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    May 21, 2003
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    The_Unknown came ame and joined the forum a few months ago, and posted a FOR SALE list right off the bat. Sometimes ( as we all know this can be a BAD THING, but I try to think the best of people.) I arranged to aquire a MIP X-Brawn. I got an international Postal money order and had it out the door within 3 days.

    TWO MONTHS LATER, I have my X-brawn. CANADA POST eiz teh sux0r ! Aparently there was some mix ups on the canada side, and it got returned to the sender (unknown) and he had to re-send it. It arrived safe and intact in a totaly beat C-2 trashed Zenon warrior box :lol : I was like WTF is this ? I didn't order this ?

    then I opened it.

    :rock :

    tl; dr: All said and done, Post office sucks, He came through, and its all-good.

    Thanks d00d :)