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    Sorry, I know this doesn't belong here, I just don't know where to put it! Okay here it is. Put down your fan character, using your faction from my who do you side with REDONE thread. Here is mine, also put down a little short story.

    Stats are in the about me page on your profile
    During the great war on Cyebrtron, Megatron has hired a strike team of a force known as TairyouNoHakai. The members are Soundpulse, the Destroyer, RapidBlast, his second-in-command of Tairyou and the Infiltrator, Tankshot, the Titan, and last but not least, Zexon, their scientist. All very smart and skilled, they strike when the Autobots were least expecting it, and without mercy. The Autobots lost about 15 Energon Transports in 1 decacycle. Optimus knew something had to be done, or the Ark would NEVER fly. [Insert Fall of Cybertron game here] They were fighting off Autobot troops on the Ark, before the Space Bridge malfunctioned, and scattered some outside troops, sending the Ark and the Nemesis to reaches unknown.

    Later: Soundpulse and his allies have arrived in an unknown location, as he is told by legend, called The Hub. There he meets the Liege Maximo, who makes a deal with him, to bring anything, and everything good, to an end, once and for all....
    I will write a fan fiction about what happens after this, now, who is your character?

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    Teams names and Alt.modes

    -)Black Ferrai w/ Lighting blue decal

    -)Black and red F-35
    -)2nd in Command

    -)SilveradoTruck Green and gray with purple lines
    -)Weapons Expert

    -)Reaper UVA and TFA Motorcycle

    -)Blue and Red Navy Medical Helicopter

    -)White and Green Chevrolet HHR
    -)Communications Officer

    -)Yellow and Orange TowTruck
    -) Engineer/Inventor
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    Faction: Stampede's Mercenaries
    Function: Mercenary Commander
    Vehicle: None

    This character is the intellectual property of IH1706, Transformers belongs to Hasbro. :) 
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    Rank: 4
    Faction: Decepticon
    Function: Scout

    Bio: Before the war, Speedmetal was a racer, zooming at astonishing speeds down Cybertron's fabled race-tracks, and proving himself a worthy speed demon despite his small size. When war broke out, Speedmetal was drawn into the Decepticons by the charismatic speechs and ambitions of Lord Megatron, and put his speed to good use in serving his new leader.

    Personality: Speedmetal is egotistical and self-obsessed, constanty boasting of himself and his talents, excluding his fanatical praise and loyalty toward Lord Megatron. His love of being incredibly fast certainly fuels his ego, making him rather frustrating to be around. Nevertheless, Speedmetal is a rarity in that he will bravely put his life at risk to assist or save a fellow Decepticon, a loyal nature uncommon in the ranks. He prefers to team up with big and strong Decepticons in order to ally his speed with their brute force.

    Weaponry: Speedmetal obviously relies on his sheer speed to weaken, frustrate and down foes, but he can deploy a spiked mace to deliver crippling blows, as well utilising small machine guns to pressure a fire with rapid fire. In an desperate situation, he can activate a velocity generator that increases his speed to the point that time seems to stand still around him. However, employing his generator severely drains his Energon supply, rendering him weak and vulnerable after using it.

    (Speedmetal belongs to Meta, but Transformers belongs to Hasbro :D )
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    Oh man where to start. :lol 

    Okay, so here are the good guys:

    • Naito
    • Velocity
    • Echo
    • Sonicblaze
    • Beltline
    • Beaker
    • Mimic
    • Blade Runner
    • Trace
    • Salvus


    • Torque
    • Torsion
    • Procax
    • Vapor
    • Surge
    • Mechnix
    • Snipe
    • Jabber
    • Infernus
    • Mirror Blade

    Way too many to put bios, abilities, etc. Even have artwork for some if anybody is interested. :) 

    Edit: Forgot Baddie: Delta
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    Here's a few I made up when thinking of a sub group Rung would be a part of

    Psych Bots: Rung, Rimball and Rax

    Rimball: Autobot Anthropologist

    Bored of Cybertrons same old landscapes, Rimball jumped immediately at the oppurtunity to go to earth, Not much of a fighter, Rimball enjoys studying the different cultures on the planet and comparing them to Cybertrons. Skilled with almolst all of earths languages, Rimball has become an asset on teaching the other autobots all they need to know about earth. Transforming into a winnebago, Rimball travels the world always looking for another culture for him to learn more about. However he Is often chased by law enforcement at times when trying to cross borders illegally.

    Rax: Autobot Sociologist

    Rax wants nothing more than peace between autobots and decepticons. Studies the differences between the two factions and believes that peace can be made. A professional scout. When stealthly spying on decepticons, he monitors their conversations and compares them with the autobots in secret. he will sometimes keep decepticon secrets to himself in order to ensure the possibilty of peace. After realizing Decepticons thought not too differently from the autobots, Rax concluded that peace was not only possible, but probable. Spending most of his time calculating possibilities of peace in his "Super computer" alt mode, he managed to find a single possible situation after 65 billion years. Now on earth, he spends most of his time in his super computer mode, no other autobot knows what he is calculating, not even his fellow Psych bots Rung or Rimball know what is going on in his harddrive, but Rax believes that he will be able to end the war once and for all... as soon as he has come up with a few more possible solutions... and finds a way to change back to robot form.
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    Formerly a historian for the Decepticons, Shatterpoint became enraged by the constant destruction of his homeworld and left it behind when it finally died. He eventually ran into the Star Seekers and joined them.

    He's currently the captain his own ship, the Orcanoch and has been exploring the vast regions of space.
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    These are my fanfiction characters that I use for
    Saber Silver Widow
    Age: Varies
    Race: Cybertronian
    Faction: Autobot and Maximal
    Function: Scout, Spy and Assasin and Medic
    Summary: Daughter of Cheetor and Crystal Widow. Can manipulate energon and dark energon with her mind. She can see things before they happen. She can also heal and damage using energon. Can move at the speed of light. She has a brother named Ancoronyx and a sister named panther who has the strange ability to change gender.

    The following are Autobot/Maximal OC

    Caliburne Prime: Ancient dragon autobt. Escalibure is beleived to of been forged from him. His modes are a dragon, a hovercraft, a jet, and a car. Picture RID Megatron but colored red and gold and different features.

    Valkyrie: An ancient Autobot femme with three modes. A deer/sheep t2 fuzor with horns, robot mode and a motorcycle mode. Valkyrie is also part Vok giving her many mystical abilities. She's also a very good flute player.

    Bast: Techno organic black panther femme. Once worshiped as a goddess

    Kami: Techno organic wolf femme with a werewolf like battle mode

    The following are Decepticon OC's

    Mordredtron AKA Orochi: Caliburne's eternal rival and brother. This con can transform into a white snake like dragon with eight tails. He was the body guard and student of the Fallen centuries ago

    Morag: Mordredtron's sparkmake. A transmetal 2 Raven. The fallen's daughter.

    Sulfure: Kami's twin brother and has the same modes as his sister. He is said to of been the physical manifestation of Fenris by the ancient nords

    Kitsune: Kitsune is a mysterious Cybertronian who can switch genders and may be a creation of the Shinto gods. Kitsune's alt mode is a techno organic fox with nine tails. His/her tech specs are ranked at 9 for everything. Kitsune has a variety of mysterious powers and isn't trusted by either side due to the fact she/he will often interfere with each sides plans for the greater good as part of Primus's plan.
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Let me know how these work out for you please
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    Sonic Boom

    Faction: Mini-cons
    Function: Pilot
    Alt mode: Cybertronian Jet
    Bio: During the war between the Autobots and Decepticons, some Mini-cons joined the conflict, one of them being Sonic Boom. Sonic Boom, an expert pilot, transports Autobots to battle zones with his ship, the Space Destroyer. He also likes bombarding huge groups of Decepticons.