TransForm Mission - M04 - Overturn (Havoc Combiner Team)

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    Good morning, people.
    I´m doing small reviews on instagram and also on my facebook page and I wanted to review TransForm Mission´s set as soon as I saw it, so here's the first promised review:
    TFM´s IDW G1 Stunticons Overturn AKA Masterpiece IDW Generation One Stunticon Deadend, my least favorite member of the team.
    Keep on reading...

    DSC_0150 Kopie.jpg

    The box is styled the same way as Powertrain's and this theme continues through the set and since I'm a sucker for consistency, you now know why my last picture happend.^^ Overturn comes with a bit more then his brethren and he comes packaged in carmode, with his gun attached underneath, not pictured here (stored elsewhere) are replacement parts for the combined mode's leaning problem, clip for Revolt's arm connection, last parts of the mini-baf Optimus (which I'll be covering seperately) and instructions for all 3.

    DSC_0152 Kopie.jpg
    Continuing with the alternate mode of Overturn we see all these great details. The headlights look as if they could work, air intakes have a nice shiny finish and the small insignia works so well. Ocean Designs waterslide decals again. The car really shines, sporting a look, similar to a porsche in the front...

    DSC_0154 Kopie.jpg
    ...and Audi in the back. Tail lights feature a shiny red finish too, air outlets have great silver details and the paint job is done professionally from front to back, looking really luxurious.

    DSC_0153 Kopie.jpg
    Sideview as glorious as the front and the back. Silver details at the doorstep, rims are sharp and utilize the same silver paint and if you managed to peg in everything correctly (we'll cover that later. THE part as to why he is not my favorite) the carmode is the most beautiful of all the limbs.

    DSC_0151 Kopie.jpg

    This was done, just out of sheer joy. I loved how this came to be and how he looks in general. Like if he was driving out of a portal. From the comic into real life. Transform Mission have done an amazing job with these. Every carmode knocks it out of the park.

    DSC_0156 Kopie.jpg
    Continuing on the path of the instructions, I wanna show the robot mode first, which is beautiful. What is not beautiful is the way to it. I won't show the transformation, because for me, this dude has the most cumbersome one. Don't get me wrong: Everything pegs in nicely, like you see here and on the car pictures, but Overturn seems to be not thought through until the end. Once you opened the hood (bonnet for my english friends^^), collapsed the sides and open the're left with the rear half having a hard time folding down, because the rear halfs catch on the wheels. Maybe I'm doing something wrong...but I specify "intuitive" differently.^^

    DSC_0157 Kopie.jpg
    Articulation is pretty much on point. No problem to hold his gun like he's storming into battle. The feet feature a multi-swivel, standing in for a rocker and it also comes with a tilt, which helps extremly...

    DSC_0161 Kopie.jpg
    ...if you want to see him running. I added a little bit of life to his eyes and this just looks damn on the money. Every bot (if I'm allowed to spoil here) is able to pull off extremly convincing running poses and they stand them well balanced and perfectly.

    DSC_0160 Kopie.jpg
    Details on the whole figure are done meticulously and with much care and the Ocean Decals fit perfectly on it's implied space.

    DSC_0158 Kopie.jpg
    The knees feature a single ratchet and the thighs a built-in swivel. The arms feature a single elbow fittingly, hands are on a tight swivel and before you ask: The gun attaches in familiar masterpiece manner.

    DSC_0159 Kopie.jpg
    DSC_0163 Kopie.jpg
    As you see: Fun and goofy poses work too...if you want, but...

    DSC_0162 Kopie.jpg

    Action poses are what these guys are made for. Little fiddling here and there and he stands the pose. Head is on a balljoint, which allows Overturn to actually look in the direction he's running to.

    DSC_0164 Kopie.jpg
    And the aforementioned details on the motor, you see here, very well, on the back and together with the collapsed hood it makes for a very clean back, but that's not where his problems lie...

    DSC_0166 Kopie.jpg
    ...because combined mode is where it´s at. If you wonder how his center chest piece is supposed to flip: It doesn't.
    I made him a small partsformer on purpose. The centerpiece is supposed to flip up and shield his head, but this way the decals would've been scratched and crumpled and maybe even the plate without the decal, meaning:

    DSC_0155 Kopie.jpg
    ...that's the default configuration, but I mistransformed him to carmode on purpose too. The chest has enough space to the ground and you can even access the gun better (clipped in under the hood). To shield the head, I just turned it around...

    DSC_0165 Kopie.jpg
    ...and you won't see much else of the combined mode either. So it works. It's just more to my liking.
    Otherwise, minus the few points, this a really beautiful toy.
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