Toy Fair in Houston, TX on January 12th

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    Hey everyone! Fellow board member Scourge and I will be selling Transformers at a Toy Fair on JANUARY 12th! All items will be priced to move, we both need to "trim" down our collection, Trust me you will be pleased with our prices! Here is the address and info:

    8787 North Houston Rosslyn,
    St. Timothy's United Methodist Church
    Houston, Texas 77088
    January 12, 2008

    Doors open at 8 am for vendors, and 9 am for the public
    Open till 3 pm
    It's $2 at the door to get in, they usually have snacks and stuff.
    Any One is invited, even if you don't want to buy, swing by and meet some local collector/fans in your area. It will have something for everyone ranging from Barbies to Hotwheels, Wrestling figures, Transformers and much, much more! If anyone is interested in selling, let me know and I will get you info. to reserve a table. We are hoping for a big turn out, Hope to see you all there!