TONS of stuff for sale! A lot of my collection!

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    I am putting a large hunk of my collection up for sale in anticipation of graduation/moving/buying a car/buying a house… Everything is loose unless otherwise noted. Everyone on these message boards gets first dibs. I am more than willing to sell things in large groups. Make me an offer I can’t refuse! PICTURES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST... it's just easier than taking pictures of everything all at once. All offers considered... no trades currently. Exceptions can be made for Silver Age Marvel comics. PM me. First come, first serve.

    Six Million Dollar Man
    -Steve Austin - missing sock, shoes
    -Maskatron – complete except for clothes, all faces and attachments

    Star Wars (original)
    -MIB Chewbacca Bandolier
    -MIB Turret and Probot
    -MIB Micro Collection Bespin duel
    -12” C3P0
    -a lot of the 3 ¾” figures, mostly with repro weapons… e-mail me with your wants, these will eventually go on eBay as a lot

    -Robeast Scorpius with weapon
    -Robeast Mutilor with weapon (legs bent a little, displays well)

    -MIB Star Trek Phaser II target game
    -Dr. Zaius –heiroglyphic boots, a little loose, a little dirty
    -Aquaman – repro gloves, original suit, a little dirty
    -Dr. Who MIB, complete (Italian package) – I hate to sell this guy but I will for the right price…
    -T1 Spider-Man- nice

    -Godzilla Gang Micras
    -Bullmark legends Gashapon series 1 set (Godzilla, Ghidra, Mechagodzilla, others… 8 total)
    -Medicon RAH Space Gyoas limited edition MIB (box opened, never used)

    Soul of Chogokin
    -Mechagodzilla (MIB)
    -Leopardon and Spider-Man (MIB)
    -Tetsujin / Gigantor (blue) (MIB)
    -Black Ox (MIB)
    -Daiku Maryu and Gaiking (MIB)

    -Masterpiece Optimus (Japanese version, may have box)
    -Alternators Grimlock
    -Robot Masters Star Saber and Victor Leo set
    -Action Figure-type PVC Star Scream (should have box, all accessories)
    -Grimlock / Swoop combiner set (not sure the series, Universe?)
    -Movie Laserbeak (?)… it’s a music thing that turns into a bird
    -Car Robots Scourge with trailer
    -Classics Jetfire
    -Classics Ultra Magnus
    -Japanese recolor G1 re-issue Galvatron
    -Car Robots construction combiner… forgot the name
    -Micromasters Devastator recolor set

    Marvel Legends
    -I have a ton of Marvel Legends... most are loose. If you want someone special, drop me an e-mail.
    -Loki (alternate) MOC
    -Classic Iron Man (chase gold version) MOC

    Mattel DC
    -Bizarro (no #1 version)
    -Man-Bat – comic con, MIB

    Ertl Blade Runner
    -Police Spinner, with card… has slit bubble so car can be removed… RARE

    -Devilman (with card, accessories)
    -Batman and Batgirl (comic, with card and accessores)
    -Some purple guy with a big eyeball (with card and accessories)

    -Re-issue… I have all the aliens in their original colors…
    -Re-issue Repto
    -Re-issue Lobstros
    -Re-issue Centaurus

    -1:32 (?) large scale (like a foot long) 1989 Batmobile
    -1989 Batmobile, regular size

    Medicon Masked Rider/Kamen Rider (all with boxes)
    -TV Bae
    -Bat guy
    -Mantis guy
    -Spider guy
    -Gecko guy
    -thing with wings and blue head
    -Dinosaur guy

    Odds and Ends
    -Mr. T Combat Action Set (for doll) MOC
    -Star Trek Barbie set MIB
    -Lost in Space Cyclops doll MIB
    -Six Million Dollar Man puzzle and game
    -Twilight Zone Gremlin (There’s something on the wing!) MIB
    -DC Superpowers Batmobile – nice, works, re-glued windshield
    -New Dr. Who Dalek

    Silver Age Comic Books
    -Iron Man #2 (Demolisher!) in very good shape. I am not a comic book rater, but it is nice
    -Batman – 2nd Silver Age Penguin (stealing a jeweled meteor), very nice
    -Batman – 1st Poison Ivy, very nice
    -I have almost every Spider-Man and Fantastic Four comic from the Silver Age… I hate to sell them but if you are looking for an issue, ask me… I may have an extra, reader copy, or will party with mine…
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