Tips and Help for a modest collector (AUS)

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    Hi every one, first time poster. Sorry if this thread breaks any forum rules.

    I don't know how it happened exactly but something triggered off my inner hankering for transformer toys a few weeks ago. Since then every time I go past a toy or local department store, I peek to have a look at the ones on sale, but the shelves seem to only be stocked with the Titans Return and RID models, and I'm looking for the older movie lines.

    In order to kick start my collection I decided Optimus would be my first, and having trawled through the list of movie toys and subsequent reviews, I have picked the MP10 Optimus Prime, Nightwatch Optimus, and Buster / Striker Optimus.

    Where would the best place to get these figures be? eBay prices are ridiculous and most online sellers don't ship (charge a small fortune) to Australia.

    Thank you!!
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