Theory about the Allspark and Quintessons.

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    The way Lockdown said it will make us assume that the Allspark was an instrument of the Quintessons to create the Transformers.

    Optimus in his prologue did say they did know of its origins.

    Here is the thing I do not think the Allspark was created by the Quintessons at all.

    Quintessons has been cyberforming whole worlds and using the Allspark to create life that will be their slaves.

    They just found the Allspark and used it. They never created it nor the Matrix.

    At some point they lost the Allspark. Maybe thanks to the Dinobots. The Allspark was hidden on a lost and forgotten cyberformed world and eventually Transformer life evolved there. They were primitive and violent until they were united under the Dynasty of Primes which possessed the Matrix of Leadership. An object of power related to the Allspark.

    Eventually the Cybertronians and Quintessons would cross paths. Seeing the destruction the wrought by Quintessons on life bearing worlds the Primes made a vow never to destroy a planet with life.

    The Cybertronians were too strong so the Quintessons would wait until there is an opportunity to enslave them.

    Thing is encounters with Quintessons left a hatred for organics to the one of the Primes and he became known as the Fallen.