Tons of Parts Needed Help me!!!!!!

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    Jul 2, 2010
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    Help ME!!!!!!!!

    Energon Grimlock-Right Front Claw
    Energon Wing Saber-Left Arm and 2 Missiles
    RID Blue Prowl-2 Missile Launchers, 1 Missile
    Armada Overload-2 Missiles
    RID Sky Byte-Left and Right Stomach Panels, Left Fin, 2 Missiles
    Energon Insecticon-Left Insect Leg and Energon Star
    Energon Divebonb-Left and Right Energon Axes, Energon Star
    Universe BIAB Ultra Magnus-Minicon's Left wing
    RID Prowl-Driver side Door, Left and Right Launchers, 1 missile
    Energon Prowl-Missile, Left Leg Window Assembly (Gray Connector Snapped)
    Energon Energon Starscream-Gun that combines with Sword
    Energon S.W.A.T. Prowl-Gun, Missile, Left leg Window
    ROTF Voyager Optimus Prime-Missile.
    Energon Hot Shot-Right Roof Piece, Gun Radar
    Energon Signal Flare-2 Shield Halves, Energon Star
    Armada Dune Runner-Roll Cage, Right Leg
    Universe Skywarp-Right Hand Cover, Left Rear Wing
    Cybertron Legends Starscream-Feet (L&R)
    Energon Slugslinger-Right Leg Kibble Flap
    Energon Downshift-Spoiler, Missile, Shotgun
    Energon Snowcat-Left Leg Back Flap
    Armada Megatron-Ear Claw, Main Cannon Missile, Leader-1
    Energon Scorponok-Yellow Pec Cannons, Missiles (4)
    Movie Protoform Prime-Missile, Gun
    Energon Bulkhead-Missile, Base mode Claw, Base Mode Blue Missile
    Energon Roadblock-Head
    Classics Deluxe 2 Pack Megatron-Cannon Tip
    Cybertron Downshift-Missile, Cyber Key
    Energon Demolisher (Dump Truck)-2 Missiles
    Armada Powerlinx Hot-Shot-Missile, Jolt
    Energon Battle Ravage-Gun, Missile, Energon Star
    Energon Strongarm-1 Half Of Spare Tire
    Energon Cruellock-Pistol
    Energon Rodimus-Missile
    RID Sideways (Yellow and Black)-Left Leg, Light up Sword
    Energon Energon Hotshot-L&R Doors, Left arm, Missile, Radar
    RID Windsheer-Gun
    Cybertron Legends Megatron-Left Leg
    RID Super X-Brawn-2 Front Tires, Blade,
    Cybertron Red Alert-Claw, Planet Key
    Cybertron Backstop-Planet Key
    Armada Jetfire-Gun, Minicon
    Cybertron Crosswise-Driver's Side Skirt, Spoiler, Missile
    Energon Deluxe Optimus Prime-Gun
    Cyberton Brakedown-Cyber Key
    Cybertron Hot-Shot-Gun, Missile
    Cybertron Jetfire-Gun, 2 Missiles
    Energon Leader Optimus Prime-Missile, OP-4 Cover for Trailer, Right Ear Piece and connector to helmet, OP-3 Cockpit, Gun, Radar for Trailer
    RID Skyfire-Gun
    Alternators Meister-Gun
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    Jul 2, 2010
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