Trade Paperbacks/comics anyone?

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    Hey there,

    I bought these just for the sheer fact of having them and may have flipped through them once before or after getting them and have never opened them since.

    I was going to eBay them, but figured (as usual) give first dibs to everyone here.

    Transformers: Primal Scream
    Covers issues #56-#62.
    $19.99 (cover price) shipping included

    Transformers: Matrix Quest
    Covers issues #63-#68.
    $19.99 (cover price) shipping included.

    Transformers: All Fall Down
    This is the Hard Cover version only available at one of the BotCons, I want to say '01 but I'm not certain. Covers issues #69-#74.
    $24.99 (cover price) shipping included.

    Transformers: End of the Road
    Covers issues #75-#80 (end of the G1 series)
    $19.99 (cover price) shipping included.


    BotCon 2000
    Reaching the Omega Point - Conclusion of the story started at BotCon '98
    $10, shipping included.

    BotCon 2001
    The Wreckers: Departure - Introduction of the BotCon Wreckers
    This book actually has some wear along the spine from being read a few times and a crease from a bent corner. Otherwise still in one piece and good condition.
    $8, shipping included

    BotCon 2002
    Enter the Wreckers, part 2: Betrayal
    $10, shipping included

    I ended up with an extra copy of this so I thought I might see if anyone here wanted it.

    Transformers (2007)
    Special Edition 2-disk set in Target Exclusive Transforming case with Prequel comic. Still sealed, never opened.
    $24.99 (original price) shipping included.