Top Toys of 2016... You Haven't Opened Yet (For Redline)

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    Apparently it's been nearly 8 years to the day that I made one of these threads:

    This one's for Redline

    As we all know life can get busy at times, leaving you little time for freeing that newly acquired piece of plastic crack from it's cardboard & plastic prison. The next thing you know you have a pile of unopened toys in your home and BBTS/TFSource, etc auto shipping your various piles of loot because you've hit the 180 day limit.

    For me 2016 was a busy year between packing up my collection for storage, moving my office to the finished basement (where these pictures were taken), work, travel for work and of course the litany of medical episodes my mother-in-law had, including lung cancer. Needless to say I didn't have a lot of free time to open up every figure I purchased last year, let alone enjoy them.

    Now the good news is 2017 is starting off well. Work is busy but not crazy, the office is now in the basement and the mother-in-law is cancer free! Now I've finally found time to go though all the shipping boxes and Walmart bags to figure out what I've got to open. So in the spirit of that old thread and as a nod to an old friend, I give you the toys of 2016 that I haven't opened yet (but soon will):

    20170128_200248.jpg 20170128_201920.jpg 20170128_202936.jpg

    Now some of you might be asking yourself... but how could he resist not opening THAT many figures. The simple answer is that I did manage to open a lot of figures over the last 6-8 months, even if it was just to inspect the contents (i.e. Carnifex). What's not pictured are a ton of old gobots I got for a song, Centruions Max Ray, some loose G1 mini spies, TM Kup and a couple of small Lego sets.

    I know I'm not the only one whose been behind the eight ball, when it comes to opening up figures. Share your stories and pictures if you have them.

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