes directions quick and flies back. Dirge looks at him puzzled and hits his com.

    "Blitzwing! You coward!! Where are you going?"

    "I'm not going to die you fool!"

    "WHAT?!" The nuclear explosion hits the Decepticon ranks. Various robots die instantly from the blast.

    The Decepticon ranks are in full retreat from the sudden blast. Optimus opens a com channel to all units.

    "Status report."

    "This is Silverbolt. We have minimum D.I.A. but we have Cosmos, and Swoops squad are M.I.A. the count includes Jazz and Inferno in the strike jets."

    Pause on the com channels. Suddenly static breaks out and words can be heard.

    "Me Swoop not lost square head. Squad is dead. Yes. Yes. But Swoop survive. Bringing back body of... most of body for Dirge. Missing good chuck."

    "Good job team. I want Grimlock and Warpath's ships to hold position. Ironhide's ship needs to reload. I want Ratchet and Whirl's ships to do a clean sweep of the debris. Collect any parts if they are salvageable. Any prisoners should be brought to Top Spin's and Twin Twist's ships. No prisoners shall be executed if they surrender. I need Swoop to bring the body of Dirge to the flag ship."

    "Yes Prime. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes."

    The com closes and Prime sits down with a sigh. He rests his head in his palm and looks around his ship. Everyone pretends to not notice him. Prowl gets up and moves over to Prime.

    "I assume I am going to revive Dirge?"

    "If it is possible. Do we need Ratchet?"

    Prowl smiles and picks up his data pad. "We have First Aid on board but he is very unwilling to do nasty things unless they involve saving lives. He hates interrogations."

    "I can understand. The only problem is that Dirge is a high ranking Decepticon. I need to know what is in his head."

    "And after?"

    There is a silence on board and Optimus suddenly notices that everyone is waiting on his decision on the matter. No one is meeting his glance.

    "We get the information out of him. What is his criminal record during the war?"

    "I am looking at three assassinations on Autobot officials, petty theft and five counts of terrorism involving the destruction of two breeding facilities on Cybertron."

    "So... he is one of the ones who tried to destroy our kinfolks back in the day."

    Optimus thinks for a moment. He then glances at Prowl.

    "No going back on this one?"


    "Understood. Get the information. Kill him after. My judgement is final on this one."

    Optimus then rises from his seat and starts to walk towards the door. Everyone on deck rises.

    "Officer leaving the deck." Shouts Prowl.

    Elita One follows Prime with Hoist following behind them. She calls his name several times and he doesn't turn around. She tried to grab his arm but Hoist stops her. He points his finger to his mouth plate as Optimus walks away.

    "But..." She starts to say.

    "No. He always grieves when he condems a bot to death. It is his greatest strength and his greatest weakness."

    Moments pass. Ratchet and Whirl's ships doing a sweep of the debris and get only a handful of survivors. Cosmos is discovered in the debris but most of his body is gone. Ratchet puts in a call to Prime.

    "Prime on the bridge?"

    Prowl looks into the screen and hits a com button. "He is not medical officer Ratchet but I will patch you through."

    "Dammit Prowl. Stop calling me that-"

    "Prowl to Blaster. Prowl to Blaster."

    "This is Blaster blasting at ya. What can I do for you today?"

    "Patch me through to Prime's location."

    "Lets see... He is not in his barracks but the fembot is. Oh my. What is she doing in there? Oh that is Prime's favorite face plate? He is going to hate that. Hey! Stop that! Oh that's right. I can see you in there."

    "Oh for Primus' sake Blaster. Leave her alone and just get me Prime."

    "Just jiving Prowl. Just jiving. Pretty sure I scared the oil out of her though."

    "Location Blaster? I am getting pretty pissed."

    "He is in engineering. Patching through."

    The com suddenly clicks and the clanks and clunks of the engines running can be heard. A slight static but Prime's voice comes through.

    "Yes Prowl? I am inspecting the engines with Grapple and Huffer. This important? Shut up Huffer."

    "Yes sir. We just found Cosmos. He seems to be alive but he is missing most of his parts and is barely functional. Orders?"

    "Repair him a.s.a.p. Tell Ratchet to get him back and put him on sick leave. All his duties are going to be transferred to an Aerialbot until further notice. I don't care which one. Pick the best one. They all look alike to me-" Prime's com cuts out.

    Prowl coms Ratchet and relays the orders to him. Ratchet acknowledges and cuts out.

    Prime comes over the com through all Autobot channels. "We will be leaving this sector in ten cycles. All wounded shall be loaded and placed in stable condition. Prowl report to deck three."

    "Deck three? We don't have a deck three? I helped design this ship..."

    "Shut up Gears. He means the interrogation room. Looks like Dirge is alive. "

    Prowl leaves the room with a smirk on his face.

    (Done chapter 2)
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    Warning! I may kill your favorite characters in the most dynamic way. Enjoy!

    Part 3:

    The year was 2047. The great war of Autobots and Decepticons has ravaged the planet Earth beyond recognition. The Decepticons have issued a full scale retreat because the humans have allied themselves with the Autobots and started using banned weapons to stop the Decepticons in their march. The war is almost won. Megatron, realizing his loses issued a cease fire to the Autobots and secretly launched fifteen shuttles to an unknown destination while his enemies scrambled to intercept them.

    Part 3:

    "Is this o.k. Prime?"

    Ironhide leans against the faux glass and stares into the interrogation room. He sees Prowl and Hound in there. Various tools are across the table. Voices can be heard in the room on the com channel.

    "I will repeat this again Dirge. I can make you die quick or slow. You have no friends here with us. Tell us what Megatron is up to."

    "F--- you pretty bot. All hail Megatron!"

    Hound suddenly punches him hard and knocks his paralyzed body onto the floor.

    "Hail Megatron one more time! He killed my whole family on Cybertron. I will rip out your throat if I need to."

    "Do your worst Autobot! I will be honored as a maryter..."

    Hound picks him up by the chest plate and slams him down. Prowl moves and pushes Hound to the side.

    "Easy Hound. The trick to making a bot talk is to be slow... and painful."

    Dirge has a look of terror in his optics. "Oh Primus. YOU! You were the one who blinded Acid Rain! I recognize that voice from his scans. You sick bastard!"

    Prowl smiles and looks to Hound. "Actually it was him who ripped the eyes out. I was the one laughing."


    The com shuts out and Prime turns to the side. "This war is taking its toll on all of us Ironhide. I want to end it."

    Ironhide nods and looks away. "I understand Prime. I stood by you then and I stand by you now." He smacks Prime soldier firmly. "Don't let those two get carried away Prime. He doesn't have to die in this way."

    "I know old friend. They are on orders to stop when they get everything out."

    Ironhide smiles. "I hope so." He begins to walk away and stops. "Are you doing the executing?"

    "Who else can do it but the one who demands it? I take his life knowing I have to. I will not put that burden on any of you..." Prime turns back towards the window.

    "Understood Prime." Ironhide begins to walk away.

    The scene is grim and cold. Autobots are lined up outside the ship and Optimus is standing with Wheeljack. Dirge is dragged out by the Dinobots Slag and Snarl. He struggles but knows he can't get away.

    "Disgusting Autobots. Let me go!"

    Wheeljack clears his throat and starts to speak as the dinobots pin Dirge to the ground. "This Decepticon is one of the worst that has ever entered this war. He has killed hundreds. Innocent. Female bots. Children bots. He has ruined lives. He deserves a cruel death. One without honor or mercy."

    "Cram that mercy up your optics!" Dirge screams. Snarl slams his face down on the ground.

    "He was judged and declared dead by the last of the Primes. The great Optimus!" The crowd cheers as Optimus comes forward to speak.

    "I have condemned Dirge upon his crimes against the Cybertronian race. He has ruined to many lives. He shall face justice."

    Optimus lowers his rifle and aims at Dirge. Dirge screams as Optimus lands a fatal shot to his head. The dinobots drag his body away and the Autobots are in awe.

    "I want his head scanned, uploaded to the database and him declared dead. Send the word out that another of these villains is gone from this world."

    Optimus address the crowd. "Dirge is no more. He shall live on only in memory. I want to publically acknowledge our fallen comrades from this last battle. I want to honor them for giving their lives so the rest of us may live!" The crowd cheers as Optimus leaves the podium. People rush over to him and pat him on the shoulder.

    "Jazz would have been proud of that Optimus."

    "I know Cliffjumper. Him and Inferno will be missed. Please send regards to their families for me."

    "Will do Prime."

    Optimus leaves and turns towards the hatch into the ship. The dinobot Sludge is guarding it. He acknowledges Optimus and opens the door for him.

    "Me Sludge forever proud to be Autobot."

    "Thank you Sludge."

    Optimus enters and the door shuts behind him. Ironhide walks over to him and hands him the report that Hound typed up. He eyes it and taps a part.

    "I don't understand. Why would Megatron not give his generals more information? Dirge has been with him since Starscream rebelled. That is a lot longer than most of us have been in this war."

    Ironhide folds his hands behind his back. "I am not sure Prime. It seems odd to me too. Its like Megatron was actually running but to where?"

    "Where ever it is, it is clearly past the final planet in this solar system. Why would he simply not just use the space bridge?"

    Perceptor walks up and joins the conversation. "Maybe he didn't know the exact coordinates? I believe the only real way to confirm anything was for Dirge and Blitzwing to create a diversion while they did the math."

    Optimus looks at the information again and turns towards Ironhide, "Scan Dirge's memory banks one more time before you dismantle his body."

    Ironhide nods and walks away.

    "It is sad Perceptor. Our race is on the brink of extinction and yet they refuse to surrender."

    "They are monsters Prime. We are trying to save our race. I will send the parts from the bodies to the forge on Cybertron like you asked. Who shall I designate for the pick up?"

    "Get Sunstreaker and Sideswipe to make the pick up on Cybertron. They know how important it is for these parts to reach the birthing centers."

    Optimus begins to walk away and suddenly falls to his knees. Perceptor rushes over to him.

    "Prime!" He screams.

    Perceptor hits a button and Sludge comes rushing through the door.

    "Prime!" Sludge screams. Optimus coughs and energon hits the ground. He attempts to stand up and Sludge grabs him. "You no stand says I."

    "Escort him to Ratchet's lab below. I will call him."

    Prime eyes Perceptor, "I know. Stupid Prime."

    "Shut up and get him to that lab."

    (End of part 3)
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    Warning! I may kill your favorite characters in the most dynamic way. Enjoy!

    Part 4:

    The year was 2047. The great war of Autobots and Decepticons has ravaged the planet Earth beyond recognition. The Decepticons have issued a full scale retreat because the humans have allied themselves with the Autobots and started using banned weapons to stop the Decepticons in their march. The war is almost won. Megatron, realizing his loses issued a cease fire to the Autobots and secretly launched fifteen shuttles to an unknown destination while his enemies scrambled to intercept them.

    Part 4:

    "I don't understand Megatron. There is nothing out here! Why don't we just turn and attack them?"

    Megatron looks up from his throne chair on the flag ship. The one speaking is Rat Bat as usual. He waves his hand to shoo him away.

    "Don't you dare shoo me away! I was a Cybertronian senator before you were even born!"

    Megatron shoos him away again. He slouches in his chair. Behind Megatron, Shockwave stares at Rat Bat with a cold calculating look.

    "Answer me!"

    "Megatron does not need to answer you. You may speak to me if you are worried about anything involving strategy or the course that the almighty Megatron has set."

    Rat Bat looks over towards Shockwave. "Fine. First. Where are we going?"


    "What?! How is it classified? We are going there now! Why did we even leave that mud ball?!!"


    "How many troops did we bring along?"


    "BAH!" Rat Bat flies around the throne chair and screams. Megatron shoos him away and Shockwave just stares. Rat Bat finally flies over towards Soundwave and perches on his shoulder. "You will ruin us all."

    "Soundwave. Hit the bat." Megatron mutters.

    Rat Bat has a look of shock on his face when Soundwave smacks him against the wall.

    "Shall we continue Megatron?" Shockwave asks.

    Megatron nods and Shockwave starts to issue orders. "We shall set up three ambushes along our travel lane. I need volunteers."

    No one mutters a word and just stares at their screens.

    "Interesting." Shockwave then hits a com button. "Starscream. I need you to pull up records of everyone on the bridge. I want to know who has family and who does not."

    There is a slight pause and Starscream replies "I am looking at Kickback, Blast Off, Runabout, Runamuck and Rampage."

    "O.k. Now. Out of you five, who does not want to watch their families die on Cybertron?"

    Runabout jumps up, "How dare you threaten our families!"

    Shockwave points to him and shoots him in the face. Runabout slumps to the ground and energon splashes everywhere.

    "Who volunteers?"

    Runamuck, Kickback, Blast Off and Rampage all raise their hands.

    "I will keep you behind Rampage for Predaking. The rest of you go to the hangers. I will issue orders there."

    They get up and rush out of the deck. Megatron yawns. Shockwave points to the corpse. Rumble and Frenzy drag it away.

    The screen on the Autobot flag ship looks grim. All ships have been ordered to a hault and Optimus is being operated on by Ratchet and First Aide. Ironhide, Grimlock, Elita One and Hound are waiting in the room next door. There is an odd silence that fills the room. Ironhide keeps pacing back and forth and Grimlock is fingering his gauntlets.

    "He will pull threw. I know he will." Elita keeps muttering.

    Ratchet enters the room and looks around. He walks over to them and stops in front of Ironhide. "His situation is grim but the worst has passed. He can not move for a while. Apparently his energon levels were higher than they were supposed to be. I blame all those damn adjustments he was getting. He was waiting to long to clean out his reserves. He is stable but he won't be able to command properly until he rests."

    "Great. Then what are we supposed to do?" Ironhide mutters.

    "He issued that Hot Rod is in command but he must yield to Wheeljacks and Perceptor's advice on all occasions. This is only until he is on his feet again."

    Ratchet left the room and Elita one went into Optimus Prime's room.

    Ironhide looks at the other two. "O.k. boys. Lets show the boss that we don't play nice either." Everyone left the room.

    The bridge is quiet as Hot Rod enters. He looks around and sees Perceptor and Wheeljack standing there. Everyone else is at their post. He walks slowly towards the chair and stands in front of it.

    "Are you sitting down?" Wheeljack asks.

    "No one is good enough to fill his shoes, let alone sit in his seat. I will stand. What are the stats on our levels?"

    "All levels are checked and we are on stand by," Gears replies.

    "Perceptor. Should we keep the same formation?"

    "Yes. There will be more ambushes. I would guess less than five but Shockwave has always been hard to read."

    Hot Rod rubs his chin. "Hm. How long does the ion trail last?"

    "It seems to go way past the last planet. We are only coming upon the astroid belt." Windcharger replies.

    "Chance of there being an ambush there?" Hot Rod asks.

    "93% chance. 1% chance of error." Perceptor replies.

    "Time the world sees that I play dirty. Nuke the belt."

    (End of Part 4)
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    Warning! I may kill your favorite characters in the most dynamic way. Enjoy!

    Part 5:

    The year was 2047. The great war of Autobots and Decepticons has ravaged the planet Earth beyond recognition. The Decepticons have issued a full scale retreat because the humans have allied themselves with the Autobots and started using banned weapons to stop the Decepticons in their march. The war is almost won. Megatron, realizing his loses issued a cease fire to the Autobots and secretly launched fifteen shuttles to an unknown destination while his enemies scrambled to intercept them.

    Part 5:

    "Feels odd to be in the debriefing room without Prime." Wheeljack says as he looks around. Hoist nods. Warpath grunts and Perceptor shows no emotion.

    Hot Rod walks into the room and takes a seat. He looks at a file that is already open.

    "So. The belt did contain a Decepticon welcome party. Did the nuke kill them all?"

    Warpath places a box on the table. The lid is sealed but energon is leaking onto the table.

    "Who is that one?"

    "This bad boy is Kickback. BAM! He barely escaped the blast but good ole Cliff got a shot to the head. KAPLOW!"

    "How many casulties are looking at on our end?"

    "After the nuke, we checked our bases near the belt. We lost Blurr at check point Alpha. They tapped our own base and set up a nasty ambush. BOOM! We fell back once we realized it. We sent the Dinobots in. It was nasty. Best crack team we could ever ask for. Killed some Decepticons that were not in our database."

    "Good job Warpath. Scan them in the system anyway. Might need that to track down what families were supporting the war."

    Hot Rod gathers his papers and begins to dismiss the officers. Everyone leaves but Wheeljack. "Yes Wheeljack?"

    "We got some Decepticon prisoners that do not have records." He hands Hot Rod a file. He skims through it.

    "Interesting. I want you to bring these four to me. I think I can win them over. Chain them up first and.. bring Hound here."

    Wheeljack leaves and a short while later Hound enters the room. "You called Sir?"

    "I have a plan to win over four Decepticons but I need your help."

    Hot Rod sits in the interrogation room when Hound brings in the four Decepticons. They appear to be beaten pretty bad. The names are Volt, Jolt, Electro and Sizzle. They are chained and tossed on the ground.

    Hot Rod looks amazed at the prisoners. He bends down and starts to untie Volt. "How dare you beat these prisoners! It is against everything we stand for!" He dismisses Hound and starts to untie the men with Grimlock and Slag looking on. "Ridiculous. Can't believe they would do this to you."

    "What are you talking about?" Jolt asks while coughing up Energon.

    "I told Hound I was going to give you the option to be a commander in my army or to go free and his men beat you out of jealousy. How ridiculous of him. Where is the medic?!"

    Ratchet runs into the room. He starts to exam the four bots.

    "But we are Decepticons!" Sizzle states.

    "All Cybertronians are my brothers in this world. Ratchet. Help them in every way. We shall talk when you are healed."

    The four bots look amazed and Ratchet, Grimlock and Slag help them to the medical bay.

    Hound walks back into the room after it is all done. "Did it work?"

    "Only time will tell. This stays between us. Understood."

    "Yes." Hound walks out of the room.

    While the four bots were healing, Hot Rod paid them a visit every third day to make sure they were healing fine. On the fifteenth day, they asked to join the Autobot ranks. Hot Rod gave them a set allowance and put them under Warpath's command in the vanguard.

    Hot Rod entered the command deck and Perceptor was smiling. Hot Rod looked and him and smirked. He stood in front of Optimus Prime's chair and folded his arms. "Location?"

    "We are getting past Jupiter. It looks like the ion trail is the same density. They are neither speeding up or slowing down. It is just an even pace."

    "Good. I want them to get to their location first so we can see what this is all about."

    On board Megatron's ship, he hears about the death of Kickback through Soundwave. He summons Shockwave to his study. Shockwave enters the room and looks at Megatron's trophies along the wall. Dozens of heads stare at him with the empty expression of death.

    "Don't you love the looks? Killed everyone of them with my bare hands. I saw the spark leave everyone of their eyes. Now. Explain to me why Prime's is not up here?"

    Shockwave did not answer. He walks closer to Megatron. Megatron raises his cannon and points it towards Shockwave.

    "I heard about Kickback's death. Explain yourself."

    "It was a calculated risk that was needed for the next step."

    "We lost a soldier that was needed to control the insecticon horde. What is this calculation?"

    "Kickback died in a nuclear attack. We have analyzed it and realized that they are using the exact same chemical make up for every nuclear weapon. This is to assume that they are all human designed. Those designs can be exploited. Also, it appears that only one ship is fully armed with the nuclear weapons. That can be exploited."


    "We blow up that ship and render the entire nuclear stockpile useless."

    (End part 5)