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    It has been years since the "Great War" and the Autobots have claimed their victory over the Decepticons. While Cybertron has shaped up to look like its former self, the Autobots have also ventured towards other planets sending exploration crews throughout the galaxy. An exploration crew of Autobots finds an SOS signal and are ambushed by the Decepticons. The crew members are slaughtered and to make matters worse, are sucked into a warp.

    The Autobots awaken on a planet called Earth and learn that Decepticons have already blended into Earth's society during their slumber. The four remaining Autobots, Turbofire, Headlight, Bolter, and Circuit try desperately to fend off the Decepticons, but are no match. It is in their darkest hour that they find hope in the form of a mythical Autobot, Dunamis Prime.

    Dunamis Prime
    faction: Autobots
    function: guardian
    alt mode: police bus
    weapons: energon grenade launcher
    motto: Faith in even the smallest possibilities is the answer.
    bio: An ancient warrior from an unknown era, He is a Prime that has been laying dormant on Earth in case Decepticons invade the planet. With the Autobot survivors and Decepticons fighting on Earth, Dunamis Prime awakes from his slumber to guard the planet he has been sworn to protect.

    faction: Autobots
    function: combatant
    alt mode: SUV
    weapons: combat shields, assault blaster
    motto: Hit'em where it hurts!
    bio: If there is one thing that Headlight likes is being the center of attention. A prized fighter in Cybertron, he enlisted as an Autobot soldier after he retired. He has also taken a liking to Earth's action films and loves watching them in his spare time.

    faction: Autobots
    function: espionage
    alt mode: motorcycle
    weapons: stun whip, crossbow
    motto: Giving up is the last thing on my list.
    bio: A veteran survivalist, Bolter is considered a lucky charm of sorts for being the best escapist there is. Being a former secret agent for the Cybertron council, he has been in missions considered impossible, and loves to brag about those times.

    faction: Autobots
    function: weapons expert
    alt mode: tuner car
    weapons: drills, hand blasters
    motto: Nothing is worthless.
    bio: The youngest and brightest fits the description of Circuit. Back on Cybertron, Circuit was part of a think tank where she researched technologies both old and new. She prefers being at her lab doing maintenance and research or at junkyards looking for parts.


    faction: Decepticon
    function: leader
    alt mode: oil tanker
    weapons: scythe, shoulder cannons
    motto: Only fools dream of peace.
    bio: As the new champion of the new Decepticon army, Tyrantus was one step close to regaining Cybertron and redeeming the dishonored Decepticon name. Although he has been stranded on Earth, his ambition still remains and has set his focus on using Earth as a foundation for his return.

    faction: Decepticon
    function: aerial field leader
    alt mode: bomber jet
    weapons: arm blasters, grenade launchers on legs
    motto: One bot down, many more to go.
    bio: A loyal servant of to the Decepticon cause, Firewing has been Tyrantus' advisor ever since the Decepticons regrouped. He is cold and devious, and loves tormenting his foes. After a battle, he gazes at his trophies of his fallen enemies to constantly remind himself it's not enough.

    faction: Decepticons
    function: triple-changer cadet
    alt mode: jet, bullet train
    weapons: railgun, sonic scrambler, missile pod installed in legs
    motto: The next stop is your grave.
    bio: Hellsonic is a young recruit who is under the guidance of Firewing. Equipped with the latest triple changer technology, he is a force to be reckoned with specializing in wreaking havok. The only setback for this young con is not knowing when to stop.

    faction: Decepticon
    function: shock trooper
    alt mode: sports car
    weapons: shotgun, stun grenades
    motto: Outta my way!
    bio: A former racer, Speedfreak has been kicked out of the racing circuit for illegal enhancements and his maniacal attitude, and since joined the Decepticons just to get rid of his ex-sponsors. Despite his maniacal attitude, Tyrantus has taken him under his wing to keep the Autobots busy while he plans bigger things.

    faction: Decepticon
    function: tactician
    alt mode: tank
    weapons: cannon, missile pods, forearm gatlings
    motto: The art of neutralizing your enemy is a craft. Do it well.
    bio: Rockslide is the epitome of Brawns and Brains. Not only can he charge at 10 bots and pulverize them, but he also calculates what is efficient. Nothing pleases him than to see things get destroyed according to plan making him one con to look out for.
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    Looks good. Just make sure you explain how Megs changed.
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    Restarting story.
    Updated synopsis and characters.