Transformers #0 Reviews

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    Finally picked this issue up... better late than never.

    It's a good start. I can understand IDW/Furman, et. al. wanting to go a different direction from Marvel and Dreamwave. It works, in my opinion. A mystery has been set up, to which I hope there is an intriguing answer. Why the infiltration, and why earth?

    I enjoyed the mystery that had been set up in Dreamwave's comics, but we never got the answers to that one. Hopefully this one plays out.

    It's odd seeing new human characters, but it's good. It helps break this continuity away from the others, and is necessary in my opinion.

    Art was good. I'd been expecting it to be rather ho hum, but it's not half bad. I don't put it up there with Don Figeroa's art (which I really really like), but that may not be fair having seen so little of it so far.

    Looking forward to Beast Wars and the ongoing series in January! I hope it lasts longer than Dreamwave's run!