TRADE - Targetmasters for Quickmix & Other G1

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by shigeoj24, Jun 15, 2009.

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    Sep 6, 2008
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    I just got G1 Targetmaster Scoop off ebay, but the seller mistakenly gave me the targetmasters for Quickmix. Ideally, I'd like to trade Quickmix's TMs for Scoop's TM.

    I do have a handful of other things that I'm willing to trade and sell:

    Flywheels - missing gun

    Monster Pretender Slog - complete

    G1 Micromaster Countdown - almost complete but missing long black ramp, small black ramp, white crane arm. A few tabs are broken.

    G1 Piranacon - includes Snaptrap, Skalor, Overbite, Seawing and Tentakill. Also, have the 2 feet, 2 hands, head, shield, sword, one black gun/stand (that all the limbs came with), and one of Seawing's guns. It's basically everything you need to form Piranacon sans the individual weapons for the smaller limbs and Snap trap's gun.

    DCU - Batman Beyond - unmasked variant

    Currently looking for:
    Targetmaster Scoop - complete
    Targetmaster Landfill - complete
    Duocon Battletrap - just the gun
    Octopunch - large and small guns
    Action Master Skyfall - complete
    Sandstorm - complete

    I'll try to upload pics later today. I generally use ebay prices as a basis.