Tips for Collecting G1 Representation of Characters

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    So Im in about 2 years into collecting started with RID 2015 line Warrior Classes then Collected Studio Series figures that I liked. Back then Power of the Primes was new...but honestly since I was new and didn't have the OG Core Characters yet I decided to pass and kept on picking up iconic Bayverse Figures.

    Going into Siege I was kinda dissapointed at first honestly because it's the first time in a long while (to my knowledge at least) that the Old G1 Figures get G1 Style. The problem was I wasn't a big fan of the battle damage or the cybertronian mode...

    That is until i was Toy hunting last week looking for the Earthrise Starscream, I watched the reviews I reviewed the pros and cons, and decided that I wanted in...but the stores didn't have it yet. Then I saw Siege Thundercracker...and long story I was blown away and I bought him. Articulation. Silhouette. Coloration. Its Great.

    I decided I wanted in and for that reason my seekers had to be siege too and thats that.

    1. Now here's my problem. I've seen the future releases of Earthrise, and with Megatron for the most part just being a remake of the Siege one (I really hoped he'd be a gun...or upside down submarine like SW) and no other remakes alike (Arcee looks sick though totally buying that)...I'm kinda on the fence. Do you think they'll release Soundwave, Mirage, Ironhde, Ratchet in Earthrise? The line really doen't have much space for remakes of the previous guys. I have Siege Megatron already bought and shipped to me but aside from the Decepticons I really want the Autobots to be in Earthmode. (though I admit Prowl looks good)

    2. Should I stop my mentality of displaying figures with similar themes and lines? Should I just settle for close enough representation. Aside from G1 I think no other recent line remade ALL THE G1 TOYS with same representation, gimmicks, and style so I think it might be a pipe dream. Should I just hunt for older figures for other characters?

    3. What do you think of the representation of War for Cybertron line? Do you think its the best time to jump in for someone who wants to start a G1 Style Collection.

    4. I really just started this because as great as the figure is...I really want an Earthrise Sound Wave. But just think if he's not in wave to he'll never be in Earthrise or mayber it's a ploy that'll make me buy Siege Soundwave. I just can't buy him in good conscience knowing for me at least that he transforms into nothing.

    Thanks for anyone that'll help. Honestly If I'm going by gut feeling the Siege Line seems like a huge success with everyone getting great representation and articulation. But Earthrise I think for me is something Special...for someone without a G1 Optimus Earthrise for me is Better than Siege. Or is it a case by case basis like how Siege Starscream feels better that Earthrise?

    Sorry for the long post but my yearly budget is a bit limited now since I already have 7 new figues in 2020 (Curse you Studio Series Shockwave and Soundwave)..and I really don't think I'd be comfortable buying more that 15 this year without me feeling like I spent a little too much on toys...I really feel like I have to plan carefully on what I want to buy. Thanks again.
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    I’ll have to do some searching to give my detailed answer but I’ll put this here to get thread reminders to remind me.

    I’ll likely be different than some as I got back in with the TR headmaster Decepticons as I’d always wanted them. But I collected since then with some purchases from CW and T30 to fill ranks. So I’m mostly filling the toon and toy line ranks as they come out from there with a subjective look moving forward as to who I buy. As I only really bought the OG combiner sets from CW, I had to get the other Autobots more recently. So the first real decision was recently with Earthrise redoing they jets. I said heck no because I got all the others. I’ll buy the newer model for anything not yet released like the cone heads but I’m not going back.

    The hardest decision has been prime. I’m still using Classics Prime. It was a present from my youngest brother and I love that prime as much as I hate that Megatron. I bought the big stealth g3 trailer but missed the smaller power up armor :/ however, the last time I took out the trailer I remember just how massive it is compared to everything recent and the mirror stickers are all goobered up from just... like air and age and stuff. Earthrise prime looks really good and I’m very tempted to get him.