Minor/Repaint: TLK Leader-class Optimus Prime

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    This is the first successful Transformers custom that I have done, and I am most proud of. I received this figure for my birthday back in march, and decided to repaint him. I repainted the robot mode first, using Apple Barrel brand Acrylics craft paint. Since this type of paint has a lot of pigment, I try to dry brush when applying it. I used a matte Jet Black as a base coat for certain areas, then applied Gunmetal on almost all of the metallic areas, followed by Metallic Sterling Silver as a top coat. For the detailed areas I used FolkArt Metallic Sapphire Blue on his forearms, and repeated this on the chest armor. I used Flag Red for the cables on his thighs, the top of his foot pads, and the Red areas on his shoulders and chest. I used Elmer's Acrylic paint markers in Metallic Gold and Metallic Silver for the gears and circular rings and pistons. I also used the Metallic Gold for the finger joints. For his head I used the same Metallic Sterling Silver, and Metallic Sapphire Blue. I clear coated the robot mode with Plaid Semi-gloss Acrylic Sealer.

    In Robot mode I used Rustoleum Metallic Chrome for plastics to paint the chrome areas ( tanks, exhaust pipes, grill, wheels, tail plate, and logo). I used the Elmers paint markers to detail the Blue stripe on the grill, the step plates, door handles, grab bars, window trim, and trailer hitch. I also used them to paint the headlights, and used Apple Barrel Jack-o-Lantern Orange for the turn signals. I used the Apple Barrel Jet Black to paint the Black striping on the exhaust pipes. I also used Flag Red for the tail lights, and the Metallic Sapphire Blue on the running lights. Being my first Transformer I was really concerned about overspray, and used Blue painters tape to mask off areas, followed by using cheap aluminum foil to shape around the truck for added protection. Unfortunately I still ended up with some overspray, and I haven't been able to remove it yet. As a result I scratched up some of the plastic trying to scrape the excess paint away. Overall I am still happy with how it turned out.

    20200425_164810.jpg 20200425_164947.jpg 20200425_165042.jpg 20200425_164933.jpg 20200425_164822.jpg 20200425_165452.jpg 20200425_165421.jpg 20200425_165326.jpg 20200425_181044.jpg 20200425_171117.jpg 20200425_180712.jpg 20200425_180807.jpg 20200425_171227.jpg 20200425_180819.jpg 20200425_180726.jpg 20200425_171107.jpg 20200425_165557.jpg
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