TransForm Mission - M05 - Revolt (Havoc Combiner Team)

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    Good mornin', everybody.^^ Today we'll look at my favorite (carwise) from the TransForm Mission Havoc Team; Revolt. He wears the art.-no. M05, so I suppose he´s the proposed last to come, but not the least to come. I mixed up the whole set, started the with my absolute No.1, Powertrain, so here finally is IDW Dragstrip then. Sorry for waiting to those who hoped I'd tackle him sooner.

    DSC_0151 Kopie.jpg
    As with the rest, no suprises on the box. Vibrant artwork, on a cardboard slipcase, over a denim-surfaced box. Really a premium feel.
    He comes in alternate mode, an AWESOME Tyrrell P34-inspired six-wheeled F1 racecar, with instructions and a gun, which is stored below the hood (not a good connection)...but more on that later.

    DSC_0152 Kopie.jpg
    Alternate mode and god, do I love him. I never thought that I would like a 6-wheeled, yellow Formula One race car, but I do.
    Paint applications are again top notch, although I DO think that this actually is yellow plastik. Everything pegs in fine, closes everything perfect, wheels are hard rubber, as on all of the releases and the front features a nice place for that Ocean Design glory decal.

    DSC_0153 Kopie.jpg
    Side view is amazingly sleak and dynamic looking. Tires are hard rubber all around and everything tabs in perfect. Absolutely no problems during transformation back and forth. One detail that really stands out is the engine. TFM managed to use paint on it to make the cylinders and shafts appear diecast, although they are only plastic...

    DSC_0154 Kopie.jpg's really hard to believe that this is one solid block and there are no moving parts. Really intricate design. And it moves smooth in transformation on a double hinge.
    Furthermore: Stripes on the side and general paint applications are absolutely sharp. No paint splotches anywhere.

    DSC_0155 Kopie.jpg

    Just one more detail of the Engine. No sight whatsoever of a hinge. Such homogenous look to it and even the backwing pegs in perfect and completes the look.

    DSC_0157 Kopie.jpg
    The robot mode is straight up [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG].
    I never thought I would like him as much as I do.
    Everything looks and feels absolutely amazing. The vibrant yellow looks so well and works together nicely with the silver on his thighs and details, which is near chrome. Transformation is very intuitive and fun and especially the legs feature amazing engineering.

    DSC_0162 Kopie.jpg
    Articulation-wise he is on par with the rest. The shoulders are on a multi-purpose ballpeg, allowing great articulation and attached are the shoulder pads, which turn into approc. 1/3 of the car's body's side. Single-jointed elbow allow over a 90° bend and, I apologize, the arms extend (which I forgot) to reveal further silver paint and typical mp-styled hand, with the thumb fused, the 4 fingers fused, but pin-articulated on the base knuckle and the mp-nudge to hold the gun.

    DSC_0160 Kopie.jpg
    The head is on a ball peg, giving a great range all around and features a vibrant, metallic-red paint on the visor and equally vibrant blue on the face, with a dull finish.
    Special to this guy: Only one decal was needed, due to the "hood" becoming his central chest piece.

    DSC_0158 Kopie.jpg
    Little more life to the face and here you also see the bend on the elbow. Due to his rear-wing-halfs substituting as toes and his back tires working as the rest of the foot/heel, walking poses are equally as easy to pull off...

    DSC_0161 Kopie.jpg running poses. Everything looks natural and on this the balancing made him appear to just let the left foot hit the floor giving this pose a great dynamic, in my opinion. Also: Manipualtion of the shoulders are very easy, with the joints having the perfect tolerance to be tight, but easy to pose too.

    DSC_0159 Kopie.jpg

    Hip skirts aren´t needed to be mentioned, they do what they must and are on a single swivel with easy movement on the complete set by TFM. Movement on the leg, which I wanted to mention, on mine has a bit of a tighter tolerance as I encountered a small FAAAANS TOOOOYS squeak during the transformation.

    DSC_0163 Kopie.jpg
    With this bot, so it seems, every pose looks dynamic and fun and the tires never get in the way and gun is held tightly by the hands, which, in hindsight, have a tight tolerance for the fingers.

    DSC_0164 Kopie.jpg
    Back kibble is apparently needed, but together with the engine cleans up nice, is compact and nothing unpegs if you fiddle with him. Lower side works really too, with the big drag-like wheels serving as the foot.

    DSC_0156 Kopie.jpg
    Aforementioned connection of the gun in carmode works rather bad. Whenever you move the car, the gun will unpeg, becoming litter and if you don´t watch out it COULD be easily lost. Otherwise the alternate mode works well, cleans up nice...

    DSC_0165 Kopie.jpg
    ...and the transition to combined mode is a fluid process, utilizing a slider at the waist to call for more space n combined mode inside Havoc. The mode works so well that it almost appears to be the regular car, where the port emerges...

    DSC_0166 Kopie.jpg

    ...with only the rear wing buldging out, due to the 90° bend needed to make way for the backside hip-peace holding the rear wheels together. Unfortunately it tends to unpeg, keeping one wheel lopsided.

    I hope you enjoyed my review of him.
    Tomorrow we will be looking back at Powertrain in front of my new set up and approximately sunday...we will look at the Havoc Team in group shots.
    Peace out and thx for watching.
    The Mad German.

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