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    Don't intend for this to be flaming, trying to be impartial and subjective. Grade it as you will.

    Had a deal all set for a Fortress Maximus, price and shipping was agreed upon. Method of payment was agreed upon (Paypal via balance transfer so he could avoid fees).

    He had listed the price he wanted on his Junkion thread. There was no negotiation, I accepted the price listed and then the shipping was added on to that for the total.

    I paid two weeks ago. Again via instantaneous balance transfer from my checking account. In the two weeks, the Fort Max wasn't shipped out. This past Friday, I was contacted and he said he was rethinking selling as he thought he could get more for it on ebay. I did a completed listing search and 4 other Fort Max listings sold for less than the price we agreed upon (including shipping) while 2 sold for a little more ($50-100) but they were complete with manual (his was missing two small guns and the manual). He also mentioned that he might want to keep it but if I paid $50 more, he'd sell it to me. I told him I'd think about it.

    This past Sunday he contacted me again and told me he's decided against putting it on ebay due to paypal and ebay fees that he'd be charged. But, he's willing to sell it to me for only $30 more now. Otherwise, he's just going to relist it on the boards. I passed as I was able to find another Fortress Maximus for considerably less than his asking price.

    I am a little upset that he had an instantaneous checking transfer for two weeks before shipping or letting me know of his hesitation to sell. However, the refund was issued. Again, I'm trying to leave a subjective recount of the transaction, if this is considered flaming, Mods please let me know.