Heavy/Scratch: Torchbearers Preview

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    Earth is damaged beyond repair. Cybertron has been taken over by once-homeless humans. And the remaining members of the Transformer race have been forced into hiding.


    With the power of the Matrix, Optimus Prime managed to reach the heart of Cybertron and create five new Transformers from Vector Sigma: The Protectobots. They proved instrumental in aiding the remaining Autobots survive, thanks to their awesome might and their unforeseen combination into Defensor.

    However, the treacherous Decepticons have hidden themselves well across the cosmos, with Megatron returning to combat Prime with his small, yet highly proficient army.


    But there's hope for the Autobots. The legendary builder Solus Prime was brought far from Cybertron's ancient past and into the harrowing present, using the power of her Forge to usher in a new age of Transformers.


    The new age begins with six powerful Transformers, built in the image of their creator. They exist to carry the first generation into the newest, to light the way in a dark universe.

    They are...The Torchbearers.


    So yeah, this was basically a teaser for the new Lego MOCs I'm about to put out. This was meant be a preview for what's coming up until I can get better pictures for some of the others. But in the meantime, here's what's coming.


    Skyburst and Stormclash...


    ...and Jumpstream and Dust-Up.

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