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Tons of MISB TFs for sale, many lines

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by CdnShockwave, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. CdnShockwave

    CdnShockwave The Prince of Poses TFW2005 Supporter

    Jul 4, 2002
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    I'm going to university in Australia in May and won't be back home for at least two years, maybe more. So I'm clearing out nearly all my TFs. All are MISB and in excellent shape. PM me if you're interested or have any questions. Thanks!

    Botcon 2001 Tigatron & Arcee set $500
    Botcon/OTFCC Cyclonus $75
    Botcon/OTFCC Catscan $30
    Botcon/OTFCC Sideswipe $40
    Botcon/OTFCC Sunstreaker $60
    Botcon/OTFCC Roulette and Shadowstriker set $50
    Botcon/OTFCC Megazarak $80

    MP-01 Convoy/Optimus Prime (first edition) $200

    Takara reissue Soundwave (bookstyle) $90
    Takara reissue Blitzwing (bookstyle) $90
    Takara reissue Megatron (first release, not bookstyle or Encore) $60
    Takara reissue 15th Anniversary Convoy (year 2000 reissue) $100
    Takara reissue Hotrod (G1 style box) $25
    Takara reissue Rodimus Prime (G1 style box) $25
    Takara reissue Starscream (g1 style box, not bookstyle or Encore) $25

    Alternators Smokescreen $30
    Alternators Tracks $25
    Alternators Swindle $25
    Alternators Battle Ravage $20

    Beast Wars Transmetal Tarantulas $25
    Beast Wars Torca $5
    Beast Wars Injector $5
    Beast Wars Transmetal Rattrap (blue Walmart exclusive) $10
    Beast Wars Cybershark (Japanese version) $18
    Beast Wars Blackarachnia (Japanese version $18
    Beast Wars Shadow Panther $5
    Beast Wars Metals Silverbolt VS Rampage $75
    Beast Wars 2 Galvatron $25
    Beast Machines Blast Charger $5

    RiD Prowl $5
    RiD “super” Prowl $5
    RiD Sideburn $5
    RiD “super” Sideburn $5
    RiD X-Brawn $5
    RiD “super” X-Brawn $5
    RiD Towline VS Skyfire $10
    RiD Skidz VS Windsheer $10
    RiD Stormjet $10
    RiD Bludgeon $14
    RiD Bruticus $24
    RiD Built Team (all four) $10 each or all for $30
    RiD Ruination (original, all five) $50
    RiD Optimus Prime (leader) $45
    RiD Ultra Magnus (leader $45 (buy both Prime and Magnus for $80)
    RiD Megatron $25
    RiD Galvatron $25
    RiD Spychangers (pix posted at the bottom of the post)

    Armada Hotshot $8
    Armada Hoist $9
    Armada Blur $9
    Armada Smokescreen $9
    Armada Cyclonus $9
    Armada Jetfire $35
    Armada Red Alert $23
    Armada Overload $35
    Armada Starscream $23
    Armada Thundercracker $23
    Armada Tidalwave $40
    Armada Megatron $40

    Energon Signal Flare $6
    Energon Arcee $7
    Energon Strongarm $6
    Energon Skyblast $6
    Energon Battle Ravage $6
    Energon “Energon” Hotshot $14
    Energon “Energon” Starscream (G1 colours) $14
    Energon KB Demolishor (Armada repaint) $14
    Energon KB Cyclonus (Armada repaint) $14
    Energon Wingsaber $45
    Energon Optimus Prime (leader) $45 (buy both Wingsaber and Prime for $80)
    Energon Omega Sentinel $90
    Energon Megatron (leader) $20

    Cybertron Smokescreen $6
    Cybertron Optimus Prime $50

    Movie Bumbeblee (2008 camero) $14
    Movie Cliffjumper $14

    Spychangers: $2 each or 1 free with every $10 spent.


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