TransForm Mission - M01 - Disorder (Havoc Combiner Team)

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    Good mornin, peeps. Today we will be looking at TransForm Mission's Disorder aka 3rd Party mp-styled IDW G1 Wildrider. This comes a bit late. It actually went live on my FB and my IG yesterday. nut the evening was full, so here you go.

    He's very hard to put in the set, favorite-wise, as the transformation is one of the easiest, but other parts on him are a bit 'meh'. But we're covering that later on...

    DSC_0152 Kopie.jpg

    Box is the same beautiful premium feeling cardbox-cloth-surfaced we come to know and love, with chrome finished and partiality-varnished logo.
    Once you openend it Disorder says hello in carmode, reminiscent of the Ferrari 599 GTB after you took out the instructions and the foam cover. Like I said before: I don't remember if clear parts came with him...

    DSC_0153 Kopie.jpg
    The front of this guy sure kills it too, but it's on the simpler side, similar to said Ferrari and it's not my taste. It pegs in great holds together just fine, it's just the overall look. Finish-wise agsin a top job by TFM with a bit darker that gunmetal grey, more anthracite-metallic-flaky thing. Due to that the intakes are not painted extra...


    ...and of course: Ocean Design decal on the hood. Can't let this bsby ride without an identity, right?
    And just to show how realistic these pieces again can look: with some nice flares.

    DSC_0155 Kopie.jpg
    Sideview continues the sleek look and also lookalike from the Ferrari 599. Red, clear windows against the darker-than-gunmetal grey works very well and once you checked if everything is pegged in well, the transformation back to car is well worth it...

    The rear is not as thrilling as the rest. The tail lights are...holes? I don't know if I am missing something, but that's why I added lighting effects. real detailing back there. It just works and does what it does, but material, red clear windows....everything is used in full competence. No compromises...

    DSC_0158 Kopie.jpg

    From the carmode that's about it, until we come to the combiner mode, so here we have his glorious botmode. Cleans up extremly well, joints again are tight and I love how his doors become wing-like appendages...

    DSC_0159 Kopie.jpg

    The sculpt, as always, in on point. I think the head is poured, but assembled in 2 parts and has painted eyes. The color if the face is a glorious bourdeu, kinda wine red and the eyes have a naturally glowing yellow. The chest comes apart with enough space for the Ocean decal and the halfs are painted in very shiny silver and vibrant blue...

    DSC_0160 Kopie.jpg is the waist piece and abdomen, plus the aforementioned wine-like red. Balancing on him is SO easy, because the ankle rocker and swivel, which are part of the transformation are tight...

    DSC_0161 Kopie.jpg

    ...and make for the feet to very easy to plant down. Knee bend is maxed at what you see and the arms move freely on a swivel (which moves like a balljoint though).

    DSC_0163 Kopie.jpg
    Waist swivel is perfect allowing for perfect turns and the doors on his arms NEVER get in the way and are easy to be manipulated.

    DSC_0162 Kopie.jpg
    "THIS. IS. CYBERTRON!" I dunno what happened...I think he tilted over and I liked the idea. XD

    DSC_0164 Kopie.jpg
    Said balancing: Utilizing all the joints you can get this beautiful "search mode"- pose. I was even able to poke it...he won´t tilt, very stable...

    DSC_0165 Kopie.jpg
    ...and and getting running poses are possibly the easiest on him. His ankles are tighter as Overturn´s and while he tilts easily and you need to adjust the post, Disorder can even be slightly off-balanced, but the ankle will still hold it.

    DSC_0166 Kopie.jpg
    DSC_0167 Kopie.jpg

    The only real 2 downsides are 1.: his head...which barely moves up and done and only has left and right movement, besides if you mistransform and unpeg the chest...

    DSC_0168 Kopie.jpg
    ...and 2.: being the front bumper which has clearance issues and tends to get in the way of the rotation AND the wheels. Nevertheless the back is very clean and I think his back looks the best out of the whole set.

    DSC_0157 Kopie.jpg
    Again the instructions call for the combined mode coming after the robot mode, but you don´t need to transform him back completely. I just want to take this oppurtunity, as with the others, to show the clean bottom where his weapon also again pegs in under the hood and the hand features the typical MP-styled peg.

    DSC_0169 Kopie.jpg
    Lower side once he´s in combined mode, with most of his alternate mode intact. But other than in robot mode you collaps the bumper completely, even the side parts and the chassis for the wheels peg in behind the shoulders.

    DSC_0170 Kopie.jpg
    And finally showing the front and how he will look attached to Powertrain´s combiner mode leg. Collapsing the hood in on itself again calls for a fairly accurate IDW Comics Menasor combiner mode.

    I enjoyed the hell out of shooting him and I
    hope you enjoyed the pictures. See y´all hopefully for Revolt tomorrow.
    Later. Take care.

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