Transformers 2007 – The Bounty Hunter Chronicles

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    Transformers 2007 – The Bounty Hunter Chronicles

    By: Matthew D. Armstrong

    Chapter One

    It is the year 2007 and the second golden age of Cybertron is among us. With the opening of the plasma energy chamber by Galvatron set in motion a civil war for control of the decpticons. Half of the decpticons have fallen in behind the mighty Scoponok surprisingly even Cyclouns, the ever loyal, lieutenant of Galvatron along with the rest of the targetmasters and headmasters. The rest of the decpticons have fallen in behind the ever-growing madness of Galvatron. For the autobots they have redeployed their forces with the bulk of their army remaining on Cybertron even though Cybertron remains in Earths orbit they have sent a sizeable defense force back to the Earth’s surface to man Metroplex and they sent the headmasters and targetmasters back to Nebulous to defeat the hives machines and protect that planets natural resources from the decpticons.

    A new autobot high council has been set up with Skids, Preceptor, Hound, Goldbug and Jazz, with Optimus Prime as the head of the council and with the return of the golden age and reactivation of vector sigma the matrix of leadership has been refilled with the wisdom of the ages. Prime has put a issue before the council to seek out and capture any and all decpticons to answer for war crimes against Cybertron, Earth, Paradon and all other worlds and races they have brought destruction too as well as the few rouge decpticons that are still dwelling in deepest depths of Cybertron. Prime wants the decpticons to stand trial and if convicted have their personality components removed placed in the detention banks and their bodies destroyed. For this he has suggested Defcon the accomplished bounty hunter and the very unbalanced Ricochet with his targetmaster partner Nightstick.

    The high council has had a great debate on this matter because of Skids and Preceptors opinions of leaving well enough alone and to allow all beings to remain free. However Jazz, Hound and Goldbug who have been fighting the decpticons the longest, besides Prime, on the council wants as Jazz puts it “All the Decptigoons out of commission.” The issue was put to a vote and carried with a 4-2 decision. So Defcon and Ricochet were canned into the council chambers and were given the option to undertake this great daunting task. Defcon who firmly believes all decepticons must be brought to justice no matter what the cost was in from the word go as well as Ricochet who just wants to blaze into battle again and destroy any decpticon. So the hunt begins and while the depticons fight amongst themselves for control of the depticon army they have become marked mechs.

    As Defcon and Ricochet headed out toward their ship to begin their journey Optimus reflected privately that with some good luck and Primus smiling down on the autobots the great war will finally come to an end with closure, the closure of the decpticons being imprisoned and the threat of another decpticon uprising will be crushed forever.

    Now Defcon and Ricochet could barely stand each other because of their differing styles. Defcon believed in honorable battle where Ricochet would be happy if he blasted you in the back then shackled you in energon chains. But they have put their differences aside for the sake of the mission but deep down Defcon knew they would have personality clashes as this long mission was carried out. With Defcon and Ricochet aboard their ship aptly named “The Bounty” they headed for deep space to hunt the decpticons down one by one. The Bounty was equipped with 10 cells with energon bars and stasis chambers in each so every measure of security was to be taken. Once a decpticon was taken into captivity he was to be placed in stasis lock and placed in a stasis chamber behind the enregon bars of the cell for double security for their trip back to Cybertron to stand trial.

    Chapter Two

    As The Bounty speeds in space at transwarp velocity a message starts to come in. Ricochet answers “ This is the autobot ship The Bounty identify yourself.” The response was “Ricochet its Prime our latest intel states that there are two decpticons in your current quadrant gathering energon for Galvatron on the planet Nexus. We received a distress call from the Prime Minister of the planet requesting assistance. I am sending coordinates now with known specs on the two mechs. Prime Out.” As Ricochet reads over the intel he pops his head up and turns to Defcon “Looks like we get to slag two of Galvy’s big fish Astrotrain and Blitzwing.” Defcon looks at Ricochet for a moment then looks down at his control panel then says “Those two b**t**d creations of Shockwaves razed the city I lived in destroyed my home and killed four of my friends.” Ricochet responds “ Then I guess we can dispatch them with extreme prejudice.” “No Ricochet, Defcon responds, Prime wants them functioning to stand trial as much as I would like to rip their heads off of their bodies I have to follow the directives sent down from the High Council and Prime himself.” Ricochet nods begrudgingly in agreement and tells Defcon “Drop out of transwarp the planet is coming up, lets land on the planets moon so we can sneak up on those slaggin cons.” Defcon agrees and they pilot The Bounty to the moon and touch down safely.

    As Defcon and Ricochet step out of The Bounty they are armed to the teeth, a two-mech army so to speak. Defcon has two null ray cannons one on top of each forearm, a shoulder mounted concussion rocket launcher, the blast from one of those rockets will send ant mech into stasis lock since the energy from the blast will disrupt not only your audio and visual receptors it also disrupts the flow of energon to and from a mechs spark chamber, on each of his wing tips he has a plasma cannon and he also has 6 ports 3 on each wing that fires acid projectiles that will eat even the toughest mechs outer metal.

    All of these weapons are available in both his robot form and his alternate mode a space cruiser. Ricochet has a photon gun that will blind any mech for 5 minutes, a shoulder
    mounted concussion rocket launcher and his targetmaster partner Nightstick transforms
    into a very powerful plasma cannon. Defcon transforms into his space cruiser mode and Ricochet climbs on top to begin their descent to the planet Nexus’s surface on the hunt for some con’s.

    On the surface Blitzwing starts barking orders at the flesh creatures that inhabit this planet to load the energon cubes faster into Astrotrain’s cargo hold. Astotrain says to Blitzwing “Calm down these puny flesh creatures are moving as fast as they can and its not like we are in any rush there aren’t any autobots within four quadrants of here. Even if these fleshlings leader got out a distress call it would be hours before any autobots arrive.” Blitz wing barks at Astrotrain “I want to get off this miserable rock and get this energon back to Charr so Galvatron can start planning his attack against those slagging traitors. Besides if we don’t keep to Galvatron’s schedule he will scrap both of us.” “You’re right,” replied Astrotrain “Speed it up you worms work faster.”

    Unknown to Blitzwing and Astrotrain Defcon and Ricochet have been watching this all transpire from a rock formation large enough to provide them cover. Defcon looks over at Ricochet and asks “Are you ready?” and Ricochet nods in agreement. “Remember Ricochet still functioning they aren’t any good to us dead.” As Defcon steps from the rock formation to the right and Ricochet to the right, Ricochet bellows, “Guess whose about to get slaged.” At that moment Blitzwing looks up and sees the autobots “Astrotrain we have company it’s the autobots.” “Autobots how did they get here?” “I don’t know Astrotrain would you like to walk up and ask lets get outtaa heemph.” That was the precise moment Defcon hit Blitz wing with four straight blasts from his null ray cannons which disrupted his energon flow and followed those null ray blasts with another four straight blasts from his plasma cannons. Then Ricochet fires a concussion missile that hits Astrotrain head on not only does it send him into stasis lock but it detonates the energon cubes inside his cargo hold blowing the top off his space shuttle mode and exposing his inner circuitry. As Defcon and Ricochet walk up on the two disabled cons they kick each one to make sure they are in stasis. They then proceeded to place energon chains on them so escape is not an option. “Ricochet you stay here and guard these mechs I will go to the planets moon and bring The Bounty here.” Ricochet responds, “I don’t think they are going anywhere.”

    Once Defcon returned to Nexus’s surface with The Bounty they proceeded to move the deactivated mechs into the ship and placed them into the stasis chambers located in each cell and then activated the energon cell bars. Defcon then sent out a signal to Cybertron for a communication request with Optimus Prime.

    Chapter Three

    Back on Cybertron Prime and Elita one are sitting on a balcony admiring the sunset. Elita says to Prime “ I am glad Cybertron orbits the Earth now these sunsets I have never seen anything like them I could watch them every night especially with you Prime.” Prime remained silent and Elita Chimes in again “What’s on your mind big bot?” Prime looks at her and says “ This mission I pushed through the council sending Defcon and Ricochet out to bring the cons to justice I don’t know if it was the right decision or not.” “Why do you think it might be wrong Prime those decpticons need to pay for the terrible things that they have done.” “I know Elita but I worry that this may incense Galvatron enough to form an alliance with Scorponok and launch an all out assault on Earth and Cybertron.” Just at that moment Goldbug crashes through the door “Prime, Prime we have received word from The Bounty they are requesting communication on frequency alpha echo!” “Patch them through to the monitor inside Goldbug.” “This is Prime go ahead Bounty.” “Prime its Defcon first mission was a success we have Astrotrain and Blitzwing in custody and we await your decision do you want us to continue or bring these two back to Cybertron first?” Prime responds, “What is their current condition?” “Well, Ricochet responds, Blitzwing is intact and in stasis lock Astrotrain on the other hand is kinda just hanging on and in stasis lock.” “What Happened?” asked Prime? “Well, Ricochet responds, one of my concussion missiles hit the mark to well and detonated the energon cubes in Astrotrain’s cargo hold it pretty much blew his back off he has parts and wires hanging everywhere.” Prime responds in a disappointed tone “Bring these two back we can’t have Astrotrain dead before he gets a chance for a fair trial.” “Roger that we will be back in four hours Bounty Out.” Ricochet looks over at Defcon and says “Engage transwarp drive were on a deadline now, oh no pun intended.” Defcon just looks back and shakes his head yes it is going to a long mission he thinks to himself. The Bounty’s transwarp engines kick in and they are off to Cybertron with their cargo of decpticons.

    Meanwhile back on Charr Galvatron is on a rampage “Soundwave where are those incompetent fools with my energon!” Soundwave responds “Location unknown, we have not had any contact with them for hours.” Galvatron is fuming mad “If those idiots have failed me I will personally deactivate both of them arghhhhhhh.” He then fires a blast that strikes Runabout in the chest and sends him flying through the air into the interior wall of the communications room inside Trypticon. “Soundwave, Galvatron barks, send the Preadacons to track them from their last position and have them report the minute the find anything out! I will be in my throne room!” “Soundwave to Razorclaw Galvatron orders you to track Astrotrain and Blitzwing last know position was on the planet Nexus harvesting energon.” “This is Razorclaw we are on our way.” The preadacons take off from Charr to make their journey to Nexus to find the triplechangers.

    Chapter Four

    “This is The Bounty calling Cybertronian air defense for permission to land, do you copy?” asked Defcon. “Yes Bounty we copy we have a security force awaiting your arrival on landing platform six do you copy that?” asked Cliffjumper. Defcon replied, “Yes we copy landing platform six Bounty out.” Red Alert with Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Mirage, Sandstorm and Springer all falling in behind him leads the security force. As The Bounty landed and the airlocks opened and the boarding ramp was extended Defcon and Ricochet greeted the security force and led them to the detention cells and the stasis pods where the captured decpticons lay dormant. Red alert checked to see if they were still functioning and saw that they still had life signs even though Astrotrain’s were fading. Red alert looked at the security force and said “Lets get these two to repair bays, man I cant believe I am saying this about decpticons.” Red Alert then turned to Defcon and Ricochet and said “Prime and the council would like to see you two ASAP in the council chambers.” Ricochet asked “What about?” Red Alert replied “For a complete briefing on your mission.” Ricochet then looked over at Defcon and said “Well his highness beckons I guess we should run right over there and give him the low down.” Again Defcon just looked at Ricochet and shook his head wondering to himself if Ricochet was ever going to have any respect for the chain of command.

    As the preadacons approached Nexus Razorclaw the leader of the predacons called for all five of them to merge and form Preadaking. Preadaking then landed on the planets surface in the capitol city and started blasting away at all the buildings. “Preadaking want to talk to leader or Preadaking destroy all fleshlings in this city. The prime minister of Nexus appeared and asked, “What do you want we don’t want anymore trouble or fighting on our world.” Preadaking asked, “What fighting on this world?” The fighting between the autobots and decpticons we don’t want any part of your war.” “Autobots were here?” asked Preadaking. “Yes, the prime minister replied, they snuck up on the two decpticons that were here holding us as slaves making us load something they called energon.” “What happened to them?” Preadaking asked. “The autobots beat them up pretty bad and took the two decpticons with them in their ship.” Preadking then looked around and took off back towards space to try to track the autobots residual energon trail. Once Preadaking broke free of the planets atmosphere Razorclaw ordered the predacons to disengage from their combined form. Razorclaw the started to bark orders “Divebomb and Tantrum scan for autobot energon trails and project their course. Divebomb responded, “Stinking autobot energon its so clean it makes me sick.” “Quit complaing and just scan!” barked Razorclaw. “I have it, Divebomb said, autobot energon trail leads to coordinates 15-27 mark 4 that’s where it ends that’s where they had to make their transwarp jump and those coordinates lead to the Terran system so the autobots took Astrotrain and Blitzwing either to Earth or Cybertron.” “That’s not gonna make Galvatron happy.” Razorclaw replied. “Razorclaw calling Charr do you read?” “Yes I

    read you.” replied Soundwave. “Looks like Astortrain and Blitzwing were jumped by
    some autobots and were taken aboard their ship and their energon signature trails lead to the Terran system so either Earth or Cybertron.” Replied Razorclaw. “I will inform Galvatron and return to base Soundwave out.”

    As Soundwave walked towards Galvatron’s throne room inside of Trypticon to tell him the news. “ What!!!!!” Galvatron screamed, “How dare the autobots interfere with decpticon business.” “Soundwave dispatch Lazerbeak and Rat Bat to find out where my energon is!!” “Lazerbeak, Rat Bat prepare for flight operation intelligence gathering.” As Soundwaves cassette door opens and Lazerbeak and Rat Bat took off out of Trypticon to make their journey to the Terran system Galvatron seethed in anger wanting nothing but revenge on the autobots for this disruption in his scheme to defeat Scorponok and regain total control of the decpticons.

    more to come...............

    What do you think so far????
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