Trade AFA Joes & 1/18th scale vehicles for TF

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    Nov 6, 2008
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    I have a few AFA graded Joes that I would like to trade for a few hard and not so hard to find items.

    HAVES: Vintage unless stated

    AFA 80 Zartan w/skier
    AFA 80 DUKE
    AFA 75 Storm Shadow
    complete w/duplicates 25th Joe collection
    DVD box sets, 7 packs and vehicles
    1/18th scale Huey
    1/18th scale Blackhawk
    1/18th scale F18 Jolly Rogers
    A bunch more 1/18th scale figures and vehicles. Just ask I probably have it.
    Complete He Man classics collection.


    MP Thundercracker
    MP Grimlock
    Any Botcon Items or most :) 
    Henkei Wildrider
    Powered Commander Armor
    Igear Convoy

    I know I need others but can't think of them now. If intrested pm me and we can work out a deal Thanks!