Three different types of Transformer?

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    Just a quick thought I had after seeing Stinger in the new spot.

    We know that there are human made transformers in this film but why must there be only one version of them? I think (this is purely speculation) that Galvatron is a different beast to Stinger in that he is a frankensteining of parts from former film cybertronians and is controlled manually whereas nothing suggests stinger is.

    Here's my thinking:

    Galvatron is manmade (the trailer shot of him being assembled) vs Stinger being made from refined transformerite (Transforming is a similar effect to when glasses man is holding the orb)

    Kelsey grammer is not working beside glasses man, He wants to destroy them using his manually controlled Galvatron whereas Glasses man is creating more transformers and trying to make them better than the original ones. They don't appear to be manually controlled and appear unstable.

    So from this we have three different types of main villains:

    Galvatron: A frankensteined transformer who is manually controlled.

    Stinger: A creature made from Transformerite and is molecularly unstable.

    Lockdown: A cybertronian.

    Yes? No? Maybe? please discuss.
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    i think galvatron is built with parts from former transformers and also uses senitnel and megatron as his head design, stinger's model idk how that works out but my guess is both of the become sentient by the end of the movie