thoughts on a few of the individual titanmasters

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    so today while i was modding a thrilling 30 nightbeat to accept the titanmaster with a shapeways adapter a thought came to me. the designers at hasbro/takara had to have known people would want bodies for at least some of these titanmasters, and they had to have known people would make these adapters. what if clobber and ptero were made in the hopes people would figure out how to put them on the movie dinobots? it would give people who bought the g1 colored movie head versions that didnt double dip on the platinum set a reason to buy the titanmasters. what if thoughts like this go through the designers heads?
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    Logical assumption. The next step here would be for them to maybe produce bodies for these heads, as either headless packs OR with another random head. Since Hasbro's mission is 10% to make fans happy and 90% to make money.

    You lose me here. I'm not one of the designers, but I doubt they had this thought. If anything, they may have wondered how to do it themselves (or even plan on producing them in the future). You'd have to do some pretty heavy modding to a figure to get these heads to fit on them. An adaptor that has a male ball joint on one end and a female Titan Master port on the other would stick out way too far to make a figure look even half decent, so you'd have to carve into the body of the original figure to get the Titan Master to sit in properly. I doubt the Hasbro team put out figures in hopes that some fans would go get non-Hasbro parts (Shapeways) to heavily modify an older figure. ESPECIALLY older figures that were (if I recall correctly) online exclusives that never made it to brick and mortar (at least in the US).
    If there were ANY older figures that Hasbro planned on people using the Titan Masters with, it would be the original G1 Headmasters. But since the Titan Masters are incompatible, this tells me that Hasbro has no plans for the Titan Masters to specifically interact with any of the previous toylines.

    BUT, if someone uses this as a reason to buy ANY of the items mentioned, Hasbro would be happy.

    The release of Clobber and Ptero makes ME think that:
    1) They're going to release all of the Dinobots as Titan Masters (so I should buy these now before I found out that they ARE releasing all of them and then it's too late to buy early wave ones like Clobber) OR
    2) They plan to do other things with the Dinobots in the Titans Return line (release repainted heads along with bodies in a later wave or as a Platinum release) OR
    3) They plan to do things with the Dinobots in a later toyline and are testing the waters (like they did with voyager Brainstorm - testing out the Headmaster gimmick, etc) OR
    4) these two releases are completely unrelated to anything and they just wanted to put these characters out, simply because they could.

    NOW, if someone WERE to modify the Platinum Movieverse G1 Dinobots with an adapter to fit the Clobber and Ptero Titan Masters, I would definitely be interested in seeing that.