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    So here's the deal: List your top ten games of whatever. It can be by genre, franchise or theme (ie: Fighting games, Zelda Games, zombie games). There just has to be something tying them together beyond just "Top ten games... ever". Also, we'll use the standard 1 is the best, 10 being least best. I'll start:

    Top ten Transformers Games:
    10. Beast Wars (Playstation). The first Beast Wars game was not very complex, but it did have fairly large levels and at least you got to play as the characters from the show and it even had both Maximal and Predacon modes, which was rare at the time.
    9. Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Not a bad game, but the weaponizer mode gimmick was more of a hinderance than a help.
    8. Transformers (Playstation 2, Japan). So far the only dedicated G1 game, it suffers from some major flaws, bad control and near impossible difficulty (even on easy) you might wonder why I put it on this list? No, it's not cause I'm a geewunner, it's the visuals. Visually, the game is great. The cinematics were amazing for the time and even the in game models were pretty decent. But I have to admit, I've never laughed so hard at a flying Walkman in my life.
    7. Transformers (2007, multiple platforms). This game was also visually well done and had good play and controls. Flying missions using Blackout felt like you were really attacking the base at the beginning of the movie and even the driving sections with Bumblebee and Barricade were well done.
    6. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (multiple platforms). The movie may have been the worst of the live action films, but it's easily the best so far in the movie games. Taking all the best parts from the first movie game with an expanded roster of characters and even being able to use some G1 skins in single player, Reveng of the Fallen one upped it's 2007 counterpart.
    5. Transformers Beast Wars Transmetals (N64). A far better BW game than it's 1998 predecessor, this one featured almost all of the characters from the show, even a few as hidden characters. And the fighting game format seems to lend itself to the franchise better than PFS since you don't need to make up an army of endless drone characters.
    4. Transformers Beast Wars Transmetals (Playstation). You might be wondering why I listed this twice. Well it's because the difference between the PSx and the N64 versions is like two totally different games. Sure, they're still BW and they're still fighting games, but that's about where the similarities end. The PSX version was the better of the two feature video clips and sounds and voices directly from the show, better battle environments and even Megatron taunting you after a victory.
    3. Fall of Cybertron. Based largely on G1, but officially set in the "aligned" universe, this game had a lot of great features. Co op Escalation mode, or multiplayer vs. modes and even a decent story mode made this game fun to play and still continues to this day. Plus, once the DLCs hit for MP, it was like watching Jurassic Park directed by Michael Bay with robot dinosaurs killing each other everywhere. And that's just plain fun.
    2. War For Cybertron. Many of the same features from this one carried over to it's sequel, but FoC seemed to nerf them a bit. The truly disappointing thing in FoC was the lack of an Escalation level that could be played solo. WFC has that in Pulse (the Trypticon level). Also, the game play seemed a bit smoother in this one allowing more abilities to be used at once.
    1. Transformers (Playstation 2). This game based on the Armada line still to this day has some of the best visuals and game play of any TF game. From it being the first TF game to use cloaking, to the endless possibilities with the minicon loadouts, this game has a LOT of replay value. And the Tidal Wave sequence is still one of the best Transformation sequences ever to be animated.

    So anyway, that's it. You can either discuss this list or start a new one of your own favorites. Enjoy and have fun.
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    Top Ten Final Fantasy Games
    1. Final Fantasy IX - Such an underrated game in the franchise. I love the fact that it went back to the basics while retaining a fun ability system. Best character/story development in the series and the music was nothing short of spectacular. Also Beatrix; even when you win, you lose.
    2. Final Fantasy IV PSX/SNES - It's difficult to put this as number two because I love it just as much as IX. If I had played this game first then it would take the #1 spot.
    3. Final Fantasy IV DS - See above
    4. Final Fantasy VIII - Again, this game is vastly underrated because it didn't live up to the "expectations" set by VII. I love the story and characters, but the game can be a bit slow at times. Love the use of the trigger system.
    5. Final Fantasy XIII - Once again, this game had awesome battle and leveling systems, however trying to farm CP and Gil takes forever. Also, the boss battles are way too long.
    6. Final Fantasy VI
    7. Final Fantasy V
    8. Final Fantasy I
    9. Final Fantasy VII - Overrated as f*ck and was pretty slow throughout the whole game. While it did have some good music, the soundtrack was awful for the most part.
    10. Final Fantasy X - See above. Additionally, most of the characters were useless and the story made no damn sense.
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    Top 10 Resident Evil Games

    1. Resident Evil Remake: The classic game redone with graphics that are still pretty good. A total overhaul with less cheesy acting as well as the addition of the Crimson Head Zombies and an additional boss that made the game more frightening.

    2. Resident Evil 2: The most critical and successful game at the time. Where both characters have seperate paths and connect.

    3. Resident Evil Classic: The game that started it all which gave birth to the Survival Horror genre. Of course it is most memorable with the cheesy acting.

    4. Resident Evil 4: Became the most successful entry into the series to date with its addictive gameplay. Even though it was fun, it began the trend of each entry being rather standalone and not connected as the Umbrella era was.

    5. Resident Evil 3 Nemesis: The return of Jill Valentine and introducing the Nemesis whom is considered to be the most famous Tyrant. Your path is determined by some choices in the game.

    6. Resident Evil Code Veronica X: The first main entry exclusively on another console at first but got ported to PS2 with additional scenes. Brings back and established Albert Wesker as the Big Bad of the franchise.

    7. Resident Evil 0: Gives the player the ability to switch characters at any time as there are times when the characters had to seperate. Wasn't quite well received though. The plot was rather generic and didn't focus too much on the Bravo team.

    8. Resident Evil Outbreak: Playing as 8 ordinary folks trying to flee the zombie apocalypse that is Raccoon City using whatever is laying around. At least they stay out of the way of the main characters.

    9. Resident Evil Revelations: Using RE5's engine, it sort of brought back tension and some horror elements .

    10. Resident Evil 5: What many believed to be the first nail in the coffin for the franchise. Despite focusing more on action than survival horror, the gameplay was rather fun.

    Honorable mentions:

    Chronicles games: A rail shooter doesn't have much fright even when they attempt to have zombies in your face and shaky cameras. I do appreciate the segments that don't retell events.

    Survivor games: Forgettable

    Gaiden: Really forgettable that even Capcom doesnt acknowledge it.

    Operation Raccoon City: Squad-based shooter and terrible AI. A lot of things wrong for me to list. The biggest promotion is that you get to kill Leon and change history. Okay, where's the changed history?!

    Resident Evil 6: It tried to be everything except survival horror as well as having an identity crisis. From the looks of it was the final nail on the coffin.
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    Top 10 2D Games
    10. Mega Man X4 (PS1): Although the dubbing may be shit, the gameplay as great. I'm glad I picked up X Collection for the PS2 to play a game like this. The challenge level is a fine line between easy and difficult, with stages like Squid Adler (Ride Chaser) and Magma Dragoon (Ride Armor) to spice up gameplay. It even added Zero as a full on playable character for the first time in a Mega Man game!
    9. Super Mario Bros 2 (NES): Changes up the Mario formula with vertical scrolling. I love it when games do that. To be honest, this game has grown on me since I first picked it up. I used to hate it, but now that I've played it more often, I often find myself enjoying it.
    8: Terraria (PC): At first, I thought this was just another Minecraft clone, just in 2D. When I finally decided to purchase it, I saw that it was so much more. Blending RPG and Sandbox gameplay, Terraria may very well be one of my favorite games of all time, and I'm glad to hear it may be recieving a sequel. (How you make a sequel to an open game with no story, don't ask me)
    7. Super Metroid (SNES): I love games like this. You're put into an unknown world and left to explore it and destroy an antagonist. The thing about this game is that it opened me up to the Metroid series in general. I didn't enjoy the original NES game, but I felt that a different game in the franchise would change my opinion. The sheer size of the map opened many more ways to explore Zebes, which I enjoyed much more than the smaller map of Metroid on the NES. Of course, I still haven't managed to beat this game.
    6: Scribblenauts Unlimited (Wii U): This game really let's me show my creative side. Solving puzzles in your own unique way is innovative. What do you do when you have to beat a rather difficult npc who can fly? Tie it to the ground and just bombard him with whatever you can come up with!
    5: Mega Man Zero 3 (GBA): Although there already was a Mega Man game on this list, it definetly doesn't top Mega Man Zero 3. The Zero series opens up new options to gameplay, with the special weapons being completely optional to obtain. Unlike Mega Man or X, Zero can use three elemental powers and various weapons to complete tasks. Although they made another sequel, that wasn't the intent, and I see Zero 3 as the last game in it's series. It wraps up Zero's character arc with finesse, expanding on what happened in the years between MMX and MMZ.
    4: Sonic 3 and Knuckles (SEGA Genesis): S3K is a great game for it's era. It was highly innovative with new features to the Sonic series, with the introduction of Knuckles and alternate super forms for characters. The game's soundtrack is excellent, with music fitting the level very well. The levels were also very large. I always loved that feature in games, as stated before in my opinion on Super Metroid.
    3: Sonic CD (SEGA CD): Sonic CD may very well be one of the best games on it's console. You rarely hear of any other games on the SCD being praised as much as this, though that may be because of the sheer size of the fandom. The game supported exploration of the levels to get the best ending. There was no Super Sonic to breeze you through the stages, which I always liked. I feel that long term invincibility detracts from the flow of a game, and Sonic CD lacks that.
    2: Super Mario World (SNES): SMW is certainly one of my favorite Mario games. It really is lighthearted, though it can be dark at times. Without this game, Mario wouldn't be where he is today. The game has it's flaws, and can be overly easy at times, but it really can be a fine game.
    1: Cave Story (PC): Remember everything I said about Super Metroid? Yeah, take that and add in three endings depending on which path you take. Cave Story certainly is a masterpiece. It isn't perfect, but it's charming story puts it at the top. With a silent protagonist, you can associate with the main character more than you can with characters such as Sonic, Mario, or Samus. He doesn't have much of a backstory, so you shape your perception of the character. You may be wondering why I haven't mentioned his name yet. It's a spoiler for the best ending to the game. The game's soundtrack is excellent, considering the original version if the game was made by a one man team.

    Honorable Mention
    Takeshi's Challenge (Famicom) and Mystery of Convoy (Famicom): These games taught me what torture means.
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    Top Ten Games of the Last Generation:

    Red Dead Redemption
    Grand Theft Auto V
    The Last of Us
    Uncharted 2
    Deus Ex Human Revolution
    Batman Arkham Asylum
    Far Cry 3
    Twilight Princess
    Donkey Kong Country Returns
    Super Mario Galaxy
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    Top Ten SNES games!

    1. Final Fantasy 6
    2. Secret of Mana
    3. Chrono Trigger
    4. Final Fantasy 4
    5. Super Mario World
    6. Super Metroid
    7. Zelda 3
    8. Super Castlevania 4
    9. Donkey Kong Country 2
    10. Starfox

    Top ten PS1 games

    1. Castlevania Symphony of the Night
    2. Final Fantasy 8 (say what you will, but it was great to me and had one of the best soundtracks of the series with a sound quality far beyond that of 7)
    3. Chrono Cross
    4. Final Fantasy 7
    5. Final Fantasy 9
    6. Final Fantasy Tactics
    7. Lunar SSS
    8. Resident Evil
    9. Metal Gear Solid
    10. Street Fighter Alpha 3

    The moral of the story is that I miss when Final Fantasy was good.

    I did love the Armada game to, and had some of the largest and detailed environments on the PS2. I also agree that FOC wasn't quite as good as WFC
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    Cool idea for a thread, and thank you Muramasa for putting RE2 and REmake ahead of RE4.

    I'll give it a try:
    Top 10 main series Final Fantasy games:

    1: FF 6 - Amazing graphics and music, many memorable moments, and a bunch of unique characters to choose from who almost all have a fleshed-out backstory.
    2: FF 10 - I loved the characters (yes, even Wakka) and the battle system. Plus has the best ending of any FF.
    3: FF 7 - Overrated, but still an epic game. I was disappointed by the music (NOT the composition, which is standard Uematsu brilliance, but the actual instrumentation isn't good. The brass sounds like an accordion).
    4: FF 9 - Possibly most underrated FF. Just a fun game and the music is amazing. Only niggle is the main enemies don't get much characterization.
    5: FF 4 - Great graphics and music, memorable characters.
    6: FF 12 - Huge game and fun to explore, and battle system is alright once you get used to it, but characters are kinda lame (what's the point of Penelo?) and story is basic and convoluted at the same time.
    7: FF 8 - I just found this game flat out boring. Some nice parts, but has some pointless characters (Selphie) and the single most contrived plot point of all FF games.
    8: FF 13 - Battle system and characters are OK, but plot sucks and there's no exploration, it's just a glorified on-rails action game.
    9: FF 5 - I guess I just don't "get" the job system. Just seems kinda dumb to change everyone to a black mage to beat a boss.
    10: FF 1 - I just don't like it. I had it for years and could not get past the game's early stages despite constant EX farming.

    FF 2, 3, 11, 14 were not considered because I have not played enough of them to give a rating.
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    My top 10 ps-x games

    10. Need for speed - ps1
    9. Harry potter chamber of secrets - ps2
    8. Metal gear 2 sons of liberty/subsistence - ps2
    7. Gta San Andreas - ps2
    6. Area 51 - ps2
    5. Gta vice city - ps2
    4. Cod - mw2 - ps3
    3. Cod - black ops ps3
    2. Mortal kombat(9) - ps3
    1. Cod black ops2 zzzooooooommmmmbbbiiiieeeesss - ps3
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    So many games and systems to choose from, I just can't believe how much there is... So here's a simple list.

    Top 10 Games of Nostalgic Bliss I Played in my Youth:

    10: McKids (NES) Sure it's a horrible restaurant tie-in game, but it's still loads of fun. It's also highly sought after an expensive in this day and age due to people just not giving a damn about the cartridge, resulting in it being rare I think.

    09: Bug's Bunny Castle (NES) This title was frustrating as hell when I was a kid, I don't even remember how far I got in it, and I think I messed up the title. Either way it was still thrilling good fun.

    08: Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES) Yeah a huge game to many, unfortunately for me there'll be naysayers wondering why I placed it so low. Honestly, it's so cliché to put this anywhere close to the top I'm just bucking the system here. Also The Wizard.

    07: DuckTales (NES) What's more to say?

    06: Jurassic Park (SNES) Ocean was a great game studio back in the day, they made the best thing of all, movie based games that didn't suck. They differed from the plots of the film a lot, but they were fun as all hell. Honestly it's a toss up between this or the sequel game which one I liked more, this one wins out mostly because it made me stay up way late without any save features to try and beat it, and when I did finally manage to get everything done, I was still missing one last damn Raptor egg so I never truly finished the game, but it was a damn fine ride despite that minor annoyance.

    05: Addams Family Values (SNES) This is an awesome title I didn't experience nearly enough of in my youth, but it's a great title and made by the same company that did Jurassic Park and it's sequel. Sure it might be a Zelda clone in certain respects, but it's brilliant atmosphere and quirky characters make it a real gem I rented a few times, but sadly never finished until the days of ROMs.

    04: Mega Man Franchise (Various Systems) Perhaps a bit of a cop-out, but I can't remember all the games I actually played growing up, I don't think I even started with I, but rather II and I recall III or IV more than that game. Renting games was the only way I experienced a lot of stuff growing up, so I might have thought the games too hard when I was little and stopped trying them, but they still were fun games with catchy music.

    03: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis) No, I never actually owned a Sega system, my brother had a Game Gear for a while, but we never bought any home consoles. But the store displays with Genesis and this particular game were always catchy and I loved watching the demo over and over again. I could tell it was something special even without much play time, since I rarely had time to just stand there in the store and try the game, but it was still fondly remembered and something I always wished I could have experienced much sooner than I did.

    02: The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past (SNES) this was my first Zelda game, while I had an NES I never got much for it games wise and I don't think I ever even rented the predecessors. However once I owned a Super Nintendo and this gem of a game I had loads of fun playing and re-playing this.

    01: Earthbound I hunted through a load of stores for this one game, to this day I still have it, the box, the player's guide/manual and everything fun about this game can be summed up right there. It's just overall a brilliant RPG that I actually owned and didn't just rent. I loved every minute of it and am glad I got to experience it. Still frustrated that I can't play any of the GBA games though, honestly Nintendo hasn't treated this franchise very well since the SNES days outside of Japan.

    A few Honorable mentions go to the following.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and TMNT 2 The Arcade Game, The Simpsons Arcade Game, Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros. 2, Final Fantasy II and III and last, but certainly not least, Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers.

    I could go on and on, but we'd be here all day.
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    Thanks! I was hoping it would be fun. I've been watching a lot of Gametrailers top ten lists lately and thought it would be fun here. And you guys definitely didn't disappoint, we've got some good lists so far.

    Here's another from me:

    Top ten favorite Atari 2600 games:

    1. Pitfall. I still have fun playing this one to this day. It was basically a side scrolling Indiana Jones rip off, but it's fun, well made and harder than you'd think. To this day, I'm convinced the only reason anyone loses at this game is due to impatience.
    2. Adventure. Yep, it's all pretty much right there in the title. Castles, dragons, mazes, a sword, and the most annoying bat in video game history make this a classic that's endlessly replayable.
    3. Frogger. Umm... do I really need to elaborate on this one?
    4. Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back. It's a pretty simple game: Defend Hoth Echo Base from Imperial Walkers. There's an endless barage of them and it's actually harder than it sounds. But, I had hours of fun on this back in the day.
    5. Pac-Man. Ok, so it wasn't exactly like the arcade version, but it was close enough for the time and many of us back then logged a lot of hours on it.
    6. Megamania. Falling dice, cookies and flying hamburgers are just some of the crazy enemies to fight in this game. My mom was actually so good at this that she beat it. Now, bear in mind this is before video games actually had endings. It just stopped.
    7. River Raid. It was kind of like Spy Hunter, but before that and instead of a car, you flew a jet over a river.
    8. Stampede. I know it sounds hokey, but playing as a rancher ropin up your herd is actually more fun than it has any right to be.
    9. Gopher. Apparently defending a carrot farm from a gopher is also more fun than it has any right to be.
    10. Enduro. Probably the first racing game I ever played, the limited visibility in front made it very challenging. But fun.
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    And since I've been doing a lot of retro gaming lately:

    Top ten favorite SNES music:

    10: Sim City. Whenever I play this game the "Metropolis" theme gets stuck in my head.
    9: Super Star Wars. Ok, yeah it's just a midi version of the Star Wars soundtrack but it was the best sound in video games back then and still sounds good today.
    8: TMNT: Turtles in Time: Same reason as Star Wars but for TMNT.
    7: F-Zero: Do I really need to explain this one?
    6: Super Castlevania IV: With new haunting sound that really immerses you in the game to redone versions of the classic game's music, Konami really did well with this one.
    5: the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past: You might wonder why this is only at number 5, that's because, while great, some of the music is annoying and I do remember trying to power through certain sections just to not have to hear the music again. But most of it was nicely updated from the previous games.
    4: Super Mario World: This managed to capture the feel of the original NES entries in the series while also having it's own unique original tracks. The variations on the different themes was something that impressed me and continues to do so to this day.
    3: Donkey Kong Country (1 and 2): I'm listing both since the music from one generally carries over to the other, but from haunting music in spooky areas to swashbuckling music in pirate themed areas are just a few of the examples of what happens when game music perfectly matches the game.
    2: Starfox. Because Starfox should be on this list somewhere.
    1: Actraiser. This game has yielded some of my favorite game music across any platform.

    Follow up list: NES music:

    10: Solstice. Fun but difficult game and has the honor of being an NES game who's music doesn't get annoying after an hour or so straight. And with no save feature, that's important.
    9: Megaman III: The Gemini stage is one of my all time favorites, but the whole game is classic NES.
    8: Castlevania II: Midnight bloody tears is my ringtone.
    7: Shadowgate: Sure it only had a few themes that it cycled through, but at least they didn't get annoying.
    6: Contra/Super C: More classic music.
    5: Zelda II: the Adventure of Link: Yeah I know a lot of people found it annoying but I liked it. Both in overworld and the dungeons and towns.
    4: SMB 3: It has all the classic themes from the first one but with a little more... flare? Like they jazzed it up a bit.
    3: Legend of Zelda: When ever I think of the classic NES, this game is the first one I think of and it's soundtrack is a large part of that.
    2: Super Mario Bros. It's easily the most iconic video game music of all time and I don't think anyone can think about the original NES without remembering this classic theme.
    1: Tetris (Elorg version, Music 3): This is my personal all time favorite original NES music. Unfortunately it seems to have been dropped in all subsequent versions of the game. Even the Tetris/Dr. Mario rerelease on the SNES had it missing as did the Game Boy version.