Transformers: Age of Extinction prequel

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    After the Battle of Chicago, the autobots return to the NEST base where they celebrate the victory but also grieve for the loss of many civilians and Que/Wheeljack. Ratchet repairs Optimus' arm when Lennox tells them that they have to leave earth after they help clean up Chicago, they all accept.

    A week later, most of the autobots are cleaning up Chicago but at the NEST base, Optimus is rounding up every autobot on earth and broadcasting his coordinates so they can all leave in peace. Suddenly unknown trucks flood the base. Lennox stands infront of the first truck, the truck stops. Attinger gets out and gives the NEST soldiers a choice, "join us, or die with them".
    Lennox asks for more information "who the hell are you, the autobots are our responsability not yours".
    "we are cemetery wind, we are getting rid of the remaining alien scum on the planet, so I'll ask you one more time, join us or die Lennox".
    Optimus tries to reason with Attinger "we are leaving in peace, we will never return" but before Attinger could speak, a missile rips the roof of the base apart and hits Optimus in the chest, making him fall on the floor. The other autobots at the base, Topspin, Roadbuster, Bumblebee and Sideswipe, all get their weapons out and surround Optimus like a shield. Attinger requests an answer from Lennox, he replies "go to hell!" and pull out a pistol.
    Attinger replies "So be it traitor"
    Another missile hits the base but this time it hit the NEST vehicles. A battle commences. Lennox gets shot in the knee and Attinger finishes him off with a knife to the chest. The autobots are finding it hard to defend Optimus and start to die, realising they are about to die, Topspin and Roadbuster start killing cemetery wind soldiers. Optimus sends a message to other remaining autobots "we are under attack! Go into hiding and approach no one!". Through the flames at the gates of the NEST base, a figure walks towards the autobots. The cemetery wind soldiers stop shooting, so do the autobots. A gun transforms out of their face and shoots Roadbuster, killing him. Topspin is angered and shoots the figure but instead gets his head removed by an RPG shot by a cemetery wind soldier. Optimus tells Bumblebee and Sideswipe that he will cover them while they escape. They say their fair wells and Optimus stands up. "who are you?
    "All of you autobots and decepticons fighting over a planet thinking the universe is in the balance if you don't have it, pathetic! There are beings higher than you and there always will be."
    "Hello again Prime, now come with me or more will die!"
    Bumblebee and Sideswipe escape the base and Optimus throws Lockdown into some rubble and transforms to escape but cemetery wind are hot on his tail.

    While driving, Sideswipe tells Bumblebee to carry on and try to find other autobots and lead them to safety. Sideswipe returns to Optimus' aid and shoots at the cemetery wind vehicles and keeps them occupied while Optimus escapes. Lockdown drives into Sideswipe, transforming and ripping off his blades. Defenseless, Sideswipe accepts his fate and laughs at Lockdown and says "you may have killed me, but you will never catch Optimus Prime". Enraged, lockdown rips Sideswipes spark out, killing him.

    1 year later, cemetery wind receive an energon reading from an abandoned theme park in Poland. They silently breach it, Hoping that it's Optimus Prime. Through infrared they find out it's a red farrari hiding inside a tunnel. Cemetery wind chase Dino out of the tunnel and in the open, from a distance, Lockdown shoots Dino and tearing off an arm and a leg. While on the ground and unable to move, Lockdown arrives and slowly tortures him, dismantling him alive. Lockdown tries to bargain with him "I will fix you if you just tell me where is Optimus Prime"
    Dino quietly replies "I am already dead, their is nothing to fix, so what is the point?"
    "know this autobot, you see my face, YOU ARE DONE!"
    "that is why I will never tell you"
    With just his torso and head remaining, Lockdown crushes Dino's head.
    "I will find him and he will be mine!" Lockdown says possessively while taking Dino's spark from his chest.

    Meanwhile in Ohio, Bumblebee, Crosshairs and Hound are battling a decepticon. That decepticon is Drift. Drift is in his helicopter mode but hound grounds him with his ammo belt and Drift surrenders to the autobots. Crosshairs says to Drift "We are all being hunted!, do you really want to die? Especially without honor"
    Drift is surprised "without honor? How dare you! Their were 3 of you and 1 of me"
    Crosshairs regrets what he said and replies with "the point I'm trying to make is, what's the point in fighting if we are all being hunted by the damn humans"
    Bumblebee buts in and says "we should all band together, not kill each other"
    Crosshairs greatfully replies "exactly"
    "so join the autobots" bumblebee persuasively says
    "wait WHAT!? No, no, no, no, the samurai is NOT joining us!" Shouts Crosshairs
    Hound pins Crosshairs against the rock and grits "youre not the boss, Bumblebee is, so get used to it"
    Drift accepts and joins the autobot cause.

    The End

    Thank you for reading, this is my first so try not to be to too harsh
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    Beautiful. Absolutely. Sideswipe and Dino get closure as do the other two Wreckers, we see how Optimus was stuck with a missile in his spark. It's all fluent and even Drift gets a spotlight. Please sir, direct Transformers 5.