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Transformers Alterantors for Sale.

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Ladies Man 217, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. Ladies Man 217

    Ladies Man 217 Ladies Man 217

    Oct 20, 2008
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    I have to following Transformers Alternators for sale (prices below do not include shipping). Some are loose and some are in boxes, some are sealed and some are opened but never played with. Everyone is in good, clean, tight condition, smoke free home, all weapons and most instructions are included. Just email me with your questions and I'll get back to you ASAP. Make sure to include the Alts name and your zip code so I can send you pictures and a total price. If your interested in an Alternator you don't see it on the list just contact me and I'll see if I have it, thanks. :D 

    Jazz --$26.99

    Jazz in Box --$36.99

    Dead End --$22.99

    Dead End in Sealed Box --$31.99

    Smokescreen --$21.99

    Sunstreaker --$26.99

    Ricochet --$15.99

    Tracks --$21.99

    Side Swipe --$16.99

    Battle Ravage --$22.99

    Windcharger --$25.99

    Swindle --$21.99

    Hound --$26.99

    Rumble --$37.99 (missing stirring 1 stirring pin - not necessary, just moves wheels at same time, so take a$1.00 off the price) : )-

    Rumble in Box --$47.99

    Mirage in Box--$68.99

    Wheeljack --$47.99

    Prowl --$48.99

    Prowl in Box --$59.99

    Rollbar --$23.99

    Rollbar in Sealed Box --$32.99

    Skids --$18.99 (little tiny paint mark on roof, other than that he's in great shape, so take a $1.00 off the price) : )-

    Skids in Sealed Box --$28.99

    Swindle --$19.99

    Swindle in Box --$28.99

    Grimlock in Box --$42.99

    Rodimus in Sealed Box --$44.99

    Tracks in Box --$30.00

    Sweve (w/reprolabels) in Box --$104.99

    Smokescreen in Box --$27.99

    Jaguar Ravage in Sealed Box --$69.99

    Shockblast --$34.99

    Optimus --$26.99

    Optimus in Sealed Box --$36.99

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  2. glancer

    glancer Dinobot

    Aug 13, 2007
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    i like that picture. :)