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    Feb 9, 2008
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    this is mainly a trade list but will consider cash offers.

    micro master devastator. missing pieces i think i have all the figures

    wallgreens ko devastator g1 green and purple 100% complete full size i think

    soundwave for parts

    kingdam 6 starscream loose missing everything exept main wings and rudders it is in excellent condition but it has an extream golden sunburn kinda neat though.

    i have more i will post pictures. just started this to light a fire under my but to get it started.

    i have a large junkyard mostly of prime with some metroplex and magnus.

    what i need

    diaclone marlboor wheeljack head (HIGH PRIORITY)

    seeker parts

    wheeljack parts

    i also have a soft spot for diaclone drivers

    prime parts especially an original gas pump assem