Transformers: A New Beginning (Pilot)

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    This is an idea I've been kicking around for awhile for a War Within-style show. I wrote it in script style, so it would show the kind of camera effects and dialog I'd want in it. It’s a little long, but give it a read and let me know what you think!

    Transformers: A New Beginning

    - The camera floats out in space, panning to slowly to the right, showing various types of stars and other cosmic phenomenon.

    *Transformers theme music starts in the background, very softly and with a slow tempo.

    Narrator: On the far off planet of Cybertron, there is life, totally unlike our own. They live, work, love, and explore, just like us, but they are beings with extraordinary gifts. They are living robots with the ability to change their shape to hide their identities, robots in disguise if you will. But, joy has long left this once peaceful planet, for a civil war has torn the planet to ruin. Two factions, the Autobots, lead by the great Optimus Prime, and the Decepticons, lead by the evil Megatron, fight to control what each feels is rightfully theirs. The war went on for generations, until one day evil, true evil, revealed itself. Its name was Unicron.

    *Show black and white still shots from Transformers: The Movie

    Narrator: The two groups were forced to put aside their differences and join forces to battle the great planet. In the end, they were victorious, but something still lingered, something still existed. The newly christened leader of the Autobots, Rodimus Prime, made it a priority to have his top scientists discover how Unicon’s evil could still exist after his destruction.

    *Show black and white still shots of Optimus’s death and Hot Rod becoming Rodimus

    Narrator: The great Autobot scientist, Perceptor, worked for many years on the issue, leading expeditions into the remnants of Unicron himself. Finally, he found an answer. The great evil that is Unicron, does not only exist within our universe, but as a whole over many universes. If he is to truly be eradicated, each part of him must be destroyed. To prepare for the day that this evil could be eliminated, Perceptor created a dimensional portal generator that could locate in Unicron’s life force. Problem was, the dark life force would only resonate when another piece was damaged or destroyed.

    * Show 3D image of a Stargate-like portal unit

    Narrator: Rodimus had the generator placed deep into the bowels of Cybertron for safe keeping. So that one day it could be used to stop Unicron once and for all.

    *Cut to clip of Unicron exploding in Transformers: Energon

    - In a dark, dusty room, a single light begins to blink. It begins flashing faster and faster until there is a single brilliant flash of light. Cut to Perceptor running up a great flight of stares into a kind of throne room.

    Perceptor: Rodimus! Its happened!

    - A shocked yet determined look moves over the young leader’s face. The camera pans over to Kup, who’s leaning against the wall.

    Kup: So after all these years, that hunk of junk’s actually work’en huh?

    - Cut back out to the camera in space.

    Narrator: The device worked indeed. The Autobots found three separate universes all existing at the same time. All with the same conflict, and all with the same looming evil of Unicron. A plan was devised. Partnerships were renewed. Alliances were forged. Differences were put aside to fight for the common good. And finally, they struck.

    - Camera continues panning right, as bits and pieces of the smashed body of Robots in Disguise Landfill float around. There is a huge explosion and the camera suddenly cuts straight down to a gigantic battle field. Thousands of bots, fly around the immense Unicron (his body looks very much like that of Neocron). Large chunks of what was the planet Earth are picked out of space by the great bot and hurled at large groups of Transformers. There is a giant vortex in the distance, you can see what appears to be another section of space through the vortex, apparently a gateway to another dimension that more and more Transformers continue to fly out of. We see Generation One Cyclonus and Cybertron Starscream fly past the screen as the camera zooms in at the center of the battle ground.

    * Extremely deep, dramatic version of the Transformers theme plays

    - Camera pulls in to reveal Rodimus Prime, Omega Prime, Optimus Prime Powerlinked to WingSaber, and Sonic Prime all standing together.

    *Battle noises are coming from all directions

    Omega: We can’t keep the quantum bubble open much longer. The four universes are starting to de-merge!

    Rodimus: This is our only chance, if we fail, we’ll never get this opportunity again!

    Sonic: We just have to hope that the Decepticon leaders can do what they’re supposed to!

    - The camera suddenly pulls back, and zooms in on Unicron’s face, where we find versions of Galvatron from all four universes dodging blasts from Unicron’s eyes.

    Energon: Remind me why we’re doing this again!

    Gen One: Shut up fool! I despise the idea of assisting the Autobots as much as the rest of you. But remember, there will be nothing left to rule if all is destroyed!

    Cybertron: The eye, the damned car-semi said to go through the eye!

    - The four bots fly as fast as they can towards Unicron’s left eye, firing all their weapons in a huge volley. Unicron lets out a massive howl as his eye shatters and the four fly inside of him. They begin flying down, dodging traps and shooting tendrils in their way. They finally enter a large cavernous opening, where a giant cog is connected to gears going all throughout Unicron’s body.

    RID: We have to use all of our strength to move that cog, its our only hope!

    - The four Decepticon leaders begin pushing as hard as they can on the cog. The camera cuts back to the outside where things are looking very grim. Bodies float along aimlessly, while the cries of the damage and dying can be heard in the distance.

    Unicron: Fools! I am forever! You will not defeat me! I….I…

    - As the mighty giant’s words began to stumble, his chest began to open up, revealing a giant buster cannon within.

    Wing Prime: They did it! The Galvatrons did it!

    Omega: If this works, do we know what the outcome will be?!

    Rodimus: As long as Unicron is destroyed, that’s all that matters!

    Sonic: Then lets do this!

    - The four Autobots flew towards the giant weapon sticking out of Unicron’s chest. When they were within mere kilometers from the massive weapon, they all stopped. Wing Prime directed himself towards Unicron and Rodimus, Omega Prime, and Sonic Prime all stood in a circle around Wing Prime facing him. Wing Prime lifts up the his version of the Autobot Matrix as his chest opens to reveal the Spark of Combination.

    Wing Prime: Let the Spark of Combination coalesce our strength!

    - The Rodimus lifts up his version of the Matrix as Sonic and Omega’s chests begin to open up.

    * Dramatic, quick paced music plays

    - Rodimus and Wing Prime begin to pull open their Matrixes, as the chests of Sonic and Omega Prime begin to glow.

    Unicron: I am darkness made real! I will not die by the likes of you!

    - Unicron’s mighty cannon begins to glow. Electricity sparks all around Unicron. The four Matrixes glow brighter and brighter. In a flash, three powerful beams of energy fire out of Rodimus, Sonic and Omega’s Matrixes, connecting them to Wing Prime. All four are engulfed in brilliant light as the Spark of Combination lights up.

    Rodimus: (Shouting over the roar of the buster cannon and the Matrixes) You always said that one day we all would be one Optimus! Let this be that day!

    - The camera pans back a little to an over head shot of the four Primes. The buster cannon is seconds away from being fully charged.


    - There is a huge simultaneous pulse from the three Matrixes into Wing Prime. His head shoots back, and a giant energy beam blasts from the Spark of Combination. The powerful beam disappears into Unicron’s chest for a moment, and then as the camera pans out, his entire back blows out in a huge explosion.

    Unicron (Screaming in pain) THIS CANNOT BE! I AM A GOD!

    - A flames begin to shoot out of Unicron’s eyes and mouth as the Primes keep their energy beam focused on him. Everything begins to shake, and lose focus. Unicron starts breaking apart as the massive vortex that the bots entered through begins to overtake everything, distorting space.

    Unicron: NOOOOOOOoooo…..!(Head explodes)

    - A shockwave of unlimited power is released from Unicron’s body. As everything begins to move in slow motion, the camera zooms in to Rodimus’s right eye. We can hear him talking in his head as we see the reflection of the great shockwave heading for him.

    Rodimus: (Thinking to himself) We did it Optimus…we did it.

    - Right as Rodimus finishes his thought, we see the shockwave hit him from the reflection in his eye. There is a great flash of light and the entire screen goes white. Various clips from all Transformers series begin flashing, including Armada and Beast Wars. The clips increase in speed until they blur the screen out to black.

    *New, techno version of the Transformers Theme begins to play.

    - The camera pulls back to show the blackness was from a star’s light being blocked by a planet. Theme music continues as the camera flies toward the surface of the planet, revealing it to be Cybertron. Massive buildings and various Transformers fly about. The camera gets closer and closer to a huge tower in the distance. There is a giant Autobot symbol on the tower and the camera zooms up towards the top where there is a balcony out overlooking the buildings below. A lone bot stands on the balcony, and the camera zooms right up the his back. The caped figure turns around, and is a new version of Rodimus Prime. With a body much closer in style to War Within Optimus, the camera slows down and pans right up to his face. He makes a little smirk with one side of his mouth, and winks.

    - Cut to black with the words: TO BE CONTINUED in white lettering.

    - Run credits as the new theme music finishes.