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Customs: thunderbat's back story

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by thunderbat16, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. thunderbat16

    thunderbat16 scout sniper

    Sep 4, 2006
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    here is the back story that I've been promising

    During the beast warss just as the maximals were engaged in a space battle with the predicon above uninhabited planet. A cybernetic capsule was lost in a spacetime warp anomoly just out side of the ships cargo hold sucking the capsule and sending him into modern day times of the Armada mini-con searches after a short time the capsule opne revieling him he was unable to achive a for due to his scanner malfunction he was slowy able to repair it during this time he stumbled onto the American base Area 51 where he was able to learn and incorperate stealth and clocking technologies into his spark directly he also started piecing himself a vehicle form using parts from apache and cobra helicopters in the airplane graveyards of arizona. He began studying human culture becoming intriuged by the american civil war and began admiring the confederate troops at the battle of gettysberg,Pa.when he was discovered by the autobots during the battle for energon on earth learning of his unique abilities of stealth and learning programs which alow him to use any weapon on the battlefield made by either side and can augment it for his own personal use he offered to join the autobots after seeing the decepticons attack a human military base without warning.After this as a tribute to Picket's Charge and many of the humans that died inthe attack he had himself painted in confederate battle colors seeing this Optimus then commisioned him as a ranking officer in charge of scouting,spying,and recon for all earth battles and soon the whole terran system this move by Optimus was questioned untill the battle of mojave desert where he held off 30 terrorcon troopers from overruning an autobot outpost with only his energon blade and sniper rifle he was quoted in the battle saying " I'm comin' and hells comin' with me" followed by a defening yell that to this day still strikes fear in all decepticons young and old hot shot asked him why did he only have 2 rotor blades instead of 4 he said that" he liked the sound of 2 better, it sounded like thunder"HIs nobility and courage have undoubtedly earned him a place in the halls of legends

    tell me what you guys think