Theory: Hyperdrive IS Thunder Clash

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    Let's talk Hyperdrive!


    Art of the mysterious Hyperdrive was first seen in 1992 Predator Skyquake's scope. Later, in the 2004 Generations Deluxe guidebook, concept art of Hyperdrive was published with a short text blurb, and he was named here for the first time. According to the text, Hyperdrive is a leader that would have outranked Thunder Clash. Since then, fans have wondered why this toy was cancelled and how it would have turned out if it were made.

    But what if I told you this is all a lie? What if I told you someone at Million Publishing got their wires crossed and misrepresented this character? What if I told you, Hyperdrive is just an early design for Thunder Clash?!!

    Exhibit A: The vehicle mode


    While not an exact match, the two share many similarities in the vehicle mode:

    * Hyperdrive's cab is nearly identical to Thunder Clash's
    * Both have two prominent cannons on top
    * Both have "Transformers" written in the same spot on their trailers

    The shape of the trailers is a mixed bag--the side profiles are very similar, but Hyperdrive's trailer has a lot more bulk and is boxier. So overall the vehicle mode is not a perfect 1-to-1 match, but pretty darn close.

    Does it make sense to you that Hasbro in 1992 would consider releasing two expensive leader toys with such similar vehicle modes? In my opinion, this would be extremely unlikely.

    Exhibit B: The scale of the robot mode

    Usually when Takara designers made G1 concept art, the robot mode and vehicle mode would be drawn on separate pages. For example, here are some Star Saber designs:

    Someone at Million combined the robot and vehicle pictures and scaled them in a way that implies Hyperdrive's robot mode is a combination of the cab and the trailer, similar to Star Convoy. But this scaling is obviously incorrect.

    We can rescale the robot mode to its correct size by matching up the legs to the front of the cab. If we do this, Hyperdrive becomes much smaller, to the point where there's no way he can be composed of both the cab and the trailer.


    Exhibit C: The vehicle kibble in robot mode

    Furthermore, let's look at the identifiable vehicle kibble in the robot mode. The shield, the forearms, the legs--these all match parts of the cab. Where are the trailer parts?


    Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Hyperdrive's vehicle mode is formed from his cab, just like Thunder Clash.


    With very similar vehicle modes, and with both robot modes being formed from the cabs, and both planned to be released in 1992, it's undeniable to me that Hyperdrive is just an early iteration of Thunder Clash.

    You might ask yourself, if this is true, why do Hyperdrive and Thunder Clash's robot modes look completely different? Well, clearly someone did not like the Hyperdrive version. I can only speculate that Hyperdrive looks too Japanese, with a God Ginrai-like chest, and a Star Saber-like helmet--he would not have fit in with the European G1 line. I am guessing that for this reason his robot mode was scrapped and reworked into Thunder Clash.

    Hopefully I have convinced some of you. Let me know what you guys think!
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    Very interesting theory. I can certainly see how you could draw that conclusion based on the visuals. I suppose the question becomes who did Million Publishing speak to at Takara and how would we revisit that contact to see if an error was made?
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