Tigertracks Masterpiece Seekers For $ale!

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    Feb 8, 2010
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    Hi again. I'm determined to buy me an Ipad 2 next month. So, I'm listing my MP Seekers for sale here.
    I am currently working with somebody on custom name plaques for the bases for some of the figures, so as soon as they come in, I'll include them with the packages. My prices are firm and includes shipping/tracking and PayPal fees. If your interested please PM me and if I make a sale great! If not, I'll keep them. I've lost a ton of money on previous sales and I'm firm on this one. Like I said, my goal is to purchase an Ipad 2 next month. I have the following MP Seekers.

    Takara MP Skywarp $165
    Wal-Mart MP Skywarp $55
    Takara MP Ghost of Starscream $120
    IGear MP Thrust $165
    IGear MP Dirge $165
    IGear MP Ramjet $165

    I am currently doing a custom paint job on Ramjets display base with a white background and weathering effect. He will have his name on it, and it will be clear-coated. Hopefully I'll have it done by end of week and will ship when completed.

    All figures are complete with boxes.
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