Customs: To sell off original Shapeways files?

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by bellpeppers, Jun 18, 2014.

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    Quite simply, I wanna walk away from my Shapeways files and Shapeways store. Why? I wanna change my focus, and neither have I put in the effort to promote it, or even wanted to.

    I dunno, maybe keep my store in case I wanna do something in the future but sell my files now on the condition that I won't sell them again in the future so that I don't screw whoever buys them from me.

    Here's what I am wanting to sell off:
    Bell Peppers Model Place by redbellpeppers on Shapeways

    My Jetfire from FoC Seeker kit

    And my Arm Cannons for the FoC Seeker mold:

    Anyone ever do this? Any advice on doing this?

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    I don't really have specific advice for you and your particular situation. But once upon a time, I had a Cafe Press "store" for original patterns I drew to be put on to t-shirts. I think for the year or so I had them up, maybe two sold. But then Cafe Press changed their terms of use, stating that anything I sold thorugh my store, I would get the profits from, but once I uploaded the art *THEY* could use it however they saw fit, including promoting and selling it themselves and keeping all profits. Needless to say, I pulled all my art before those changes went into effect. But my account is still there, just empty.

    Perhaps you could do something similar, and once you've "emptied" your store, you could sell your patterns to someone here on the boards. Having only been on the purchasing side of things with Shapeways, I'm not sure what their policy is for "plagiarism" of someone else's patterns. But in this case, it wouldn't be plagiarism, as you're willingly letting the patterns go.

    Maybe as this all goes down, sending a note about it to the powers that be at Shapeways would be a good idea just to save yourself and the new seller any hassle that might arise.
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    I'm curious about this. BellPeppers, why can't you just keep the store and it just runs? Do you have to do "maintenance" with your store? From what I understand you upload files and then shapeways takes care of the rest. What else is involved?