Titans Return Titanmaster Decepticon Fangry

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    Pics: File:TitansReturntoy-Fangry.jpg - Transformers Wiki - Not mine but they're clear and clean!

    I purchased the entirety of wave 3 Titanmasters because I'm a sucker for these little guys. Of the four available, Fangry is easily the cream of the crop with two very fun and convincing modes and a very reasonable and respectable nod to his original self. The transformation for each mode is very easy and as such I'm going to gloss over it.

    Titan master:

    As a head Fangry does a great job of looking like his G1 self. All of the original G1 sculpting detail is present here and his face is a proper shade of green.

    Robot mode is a bit of a mixed bag, it functions fine but if you're here for nostalgia you may be a little disappointed. His little robot head is absolutely on point (though unfortunately unpainted and the wrong color) but outside of that you don't get much of the original G1 flavor here. The arms are blocky, fully robotic and black as opposed to the original which had more of a mix between organic and robotic sculpt on purple plastic. The chest kind of resembles the original sculpt in it's upper half but quickly diverts to the unrecognizable from there on down but hey, it's the right color. The legs work imo, coming close to the original design but again, they're the wrong color. Helluva pattern there.

    And if you're interested, his hips are pinned.


    Monster mode #1 harkens back to his original main robot body's alt mode; a winged werewolf/bat/gargoyle and it does well for its size and parts count while also providing a reasonable and more modern update by moving the wings to a far less silly position. The colors are mostly in the right place if you substitute black for grey. Fangry himself even hides away in the chest! Articulation is minimal with the shoulders able to move forward and back individually. The legs can also rotate forward but only as a single piece as they are joined together. The only negatives here are viewed from the back - leftover bits from another mode hanging around and the chin of the Titanmaster face is plainly visible but what are we even doing displaying our toys like this in the first place?!

    Side note: insert Fangry into the chest backwards for Krang mode. It's absurdly hilarious.

    Monster mode #2 is a damned four legged dragon with room for one. It's convincing, awesome and it has a cannon for a tail. The only thing with this mode is the post protruding straight out of the dragons neck. You might have a little trouble getting Fangry to stay in place because the instructions don't tell you about the slot on the underside of the wolf face that holds the titanmasters legs. When you seat the little guy make sure you push on the werewolf head. This will lock the titanmasters legs in and keep the little guy secure and stable.

    Weapon mode.... well, sure, I guess..... This is really just Monster mode #1 on it's back. It's terrible and best ignored because the only thing that's weapon like here is the handle and the molded cannon detail on the bottom of the feet and cannon itself. Everything else is clearly stuff that had no place to go. But that's OK! We got a damned dragon and winged werewolf.

    ..... I'm cutting that stupid handle off...
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