Non-TF: Tiger falcon zord work in progress

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by WhitmoreXIII, Sep 26, 2018.

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    Sep 26, 2018
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    Hello everyone I used to do customs transformers awhile ago but life happen so I created a new account
    So when I was a kid a was a mmpr fan as well transformers fan. The only two zords i ever had as a kid the tigerzord and flacon zord and I always wanted to combine them in to one zord so I had got two junk zords on eBay and I went to work I am still working on it so by the middle of next month or so it should be done. I will post the process as it gets closer to being finish
    Thanks and enjoy and leave feedback IMG_20180926_130851.jpg IMG_20180926_130835.jpg IMG_20180926_130851.jpg IMG_20180926_130835.jpg