Transformer origins?

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    Cheer people. It's nice to see I'm not the only one who thinks so.
    Someone's made an unofficial game of such a concept.

    It's comforting to know someone thought it's a good idea to work on such an idea :) 
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    Long ago, there was the AllSpark, nobody knows where it came from and it would be too confusing to explain. The AllSpark created a mechanical planet called "Cybertron", and created 15 beings; The gigantic Primus and Unicron, and 13 smaller transforming robots. Unicron became evil andtried to kill the 13, but Primus sacrificed himself by merging his spark with Cybertron, and creating the Matrix of Leadership, which he gave to Prima, who used it to defeat Unicron. One day, Unicron, through unknown ways, corrupted the spark of Megatronus Prime, who killed hundreds of Cybertronians and attemted to rule Cybertron. He was defeated by Prima and from then on was known as "The Fallen". But The Fallen's followers kept on fighting for his cause and became the DECEPTICONS. Since then, the Matrix has been passed down through the generations, to those worthy of being leader of the Autobots.